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A Priest’s Near-Death Experience – TBH 76

Sep 2023 07

Father John Nahrgang describes his inexplicable return from drowning in the Pacific.

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    OL of Guadalupe appeared to me twice on December 11. She covered the entire sun. She was surrounded by gold. The colors were not of this earth. I felt immense peace.

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    I said there is no difference between Protestants and Catholics, Protestants and Catholics are removed from different streams, which is Christianity. Jesus Christ is worshiped and glorified as God who saves us, and His word guides us to the path of eternal salvation and Mother Mary is valued as Mother helper who always prays for us, ✝️🐑🙏

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    Look at our lady of Las Lajas, that miracle reinforces the importance of the rosary

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    Saving repentance is admitting that you are a sinner deserving of God's just punishment in Hell and turn ( repent ) from whatever you trusted in before to trusting in the person and finished work of Christ alone for salvation.

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    This is not an NDE

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    I used to be catholic and now I'm born again.how do you become a priest from a nde?

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    You don't need to go through Mary to get to Jesus.

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    The Lord is so personal isn’t He ! HE works in ways that opens eyes and Hearts by just HIS PRESENCE showing up . Great story 🕊 Laura 🕊JESUS 🙏

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    I listen to your podcasts often. I love them all. Thank you.❤🙌👍

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    Mama Mary called me here today

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    NDE starts at 18:02 in case you want to fast forward

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    Jesus is the only way He is the light. Only though him
    we have to be carful not to idolize.

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    Wonderful discussion that gave me so much-thank you

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    I am tired of hearing Catholic clergy only talking about Gods love goodness joy other feel good stuff but avoiding talking about the fires of hell that awaits the vast majority of humanity
    These are the false prophets that run our CHURCH today.
    These false prophets are the agents Satan.
    They misrepresent the gospel
    They lead most souls they come into contact to hell by never condemning evil.
    For example when was the last time a Catholic bishop condemned television networks for the evil programming that promotes blasphemy sacrilege, lust , murder, crime, mayhem and all the cardinal sins that they promote as wonderful.
    Catholic Bishops Catholic priests Catholic Popes have been working for the devil by hiding the truth and protecting these demons at ABC,NBC,CBS,FOX CNN HOLLYWOOD, MUSIC INDUSTRY from Catholic push back.
    If you criticize these human demons. who control our MEDIA your called who anti-Semitic !!!!
    Catholic Clergy has become the main defenders is this
    diabolical cabal controlling our mass media.
    As a Catholic I pray that God remove and punish the Catholic clergy for remaining silent about the evil U.S. media. TV, ,FILM, RADIO, and PRINT, Fake news shows.and not condemning the devils that run our media.

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    I agree. He was near death but not in the way we normally categorize nde

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    He didn’t have a Ned see the light , see Jesus. He said everything went black
    I believe Jesus saved him. He had a miracle. There’s a difference. Ned is where you experience the other world. He didn’t.

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    After watching many videos on NDEs and listening to different professionals state their opinions, I feel a sense of obligation to finally share my experience, which, with the help of Hubble, has definitely been verified…

    My NDE happened over 47 years ago when I was struck by lightning while talking on the telephone in my living room. According to several doctors at the hospital, it was a miracle that I was not physically damaged in any way. When I was able to talk, I kept telling them about the beautiful light and the magnificent journey that I'd taken through the stars etc, to meet it, but none could explain where I'd been. It was my home doctor who later suggested that I had possibly been momentarily dead. I described the unforgettable Light to many people in the years that followed – some seemed to understand but most thought it was probably just an illusion.

    During the 80s and 90s, a lot of doctors who made comments on NDEs described them as something that was programmed within the mind to take place during death, in order to help people deal with the dying process. This came as a big disappointment to me because my beautiful experience with the multi-coloured Light had taken away the fear of death and helped me move towards a path that would eventually allow me to understand much more about myself and the world/universe around me than anyone had ever taught me. I reluctantly began to accept the doctors' explanations with deep regret, until one day in 2003, I was glancing through a newspaper and came across a picture taken by Hubble of the Cone Nebula. The picture was in colour and instantly took my breath away – I trembled and my head spun. It looked exactly like the Light that I'd visited in 1970 and had been describing to people ever since – (even Today, it seems like I was there only a moment ago).

    The Light was the most beautiful experience of love and security, that even after all these years nothing has compared. It felt like I'd found my way home after being lost in a scary jungle. The Light's multitude of vibrant colours all blended together in what seemed to be perfect harmony. Each of the colours seemed to be intelligent – it was as if they were alive and sending me a loving welcome. Then I was sucked backwards away just as quickly as I'd arrived. I burst back into the bubble that I'd burst out of before I'd entered space to head to the Light.

