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Aug 2022 28

Traditionally, Soul and Spirit are words that describe the abstract energy of a human being. Religion describes Soul as the God-given essence of a human while Spirit is merely a quality of a Soul. Since Spirit is described as a characteristic, it is thought to manifest in humans as either good or bad energy. They say good Spiritual energy is angelic, while bad Spiritual energy is demonic. A lot of people even interchange the two words when describing things as if the two words were one. Well, according to Dohgon Spirituality, which we borrow from to create the HERU Interface, Soul and Spirit are two separate and unequal things.

Great Spirit

Spirit is Pure Dark Intelligent Energy. We recognize Spirit in two distinct forms; the Great Spirit and lesser Spirits. The Great Spirit is all the energy in the abstract and physical realm, 96% of which we still don’t understand. The 4% that we do understand includes; Matter, Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity, and the rest of the Electro-Magnetic spectrum. The Great Spirit changes forms to enter physical reality and once it is in physical reality, it takes the form of Elements and Compounds that either Solid, Liquid, and Gas. In essence, we recognize the Great Spirit as a single intelligent and all-powerful Mind.

What is a Mind? Professor MOmOh of the Dohgon University of Thought describes a Mind as an energy field that is present within the Brain of humans, animals, and other living things. This energy field exists as a result of an electrical exchange of Neurons between the Nerve endings of two separate Brain hemispheres. A Mind processes information collected through the Senses and directs a living organism through its Nervous System. A Mind develops Intelligence depending on its efficiency to process, archive, and re-call archived information in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, human understanding of Intelligence is limited to the examples of intelligence we recognize in ourselves and nature. We believe that a Mind can only exist when a Brain is present but Nature is proving many of our theories wrong because we are beginning to observe Intelligence in things that don’t have Brains such as Plants and Parasites. This tells us that the Great Spirit does not need a host body to exist in nature. It does not even need physical matter to exist because intelligence is abstract and the Great Spirit is already the same abstract energy that a Mind is made of.


Lesser Spirits are omnipotent energy beings that are infinite in number and exist outside of space and time. Spirits are the mature Souls of former living entities. They add to the energy of the Great Spirit to expand the Great Spirit’s presence in the physical Universe. Since collective consciousness creates a greater consciousness, we also believe that the collective consciousness of living things has created a Life Consciousness. Spirits enter physical reality as the Souls of living things and is bound by the characteristics of physical reality such as space, time, emotions, pain, and death. Spirits cannot die but the Souls they create can die.  

Spirits in the form of Souls, are all around the living, trying their best to guide us but the bridge between the physical and the abstract realm is too complex to pass through. Souls therefore manipulate energy around the living, hoping their actions are noticed but of course most people do not notice these manipulations due to their disconnection from Spirituality and their dependence on the Desires of Life.

A more effective bridge exists between the abstract and the physical world and is located in our Brain. It is called the Pineal Gland. Our Spirit helps us from the abstract realm by entering our Brain through our Pineal Glands in total darkness. Once our Spirit enters our Brain it tries to send us messages through our dreams. It also helps us by creating Melatonin, our body’s most important hormone, which repairs our Cells. Other Souls, such as those of our Ancestors that have not returned to the Spirit realm also try to help us through our Pineal Glands.

Evil Souls cannot enter our Minds but they can try to block our Spiritual connections by manipulating our Senses to keep us focused on Desirous distractions. If you cannot interpret your dreams there are people who can do it for you. The guidance of our Spirit and the Souls of our ancestors is what strengthens our conscience to build morals for us to live by. Morals encourage us to interact with the rest of Life using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability.


A Soul is an energy field that a living organism develops because a Spirit is present within it. A Spirit then becomes dormant and cannot help a Soul unless a Soul learns to develop positive energy. A Soul exists from inception and may exist as long as it energy is sustained from its host and from other living organisms. A Soul may even die after a person dies if a person hadn’t gained enough positive energy in life. After death, a person’s Soul enters a grey zone where it will either join its Spirit or fade into obscurity.

Thousands of years ago when evil did not exist in the world humans lived in accord with Nature and each other. Nature changed however and humans began to notice inequities in life. Those inequities compromised the development of mature Souls, which disabled many Souls from transcending back to their Spirits. Billions of lost Souls remain bound to Earth and exist among the living as Ghosts. Some Souls remain bitter and some are helpful to the living. Once a person recognizes his or her position as a living representative of their Spirit, he or she should work to fulfill a mission of helping to make the world a better place for future Spirits to inhabit and experience.

Bitter Souls are usually people who were evil, wicked, mean, and selfish in life. They may also be people who died tragically and are afraid to move on. Some have enough energy to do so but instead they decide to use that energy to claim ownership (haunt) the place they died. Many bitter Souls have the ability to use their energy to disrupt the Soul energy of the living. They easily attach to people who practice evil to grow the Devil energy within people.

The best way to avoid the Ghosts of bitter Souls is to do good things in life. Doing good things generates good energy, which is magnetic so it attracts other good people toward you. Avoid doing things for a reward. That is Desire driven and non-Spiritual. Make no conditions for doing good things as the Great Spirit is not beholden to Nature or Humanity, it simply exists.