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After I died, I met my wife from my previous life in the other world.|Near Death Experience

Sep 2023 05

A near- experience or near- experience is a phenomenon that some people experience when they are near . These phenomena include out of the body, seeing or , seeing a loved one, seeing a religious figure or God, looking back on a lifetime, extreme fear, total peace, security, warmth, total brokenness, the appearance of a light, and even Seeing superego and extra-temporal things, and other transcendent phenomena



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    You had me at "pyscho-therapy to manage my emotions" If for some strange reason this is a real NDE and not a made up one than this person obviously doesn't know that Satan himself can masquerade as an angel of light and demons can pretend to be our "loved ones" but when you start asking questions about Jesus and His plan for Salvation thru the blood of the Lamb….they will reveal their true colors and/or leave you alone. The Truth will set you free, but truth is not some doctrine, philosophy or belief, Truth is a Person. Jesus said "I Am, THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life. No man is able to go to heaven and see the Father God without first going through Jesus. If today you will call upon His holy name with a heart of humility and ask Him to forgive you of your sins and be your Eternal Savior, He will and He will baptize/immerse your spirit to be one with Holy Spirit. God's will is that all men repent and come to faith in Jesus first. Be cautious of NDE's that contradict God's Word in any shape or form no matter how small……it's deception from the devil. Demons used to be angels and haven't forgotten how to appear beautiful, but inside they are ugly and doomed for the Lake of Fire…don't follow them.

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    I don't buy it as long as it's a digitized voice. Lots of imagination in this NDE. But it doesn't ring true. I know everybody likes to think that any NDE has to be real and the truth. Not true. First of all people want attention and they lie. Second of all, if this is not the testimony of the real person I dismiss it out of hand. There are a lot of good writers who write fantasy and fiction. And this is what I think this is. A piece of fantasy and fiction.

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    You had an experience you will never forget it smile be friendly and love Jesus Christ 🙏 and God

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    Thank you for sharing this! It was really good!

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    With all of the REAL NDE's out there why "create" one? I'm sorry but.. well.. that just didn't even come close to sounding real🤦‍♀🙄. Whoever wrote that needs to study real NDE experiences before trying to create another one. I'm not trying to be mean but that wouldn't have even been credible even if it were read by a real human.

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    I'm beginning to get it. There is little, if anything, that is not closely monitored by 'guides' , 'angels' , God Himself.

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    Love it. Soulmate come to me.

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    This robot voice and story sounds fake

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    That was a great account. The experiencer can look into psychologists who specialize in NDE/Past Life Regression. I am 62, married, but not to my soulmate. I feel there are only very few people in this realm from my "soul family." I hope that when I return "home," I will see my soul family and perhaps my soulmate, if I have one. Thank you for sharing.

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    More Reincarnation Nonsense, you can't mix Reincarnation and the Judeo/ Christian Heaven together, it doesn't work. New Ages needed to just stick with their Hinduism and Buddhism paganism, and stop trying to distort the Bible, we're not going to fall for it.

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    And then he had to keep working at McD for the next 50 years to pay for the emergency heart surgery.

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