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Aug 2018 28


We are Conscious Minded AfRAkans who believe in the greatness of our Af-Ra-kan (First-Sun-Soul) Ancestors as only they were responsible for building the foundation of human civilization. We honor and respect our Ancestors by shedding the religions of the colonizers (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) and we borrow from our ancestor’s vast wealth of Spiritual traditions, the knowledge and wisdom of creation itself to craft a new belief system to assist us in navigating this present reality. It is with Conscious intent and the pride of our Ancestors that we have created the HERU Interface.

♦  We borrow from KEMET (Egypt) the image of PTAH, god of the abstract Pure Dark Energy realm who “Thought”existence into creation. We borrow the Eye-of-Heru, which represents the characteristics of the god Horus. We see how Pop culture is attempting to turn the Eye-of-Heru into a cool looking superficial symbol but the Eye-of-Heru represents our primary tools for acquiring knowledge, which are our Senses. The Eye-of-Heru is therefore a perfect symbol to represent the interfacing of reality.

We borrow the ANKH to represent Conscience over Desire. Everyone wonders why the ANKH was always carried in the hands. It is an outer physical depiction of an inner psychological condition. Note; we do not worship gods or deities whether physical or abstract. We are simply using these images as placeholders to represent important characteristics of the human Mind. With that said, we do not discount the importance of all the other Spiritual symbols of our other ancestors but to us, no other ancient culture possessed deeper insights into the workings of nature, human behavior, and the heavens than KEMET.

Proof of the greatness of KMT is still evident today, exemplified by the enormous monuments, Pyramids, and Hieroglyphic writings the world is still learning from. Unfortunately, most of our other ancestors did not posses the foresight to preserve their knowledge so that we may use it to rebuff the unethical Spiritual beliefs of our oppressors.   

We know that although Kemetic Spirituality was the most influential Spiritual belief system in the ancient world, their spiritual practices were not perfect. Subsequently, infiltrating Hebrews adopted and innovated Egyptian spiritual concepts to create a mystery god; the same mystery god that the Romans later co-opted to create Christianity and the Arabs Islam. The single mystery god concept has greatly been responsible for human development; however, it fails to instill true moral ethics in people because the concept thrives on Inequity.  

♦ We borrow Cosmological and Astrological wisdom from the Dohgon (Dogon) people of Mali, West Afraka. The Dohgon are descendants of the ancient East African kingdom of Kush. Their Ancestors were instrumental in the building of the Egyptian empire but having foresight into its impending demise, the Dohgon migrated out of Egypt as Hebrew, Roman, Greek, and Arab influence grew to eventually take it over.

Dohgon Spirituality involves strict observance of Nature, Humanity and the Heavens. The Dohgon do not worship any god but they do pay homage to the Sirius star system where they believe their Ancestors originated from. The Dohgon are proven to have detailed knowledge of the Sirius star system, an accomplishment attained long before Europeans developed telescopes to “discover”similar knowledge.

♦ We borrow Mathematical, Neurological, and Psychological knowledge from the High Priest of Dohgon Spirituality, Professor MOmOh, who has re-defined HERU to stand for Highest Exponential Reasoning and Understanding. Professor MOmOh is a mathematician and scholar who now resides in the United States. He is the owner and operator of the Dohgon University of Thought, a school dedicated to teaching Black and Afrakan people how to take back control of our own Minds.

The goal of the HERU Interface is to become the most ethical Spiritual belief system in existence. There are no gods, Idols, Deities, People, Places, or Things to praise, worship, or covet favor from. The HERU Interface is all about gaining knowledge about Life and showing Respect to Creation. The HERU Interface encourages the active use of Conscience to balance human Desire so that we may interact with nature and each other using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability.

The HERU Interface is geared toward heightening the Spirituality of Black and Afrakan people. However, all people are welcome to adopt the Basic Principles.

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