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Black Panther 2 Star Shares Her NEAR Death Experience..

Feb 2023 17
Black Panther 2 Star Shares Her NEAR Death Experience..

Star Shares Her NEAR Death Experience..

Welcome back to , today on the channel we are going to check out details about NEARLY DIED IN MARVEL ‘BLACK PANTHER’ 2 ACCIDENT + other related news. Details about the accident suffered last August while filming for Marvel allege the actress nearly died in the incident.

The information comes about as a result of a post on Reddit regarding VFX workers complaining about working for Marvel where a crew member for goes into the details about the accident that caused filming on to be delayed where it was reported Wright suffered a fractured shoulder and a concussion with severe side effects. The Redditor also says he was hurt in a separate accident while filming :
I tore my ACL on Wakanda Forever 5 days after they hurt the actress. At the time I was set lighting. I’ve since switched departments to VFX. Can 100% confirm being on Marvel’s sets is also always a shit show. The Redditor continues with specific details about Letitia Wright where the Redditor claims Wright actually didn’t feel safe about performing the scene involving a motorcycle and that he knew one of the props guys who road with Wright in the ambulance and claims Wright wearing a helmet is what saved her life. Get to know how LETITIA WRIGHT NEARLY DIED IN MARVEL ‘BLACK PANTHER’ 2 ACCIDENT and other related news.

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    All her colleagues get along well with Letitia and treat her like a little sister which means she is not abusive and she already vaccinated,she doesn't share any vaccine view on set.Marvel doesn't talk much about her injury because is their fault,they just want to cover up,they don't have enough safety precaution when filming all those dangerous stunt scene.

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    So anti-vaxx is abusive?

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    You are so maen 🙄🙄

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    I don’t believe she’s abusive. She doesn’t seem like that kind of person

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    Dare Devil is gonna have 13 episodes bruh…

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    Also Marvel duct taped Letitia hands to the motorcycle.

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    Kamala was originally planned to be mutant in the comics but because they didn't have the rights to X-men so they made her Inhuman.

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