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After Choking She Saw Relatives On The Other Side – Near Death Experience

Sep 2023 06

Near-death experience guest 838 Shanna Leezer who during her nde experience Jesus led her to the heavenly realm. Also during her near death experience she met with 2 relatives on the other side. Shanna Leezer is a childhood near death survivor that created for a dissociated upbringing trying to blend in with the world’s societal norms. Fragmentation of an over-sensitivity to other streams of consciousness and misunderstood gifts, dreams, and visions throughout life contributed to her losing her mind in mid adulthood. She spiraled out in a CNS and adrenal crash down. From God’s booming voice in the dead of night, demonic and angelic manifestations, downloads and portals opening, and being taken out to other dimensions, she has had several encounters with God and prophesies of future events that would come to fruition. Her path became inundated with creative miracles and ancient wisdom pouring out through her. Now at 41, God continues beckoning her into the life chosen with her before birth as she was led into a full mind and body restoration and continues adjusting to this new supernatural existence.

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    Wow! This is powerful! And beautiful! Just before Shanna said that we already have what we're looking for within us, I was saying it to her through my phone 😀😳 Thank you, huge gratitude 🙏💙 xxx

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    Beautiful spirit radiates a high vibrational frequency .

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    Oh my goodness what a beautiful soul Thank you for sharing your story. ❤❤❤❤❤

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    This interview has changed my life forever 🌈🙏

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    It all makes me wonder

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    This girl is beautiful, inside & out. Such a light, & so connected. ✨

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    Wow she is so genuine. I feel shivers hearing her testimony. It's as if what she is saying is refreshing every cell in my body. Great guest !

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    if you could just gather yourself and understand YOUR BEING FOOLED..with sophisticated Halographic technology that is far from any holgrams here on earth…these beings take advantage on those who have emotionial hardships, this poor women is crying and she has no clue (god bless her i m not trying to be mean) ….those are NOT your family members….most are already back into babbies with no memory already. ..I know i m the guy in the chat everyone hates..i get it….we live in world where if you tell the TRUTH people despise you. ….get over to see Mark from( Forever Conscience Research )…..he knows i speak truth…..stop embracing and giving away your intent. be a god not a slave😉

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    What a beautiful person/soul💗

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    I absolutely love this lady, her heart, her love, her emotions, her missing home, her bravery, her warrior spirit, her energy, everything about her, one of your bests guests, Jeff, my names Paul, I’m no apostle but enjoyed Shanna saying my name 😍… god bless 🥰🙏🏼❤️

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    so let me get this straight, we supposedly come from a higher realm where we are in enormous joy and love, but are then told we gotta come to earth to learn lessons, yet on the other side we are love and perfect. Does any of this make sense? No. It's a scam people, were not that stupid, forgetful yes, but we can eventually figure it out. The controllers keep the souls in a perpetual state of bliss so that they will give in and agree to the controllers sending us back, another words they butter you up….they have no intentions of you staying in this blissful spirit world forever, it's a vacation stop before the next go around on earth 3D.

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    I dont meant to be negative, but I want to stop listening everyday time there's laughter, there's no humor here to laugh. Is not about joy, she seems dismissive of her own experience each time she laughs nervously.

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    Wow, what a wonderful guest .thank you, Jeff. Please bring her again.

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    Goodness, I remember doing this as a kid! I never got my Chest pressed, I was always to afraid. I’d help push my friends chest once they were up against the wall though 😂 They all said that it was like dreaming

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    She's my favorite guest thus far, so sincere.

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    What a precious lady.

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    Her laugh is annoying

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    I'm surprised she combed her hair.

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    She's crazy

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    Wow .. what a great guest! Divine energy and even channelling through her. Some guest just seem to be higher level beings , Shanna is that next level💫🙏

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    Wow, Shanna. Uncommom to see someone so emotionally open.

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    When I see people recalling their story and get emotional and choked up ,I know it’s true 😊

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    Sounds like new age belief.

    Yeshua (Jesus) gave a parable about the rich man and poor man. In this He describes Abrahams bosom and a place of torment. There is a large gap between the two but the rich man could see the poor man being attended to by angels. The rich man wanted to go warm his brothers. It is not allowed for the dead to speak/warn/visit the living.
    It’s clear in other scripture NO SEEKING communication with dead. It is not them, it is demons that shape shift and know your family history.

    Speaking to spirits is purely demonic misleading spirits. Only demons wander the earth.
    All other dead spirits are in either holding place.

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    The most beautiful people are misunderstood and bullied! Why!?

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    You forgot to mention the Flu jab almost killed her.. Much love always Jeff and TY for everything you do=))))))

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    I also agree with so many. What a beautiful Woman inside and out. So much Love!! So grateful for her so grateful for all these people who trust us and their stories. Thank you Jeff. I will join soon.

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    Check points? We have forgetfullness I guess if we ask to be continually recognize our check points when we are ready. Since there is no such things as time then I guess it does not matter when.

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    I feel ya sister – life's pressures in the human realm is so hard and disheartening. I can hardly wait to get back "home".

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    She moved moved me so much 😢 xxx

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    What a great guest! Another great job, Jeff and Mara!

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    Why does she keep giggling like that?! It's very distracting and irritating.

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    Lovely soul❤

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    Fabulous episode. Hard to watch as I could feel everything she was experiencing. Much love ❤️🤗

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    Another absolute brilliant interview and beautiful guest. I could listen to this one for days. 🙏❤️✨️

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    I can so identify with her! What a beautifully sensitive and powerful being! Her description of the "church" and what God showed her is exactly has been doing and showing me.

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    Shanna is amazing and spreads her wisdom with beauty and laughter. 😇💛😊

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    Wow!! This has to be my most favorite person/interview!! I can so understand her on a cellular level what she means and is saying!! I feel very connected to everything she is and is saying!! This is pure love and peace! Thank you Jeff for having this guest!

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    At least once in everyone of Jeff’s interviews someone will say, “that’s a really good question.” True

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    I really enjoyed this interview! Unfortunately, this planet is full of too many people that are not loving and kind.

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    I really enjoyed watching this podcast, she lifted my spirit up today.💜

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    Thank you Shanna! Your story is an inspiration to many! May God bless you and your work!

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    She’s absolutely captivating, riveting discussion. I can’t take my eyes off of her, and am hanging on every word. Jeff please do invite Shanna back for future visits.

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    Shanna’s story where she calls out the 7th grade bullies who’s lives she changed in that one instant l and how they openly welcomed her back in 9th grade was so incredibly touching. 💕😢 💕

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    Add me to the list of souls that Shanna has helped. So warm and loving. 🥰 ❤️ 😊

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    "We are not all created equal" and memory fades away … tells me that is all from the mind.Maybe she had an OBE but not an NDE, that`s for sure !

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    When Shanna is discussing how it was for her to have to figure out what was going on for her that was so different from everyone else, I was thinking about how unfair it is, and odd to me, that we have to figure everything out as we go along in our lives. I find that to be one of the most frustrating things about living here on planet earth. What kind of God would do that to us? I know it all makes sense when you die if you go in the right direction, but from this vantage point, this universal experience of having to bumble through life because we don't know what's going on with ourselves just sucks. I know what it's like to be screamed at that I'm the problem.

    My best friend was psychic and it was terrifying to me in a way. Not at first, but as time went on I became more and more uneasy with it and I'm very open minded, and I'm empathic, but it just got in the way of me being able to continue to be a good friend to her. Some other people really gave her a bad time about I think. Sometimes people can be evil, really, I don't know how else to put it.

    I like that term, 'Scouring Scriptures'. Yeah, I know them when I see 'em.

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