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The 12 Basic Principles

Aug 2022 28

HERU Interface is a way to use Ethical thinking to govern the direction of Life.

It is not a Religion, Cult, or organization to join. There are no rituals to practice or Gods, Deities or Idols to praise, worship or covet favor from. Unlike cults, religions, and other spiritual belief systems that rely on the promise of eternal life in paradise after death, the HERU Interface does not rely on Faith, Hope, or Wishful Thinking because there is no need to wish to be something that we already are.

We Humans are physical incarnations of omnipotent Spirits. Most of us do not know what we really are because it was our Spirit that choose to experience this realm we call life, for all it’s worth. As Living Souls, we can make our lives anything we want it to be; happy, sad, useless, or evil but our Spirit is guiding us through our Conscience to try to make Life a pleasant place for other Spirits and us to experience, if we choose to return here.   

This is the Age of Enlightenment and you can choose to remain tied to the mechanisms of Life and exist at the will of unconscious Souls as they squeeze pleasure out of Life in unethical ways to make themselves Happy. Or, you can choose to see the whole game, predict it, and even manipulate it for its common good. The choice is yours but if you choose to seek enlightenment, then you will need a Common Denominator to decipher reality with. Using Dohgon wisdom and the knowledge of our Afrakan ancestors we have created a common denominator we call the HERU Interface. These are our 12 basic principles…  

Basic Principles of the HERU Interface:

  • 0. Recognize that the Universe is a single Conscious Entity. It is pure intelligence or a Mind that is omnipresent and omnipotent. It also exists infinitely as abstract Pure Dark Energy Waves and as physical Matter. We refuse to call it a god therefor we refer to it as the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit is an autonomous creative force that works in co-ordination with Spirits, which it created in order to sustain Life in the physical Universe. In essence, each Spirit is a fragment of the Great Spirit itself. 

1. Recognize that Life/Nature, is also a single conscious entity. Nature was created by the Great Spirit and every living thing in Nature is alive because the essence of the Great Spirit exists inside it as a Soul. The HERU Interface recognizes a very important trait in Nature; collective consciousnesses develop a greater consciousness that ultimately takes on a mind of its own. For that reason, we also believe that Nature, which we refer to as Life, has developed a consciousness of its own. Life therefore, is the collective consciousness of every living organism on Earth ranging from single cell organisms to humans. It’s intelligence is growing as it gains knowledge about itself but it doesn’t know what it is yet. 

Life is therefore on a quest to achieve Universal Awareness and is using its various incarnations, including humans, as tools to achieve that prerogative. We are Life but never make the mistake of thinking that Life is your friend. Life will take you in any direction you Desire to go until death exhausts you, at which point it will simply recycle your physical essence and start over because it already extracted the knowledge you provided in the form of your life experiences. Respect Life for what it is and Live conscientiously so that you can rule Life instead of Life ruling you. 

2. Recognize that humanity, which is merely a minute percentage of the Life entity, is essentially a tool. Humanity’s purpose is to gain knowledge for Life and in return Life provides humans with Happiness. Life does this through it’s primary driving mechanism; Desire. It initiates a Craving then Rewards it with Dopamine to facilitate Joy, Happiness, and Contentment. Life sees no other purpose for humans than to help it achieve universal awareness. 

Beware of Humanism; it is a adolescent or baby consciousness that fights against the prerogatives of the Life Entity. Humanists typically do not believe in a creative force other than “chance”therefore they believe that they only exist by the chance of nature over Time. Humanism is an ideology that forces the mind to focus on the wants and needs of Humans and Humanity, often at the expense of the rest of Nature. Invariably, Humanists believe that they are a creative force that will shape Nature primarily to benefit humans. In actuality, it is the Life Entity that is controlling them through their various Desires.

3. Recognize that Spirit is your abstract essence. Have you ever asked yourself; “Am I my Thoughts or am I the person I see in the mirror?” The truth is that you are only a physical representation of the real you, which is a Spirit. Spirits are abstract omnipotent energy beings whose collective consciousness help the Great Spirit manage pthsical reality. Spirits enter physical reality by creating a living Soul at the inception of a new life. Unfortunately, once a Spirit enter physical reality it loses its energy and can only communicate with its Soul through the energy field known as our Conscience.

Our Spirit tries its best to guide us but imagine; without Senses how can our Spirit communicate with us and us with it. Our Spirit can only recognize the energy signature of our Soul so its up to us to grow the power of our Soul by feeding it with positive energy. Physical reality is a completely different realm for Spirits, which is why they cannot exist here. They don’t have Senses therefore they cannot see or perceive physical reality as we do.

Spirits are Pure Energy similar to Magnetism, Electricity, and Gravity so they can only manipulate physical Matter in abstract ways. Our Spirit is present inside us as our Conscience so the more we develop our conscience, its the more our Spirit will be able to communicate with and help us.     

4. Recognize that your Soul is an abstract energy field. This energy field is created at inception and grows within a living organism when a Spirit is present. A Soul can die if it is not enriched so that it may join the eternal energy of its Spirit after our physical bodies die. A Soul`s energy is developed by practicing Fairness, Equity, and Accountability, therefore we should be conscientious in everything we do and in our interactions with other people and the rest of Life. A Soul will either transcend to its Spirit after the physical body dies or it will stay trapped on Earth as a Ghost.  

