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Conscience & Desire

Aug 2022 28

Conscience and Desire are the yin and yang of human nature. In other words, they are the polar emotional instincts that shape our personalities. Our personalities can become ruled by either one, therefore a balanced and ethical personality requires the equal use of both. In equilibrium that balance resonates in unconditional Love.

Conscience encourages us to live using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. Desire induces us to fulfill our wants and needs for personal happiness. Both conditions are qualities of the internal energy field that is refered to as our Soul. The strength of a Soul is developed through practice, therefore we can become less or more susceptible to the external energies of the Great Spirit, Life, lesser Spirits, Ghosts, and Demons.

What is Conscience?

Conscience is an internal force that is generated by the Great Spirit of the universe acting on the energy signature of our Souls. Conscience acts to develop conscious thought, which in turn regulates our Desires. In essence, Conscience is a safety-net that protects Life from itself. Unfortunately, Conscience can also be suppressed by Ideology to encourage people to believe that the immoral and unethical things they engage in are no body’s business but their own, as their happiness is all that counts.

The opinion that Humans have the right to do anything they want is a justifiable belief. You see, Life does not care what humans do as long as we feed Life’s prerogative to learn and grow towards Universal Awareness. Therefore, Life will take us in any unethical or destructive direction we want to go until death exhausts us. At which point Life will simple recycle our dead bodies and start all over. Our conscience is different from Life, just like our Mind is separate from our Brain. Our Conscience encourages us to think over the hard-wired propensities of our instincts. Conscience is therefore a regulator of our instincts.

What is Desire?

Desire is a craving feeling that is part of the primary mechanism being used by the Life entity to achieve Universal Awareness. This mechanism involves three things;  craving, reward, and satisfaction. Desire is the craving, Dopamine is the Reward, and Happiness is the satisfaction. Everything humans do in life is to facilitate a mental state of happiness. There is only one problem with this process; humans can become overly dependent or addicted to Desire. In this case, they are then refered to as being Desire Dependent. 

Desire Dependency is a condition in which the thoughts and actions of a person are dictated by their Senses and not their Mind. While some desire dependent people may still be able use their mind in some capacity, they cannot consciously override the hormones that their Senses induce as a reaction to stimuli. In essence, they become addicted to feeling good; some by using drugs and others by engaging in behaviors they know are bad but that will satisfy their need to feel good.

Desire and Conscience are integral parts of human nature. We cannot, nor should we try to eliminate either from our personalities. We can never be too conscientious but desire can corrupt our conscience when we focus on pleasing gods and idols. We begin to compete for the favor of those entities and even though we develop strong self discipline and morals, we also become prideful, selfish, uncaring and self defeating. 

When we allow ourselves to get too desire dependent we become self obsessed, vain, greedy, and ultimately self destructive. Understanding the forces that govern our Souls also helps us become more balanced individuals.

What is Conscientious Desire?

Love is our strongest emotion. It is a mental condition that results when a balance between Desire and Conscience is present. In technical terms, it is the result of Oxytocin mixing with Dopamine within the Brain to create an emotional bond between people.

Conscience is the result of Spiritual energy acting on our thoughts to encourage fairness, equity, and accountability. The result is that we become more morally and ethically adept in our interactions with other people. We also become more empathetic, sympathetic, considerate, and compassionate.  

Desire, on the other hand, is all about personal satisfaction or enjoyment. It is the authority of the Life entity working within us. The result is that we crave all things that can facilitate this condition through the release of Dopamine inside our Brain. Unfortunately, desire is often mistaken for Love. There are people who will profess to love another person but they will engage in jealous behavior and emotional and physical abuse toward that person in the name of Love.

Love that is coupled with abuse is not real Love; it is strong Desire, which is derived from trying to achieve personal happiness. When someone truly Loves another person, they will put the emotional well-being of that other person before their own. This is Conscientious Desire, which is real Love that can be applied to all relationships, not just sexual. Conscientious Desire unconditional Love.