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A Priest and Life After Death | Stefan Lampe’s Near Death Experience

Sep 2023 06

Stefan Lampe, a Catholic priest in Germany talks about how the seconds during a car accident had lasting effects on his faith.

Some additional information about this interview by Werner Huemer:

Near-death experiences always touch upon religious concepts as well. That is why I found the interview with Stefan Lampe even more important.

In his interview, he talks about his experience and how it changed him. This was also the purpose of this interview. He is a good example of how people, who are deeply rooted in their faith, can also have similar experiences as people who are not religious. In this interview, I did not ask further questions concerning the Christian faith. Maybe this would have been necessary for some viewers. Thus, I would like to quote the following text taken from my correspondence with Stefan Lampe as an addition to the interview:

“Where does my experience leave room for Jesus Christ? This question was not part of the aims of this interview. However, since people have asked about it a few hundred times, I am happy to add my ‘stammering’. The experience that I recalled as an ‘addition of the self’ led into a room that was not only about the self but also about unconditional love. I could also say a room about the ‘you’, of ‘acceptance’, ‘of being recognised’, a feeling of ‘I am at home here’ that went as far as to the unsettling notion that ‘I’d always been here’. This ‘self’ that went far beyond the ‘YOU’ was clearly personal. I wasn’t located in a ‘heaven of the self’ but in the presence of an incredible friendship. To me, this had a name, namely Jesus Christ.

However, it was a Jesus Christ that went lovingly beyond the church, the bible and denominational ways of thinking. It was a Jesus Christ that included all people. At the time, more than twenty years ago, I wasn’t really immediately aware of that. However, when I read the letter of the Colossians today, where it says, ‘In him all things hold together’, I am back in thoughts at this ‘non-place’ I experienced at the time. I may be forgiven that I can’t find answers for myself regarding theological questions that can be asked in this context. Let’s stay excited and wonder.’ – Stefan Lampe

Interviewer: Werner Huemer
Director: Heike Sucky
Translation: Katrin Salhenegger-Niamir
Voice-over: Aryan Salhenegger-Niamir, Werner Huemer
Editor: Werner Huemer

German version:

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    I know its kinda off topic but here on earth, many things are going on simultaneously with us humans. The news, social media etc is seconds away from us knowing anything and everything that is going on from one side of the planet to the other. We NEVER had this much access to the news and knowledge. Women for example are getting raped, murdered etc. Men are dying of cancer. Freak accidents resulting in deaths to many!! Wars… pandemics etc. 100 yrs ago, humans barely knew what was goin on to one another. Now?? We know everything. And ironically we will never know EVERYTHING. We are always learning as we evolve. So where im goin with this is, why are some goin thru absolute hell where some live till 105 without a scratch. Me being in my 40s i feel lucky where nothing terrible has happened…well YET. Where people are starving or disease infested or hit by a drunk driver causing death or a hiker slipping and falling to his death or a guy caught in the rain struck by lightning etc etc

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    As a catholic myself I have been struggling with the problems of making sense of BOTH the catholic faith AND the near death experiences. P. Lampe explains this perfectly well. Thank you!

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    NDEers are God’s gift to the rest of us ❤

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    We all need prayers 🙏

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    This is loaded with bad theology. I'd steer clear of this one if you can. The translation is either poor or this priest needs a lot of prayers.

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    Gotta love them Germans❤️👹

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    Advaita Vendanta

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    This interview has lifted me from despair and hopelessness. I am grateful to both of these humble, honest men. Thank you.

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    A key point that profound experiences in our life should shine forth from us to help humanity.

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    I understood much of what is was explaining, yet, it was somewhat hard/frustrating to listen too, nothing at all against him…maybe someone can understand what I’m trying to say. I’ve never heard an NDE put quite like this. Thank you. Shalom. 🙏🏼❤️🕊

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    I have no doubts about the authenticity of this man's testimony and I found he puts perfectly into words what he experienced. He is describing a state of enlightenment well explained in Buddhist philosophy. Thank you sir for your courage to share your story, wish you all the luck.

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    Faith is fundamental and extremely important. Let us not lose our faith, brothers and sisters.

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    Impressive. It's so difficult to find NDEs experienced by priests… and with such a good interpretation, as Stefan Lampe's. I'm making a similar work in Spain and I can tell this interview is just a treasure. Thanks to everybody who made it possible.

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    I think his use of language was precise and quite illuminating. Thank you for sharing.

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    What a fascinating NDE ~ I'm struck by his humility and his sense of wonder that's lasted all these decades. Those of us who have had NDEs are grateful for these accounts. They're marvelous reminders that our bodies – these skin schools – are temporary and that the rest of our time on earth is to fulfill agreements we made before out arrival to this plane.

    Thank you, Thanatos, for recording these interviews with experiencers and those who study consciousness. Blessings to all.

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    Though I don't understand what he is saying and yet I like what he is saying yet I won't be able to explain what he is saying….

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    Fascinating interview, very honest discussion and sharing. Thank you so much.

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    I think that when he says, “faith is a crutch” it is not the meaning Americans give to the word. There is mention of a walking stick which is something to assist us in the act of walking. If one hikes he knows that the stick can keep him from falling, assist him in going uphill with added strength and lightness, and even slow his steps when going too quickly downhill. Using the strength of the stick with his hands he can straighten his body enough to take a deeper breath when more oxygen is needed into his lungs. The stick can relieve pressure from some parts of the body that are becoming fatigued. So I would say that if faith is something that can greatly help us in our walk of understanding Christ, then a walking stick, or crutch in his German word, would be a great metaphor.

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    Great quote at the end. "But what are words? They are a facade, and reality is behind them"

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    He should have shared his experience with the woman who was dying after she shared her experience. He is hiding the truth and hiding behind the cloak of the church.

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    I love how he sees faith and religion as a "crutch" that we use on this side and that clearly there's a much deeper reality beyond this.
    He also said, when summing-up his experience that "nothing can go wrong", which is something I've heard other nde people say. From my understanding I think he and others were saying that whether good bad or indifferent, it's exactly as it always is intended, everything for a reason.

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    Absolutely fascinating. One of your best videos. Especially given that he is a catholic priest.

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    Without faith, it is impossible to please God

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