5. Recognize that Ghosts and Demons exist and are all around us every minute of every day. Ghosts are the negative energy of former living Souls that are trapped in a gray zone. Their Soul energy is too weak so they cannot rejoin their Spirits or reincarnate into physical life so they remain trapped in the grey zone between abstract and physical reality. They may also die if they don’t attach to and feed off the energy of the living. In essence, Ghosts are self serving entities that flourish off the energy we as humans feed them through our beliefs in Gods, Demons, and unethical ideolgy. Ghosts, therefore thrive off our ignorance of reality to maintain their relevance. 

Ghosts are the tormented Souls of former living things. Try with all your might to never covet favor from Ghosts, Gods, and Demons. Recognize that these entities exist but strive for personal growth by gaining knowledge and strengthening your self-discipline and will-power. Respect the Great Spirit, your Spirit, and the Life Entity. Coveting Favor was the genesis of religion and cultism. 

6. Recognize that God and the Devil are man-made entities. Their validity must always be judged according to the ethics of their existence. We created God to comfort our fear of the unknown and we created the Devil to scapegoat the unethical results of our desires. Although God and the Devil are man-made their energies are real but those energies are one-way energies. In other words; we give them energy but they cannot give us energy. Instead, they’re both being used by Ghosts and Demons to affect our Souls in adverse ways.

Which one is stronger, God or the Devil, depends on the state of humanity and whether humans are willing to use their conscience to override the Ideologies they depend on for comfort. Both are like opposing rechargeable Batteries; the strength of their charge depends on the positive or negative energy they’re fed. The state of humanity appears to be digressing because most people who are trying to feed the God battery are using selfish energy instead of altruistic energy.

7. Recognize that Desire and Conscience are the polar aspects of human nature. Desire is the default driving force within all humans. It is installed as an instinct by the Life entity. The Life entity is on a quest to achieve Universal Awareness and is using every tool at its disposal including Fear. This prerogative is also the reason we are born without knowledge except for the instinct to survive and to pursue happiness. Conscience is your Spirit and the Great Spirit acting within you. Conscience is a safety-net that you can use as a counter-balance against the various mechanisms of the Life entity.

You can never escape the Desires of Life therefore you should strive to attain balance instead of extreme self-discipline. When you live primarily to satisfy your Desires you will destroy your Soul in the process. And when you practice extreme self-discipline by coveting the favor of illusionary gods, you are defeating the prerogatives of your Soul, which is to create a pleasant reality for all future Souls.

Be self-driven and resilient to achieve your goals in life, whatever it may be. Never allow unethical people to control, manipulate, or destroy your Joy. Live free or die trying but never commit suicide to escape or you will get trapped in the gray zone. On the other hand, if you die trying to achieve joy or to make the world a better place, your Soul will reincarnate.

8. Respect the rest of Life, better known as Nature. Recognize the prerogatives of everything in nature because everything has a unique purpose. Respect the Seeds of Plants and replenish them whenever possible because when we work with nature, nature will work with us. It may be hard for us to accept but every living thing including Plants possesses an intelligence.

Never destroy Nature like the unethical, self-righteous, power-hungry sociopaths that make up the populations within most of the worlds politically and economically prominent nations. They are the ignorant tools of Life and Ghosts.

9Never succumb to mental or physical abuse. Not from a partner, friends, or family members. Most of all, never from so-called authority figures or other races. What good is living if you cannot be free? Never endure pain or hardship unless you have a plan to escape your situation or exact retribution on your abuser. In essence, never fear unethical, evil, or hateful people.

Recognize that all those who practice evil are disconnected from their Spirit and have become enslaved by the Life Entity.  While under the full control of Life, fulfilling their Desires is all that matters. When they try to indoctrinate you with their unethical ideologies, reject them. When they try to harm you emotionally or physically, separate yourself from them.

When they try to oppress or enslave you, fight back. You may die as a result but your Soul will reincarnate while theirs wont. When they die their Soul will get trapped in the gray-zone. Evil persists because it is a risk that the Life Entity is willing to engage in in order to achieve universal awareness. 

10. Recognize that the purpose of your life in this reality is strictly for the experience. It was your Spirit that chose to put you here because it wanted to experience all that Life has to offer. In that case, you exist at the will of the Life entity until you recognize that you have choices. As a part of Life, you could die at any time, you could have been born deformed, retarded, or sickly. You could suffer depression due to unhappiness and wish to die but what use is it to keep reincarnating only to suffer the same faith time and time again? Only when you begin to take control of your life, will you be able to dictate your current and future reality.

11. Live your life using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. These are the tenets of Conscience. Fairness means to be unbiased in your treatment of other people. Everyone is unique physically and mentally so everyone should be treated fairly. Equity means to recognize unbalanced things in reality and consciously work to even them out. Accountability means to take responsibility for your own actions.

When we do these things, we will begin to think before we act. When enough people begin to live using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability, the world will begin to transform into better place for all Life.   


In living by the HERU Interface, the strength of your Conscience will increase. A strong Conscience will enable you to recognize and begin to encourage you to fight back against unethical people and situations. Unjust and unethical people must be confronted with physical force and psychological action. If you hate evil and injustice then you are the other aspect of Life that will act to force Life back into balance. Eventually, only the ethical of this world will govern the Cognition of the Life Entity.