    From then on, I began questioning everything that I'd been taught about God. It was as though something inside me had been switched on, exposing me of a far-distant extension of my reality and it was very scary. I was left with a huge void to fill and no knowledge of how to fill it. Motivated by an underlying driving force, I began searching for something with no idea of what it was. I went from one country to the next and to add to my dilemma, I seemed to arrive just in time for a disaster, including revolutions, typhoons and earthquakes etc. There were so many times that I could have been killed like the many others around me that were.

    Then one day while I was napping in Hong Kong, I had a dream and in it, I was informed that there was, even more, chaos to confront before my destiny would take me to a country, where I would meet my best friend (a future friend that is) who would take me to the foot of a great pointed mountain. Once there I would find the truth that I needed to find. I told friends about the dream, who laughed and joked about it – I also laughed with them. Not long after the strange dream 500 hundred people were killed by landslides all around me – an apartment building a couple of doors away from mine, fell over knocking the top 5 floors off the empty building being built beneath it – there were cries of horror and the smell of rotting bodies. Unable to cope, I jumped on a plane and headed for Manila, arriving just in time for a record-breaking flood and the revolution that ended the Marcus ruling. I had to run for my life and leave all my belongings behind to get on a rescue flight back to Hong Kong.

    By then I was drinking heavily and so depressed that I was even thinking of suicide. An agent was in Hong Kong looking for a replacement vocalist for an American band that was playing in a Tokyo club. Next thing I knew, I was in Japan trying my best to perform with a very wild heavy metal band (no easy task for a cabaret singer). At the club, I met someone who became the best mate that I'd ever had. He taught me to chant the words Nam-myoho-renge kyo and took me to a beautiful temple at the foot of Mount Fuji (I knew right away that it was the pointed mountain that I'd been told about in my dream). As most religious groups do, the organisation promoting the chant, claimed to be the only ones right while all the others were wrong. The chant had an amazing effect on my daily life – it was like an awakening and somehow it connected me to the beautiful Light – there were even moments while chanting, that I experienced some of the wonderment that I'd felt at the Light.


    I stuck with the organisation to learn as much as I could and then spent years trying to divide what the actual teaching was from the added politics of the organisation. I eventually left the organisation and have since depended on my own volition to sort things out. In doing so, I have studied other beliefs and discovered that some of what they teach is almost the same as what Nichiren taught (Nichiren was the first person to chant NMRK and teach it to others). The one thing that became more and more obvious to me was that the three major Laws of (Nature – Cause and Effect – Communication or oneness of past/present/future) represented by myoho-renge-kyo, represent the underlying fundamental Laws of everything, no matter what we choose to believe or not. I also gained a better understanding of the teachings of Jesus (not by what was written about his lessons by his disciple's (who all denied even knowing him when he was arrested) but by the example that he set 'between the lines'. He also taught Nature – Cause and Effect (reap what we sow) and prayer = communication. But it appears that the disciples didn't get it right, even though when they asked where the Kingdom of God was and Jesus told them that it was within their own lives, they still believed and taught others to believe that God was a man in the sky.I also got to understand that, minus all the added misconceptions, Nichiren taught many of the same things as Jesus did.

    Scientists now say that our solar system was born out of a nebula – that physically everything, including ourselves, is made out of stardust and that energy never disappears or ends. Nichiren taught that our body is a small planet, which relies on Earth's environment to exist, and that our life-force is a small universe that contains 'everything' that exists, even though we are only awake to a very small part of it. Like Jesus taught that the Kingdom of God is within (which obviously must mean that's where God is also) Nichiren taught that Enlightenment (Buddhahood) is within. He also taught that there are millions of other worlds like ours with their own mountains, rivers and moons and that there are also places that are wonderful far beyond our present comprehension to conceive and understand. In the physical sense, they are scattered all over the universe – in the spiritual sense, they are all located within each of us. (one way to understand this is how TV works etc.) It doesn't matter how many TVs there are, they are all able to present the same thing if tuned in.

    The one thing that confused me after seeing the pictures of Cone Nebular, taken by Hubble back in 2003, was how could I have possibly travelled that distance and back, as even at the speed of light it wouldn't have been possible. Yet, long before Hubble was even built, I accurately described the Cone nebular to so many people. It's only in the last few years that it has finally made sense to me. I went there and back within my own life-force – I travelled across the universe that each of us contains within – not physically but spiritually. I now know that NDEs are journeys we make beyond our physical/Earthly limitations, into our own unknown selves. I also believe that, by way of continuous physical rebirths, we are on a journey to within to eventually discover our true selves – reach a point where we can understand life as it truly is and awaken the wisdom to comprehend and know the real meaning of 'God… PS: For anyone interested… The whole story… 'Saved By The BUDDHA WITHIN' https://www.amazon.com/Saved-BUDDHA-WITHIN-Tom-Bird/dp/0648688895/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1574461201&sr=1-1

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