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Gods & Devil

Aug 2022 28

Gods and Devils are abstract entities created by man. Here is a brief explanation of how both were created.


The Great Spirit that is the Universe created Humans with a Conscience, which is an energy field that encourages goodwill, morality, and empathy within man. Man existed in a state of oneness with Life (Animism) until man developed a fear of the unknown. Man then created deities for comfort and to give meaning and purpose to his life. Soon man discovered that his deities could also provide courage in confronting adversity.

Man began to worship and covet favor from his deities but even worse; man believed that by making sacrifices to his deities he could gain rewards even faster. Man’s deities became more and more extravagant until Kings and Chiefs demanded praise from regular people by claiming to be living gods themselves. Unfortunately, deities and human gods were always killed or destroyed, which ended the power they possessed in the eyes of their followers. It wasn’t until the Jews created a mystery god, bringing the physical into the abstract realm, that the power of man-made gods excelled.

Most god worshipers today don’t know that their god must remain a mystery in order for it to work in alleviating fear, develop strong willpower, and develop self-confidence. Instead, most religious people go around creating images of their various Gods, which sub-consciously diminishes their God’s power. Its no co-incidence that the strongest and fastest growing religion is Islam, which discourages creating images of their God, Allah in any way. Gods must remain a mystery in order to harness the full power of human imagination but unfortunately, without attention to Conscience, strong will-power and self-sacrifice easily translates into evil.


Basic psychology dictates that if there is a Hero there must always be a Villain. Therefore, the Devil represents all the bad and undesirable aspects of existence. Although the Devil is abstract, its energy can become an influential force by way of the energy we feed it. It is important to note that there are many evil entities and Demons in existence but the collective evil energy humanity generates is channeled into the single entity we call the Devil.

Similar to God, the Devil has no power at all. However, evil energy traps the human mind into relying on ideology and the mechanisms of Life; namely Desire rather than Conscience. In such a condition the mind twists life into a pursuit of Happiness whereby we live to quench our Desires for sex, money, drugs, beauty, and ultimately a paradise in death next to our imaginary gods in Heaven.

In essence, evil energy is a contagious disease because doing evil to someone also generates evil within that person, especially when he or she has substituted true Spirituality with a god. So, just like doing good to others produces goodwill among people, doing evil also produces an overall evil society. Human belief in Gods and Devils is also responsible for man’s continued ignorance of the true nature of the Great Spirit.

Recognize that God and the Devil are man-made entities. We created Gods to comfort our fear of the unknown and we created the Devil to scapegoat the unethical results of our Desires. If God and the Devil are not real then why do they have so much power over people? The truth is that although God and the Devil are not real they are being used by Ghosts to affect our Souls in adverse ways.

Ghosts are the tormented Souls of former living things. Ghosts do not have enough energy to transform into Spirits so they remain trapped in the grey zone between abstract and physical reality. Ghosts are self serving entities that flourish off the energy we as humans feed them through our beliefs in gods and Devils. Ghosts, therefore thrive off our ignorance of reality to stay contemporary so learn how to keep them away from you.