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“Why Do You Hate Us?” Short Film About My Near Death Experience

Mar 2024 14

this is a story about my near experience…

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    I like the cinematography, and I like the desire to impart a message. And, you really, really did a wonderful video that makes me view the issue through this Guy's viewpoint. I clicked Like, too.

    However, I am not sure that it is always telling the truth about the police-to-public encounters. Not every "Cop" that pulls you over has a desire to kill you or "execute you" — as I have heard some say. Each of those individuals who stop and pull you over: are human beings themselves, care about helping society, desire to do Right, and have family members waiting for them to come home in the evening. So, it's a two-way street. My father had to carry a gun daily — not a police officer but a military security guard, so he worked damned hard to do right, secure the base, and protect the people on the base. So, it's not always "simple" as Good Guys and Bad Guys. It is a more complicated issue, then it even becomes more complicated when Race is brought into the situation. So, yes, I feel for Black People who are not treated properly during traffic stops, but I also know the other side — being a family member to a badged gun-carrier for the law. They don't set out daily to "kill some black people", and they truly just want to go home at end of day too — like everyone else.

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    Excellent video hope it goes viral -"white" cuban living in the south

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