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‪Mary C. Neal: A Near-Death Experience‬

Apr 2023 11

Watch as this orthopedic surgeon describes to Guideposts her riveting experience of dying–the angels she met, the beauty she encountered and the knowledge she learned.


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    It's always this sad part about the physical body

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    Terrific story, but Guideposts added a visual effect that was very irritating – starting to fade to black then coming back. Truly annoying. Why do that? It detracted from her story.

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    The other side must be quite the experience. When I make it to heaven I will bow down to Jesus ❤

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    Yes, I died during surgery, I exsperance all but seeing heaven, I felt that love your talking about. I was sent back, Jesus was with me the entire time, but I had been in a coma for a month. I wanted to stay, it was very real. You know the moment you die. You do…

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    Very believable very reassuring. Thank you.

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    Interesting Mary mentions encountering group souls..I read that as we move up through the layers towards God we must become part of a group soul…many but one..
    However it seems suspicious that they would expect a still disoriented,newly freed from the physical person to make such a huge decision that would effectively affect them for eternity (Choose God now or forever turn away)..Why would they press gang people like that?
    Is that why there's so much evil on the gross material plane? to make it so souls do t want to return & Instead ascend toward God so that He can add them to Himself?
    I'm being paranoid..sorry..no disrespext Intended..I'm going to try & listen to one NDE a day,that's 365 a year (on top of Crookall & Stevenson's cases in books)..the consistency is staggering

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    I am not trying to be mean here with this question but need to be honest. Why are we asked to pray without ceasing? I did not ask to be here and quite frankly hate the human species, all we do is find unique ways of killing one another. If I had created all of this, it means that I had some sort of power and could do so. I don't need people to pray to me for this. If I could, I would rather of never been born than to go through this living hell, and I have had a good life. It's what I have learned through the history books and on up to today. The utter brutality of the human species is unreal.

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    Its easy for you to say because you know God is real…. don't get me wrong I'd definitely choose God if i knew he was real. But i don't. For me it might as well all just be self programming. Prayer and meditation and believing

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    NDE is not death! It's only a near death experience. The day you will die, you won't come back to tell stories to people on YouTube. According to the bible, everybody will live forever. The soul is immortal. But Jesus said that those who have believed in Him as Lord and Savior, will live with Him in Heaven for eternity, and those who have not believed in Him as Lord and Savior, will be cast in the lake of fire, for all eternity also.

    Make the good choice. Choose Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

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    Listed below is a segment from 'Saved by the Light of the Buddha Within'…

    My new understandings of what many call 'God -The Holy Spirit' – resulting from some of the extraordinary ongoing after-effects relating to my NDE…

    Myoho-Renge-Kyo represents the identity of what some scientists are now referring to as the unified field of consciousnesses. In other words, it’s the essence of all existence and non-existence – the ultimate creative force behind planets, stars, nebulae, people, animals, trees, fish, birds, and all phenomena, manifest or latent. All matter and intelligence are simply waves or ripples manifesting to and from this core source. Consciousness (enlightenment) is itself the actual creator of everything that exists now, ever existed in the past, or will exist in the future – right down to the minutest particles of dust – each being an individual ripple or wave.

    The big difference between chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo and most other conventional prayers is that instead of depending on a ‘middleman’ to connect us to our state of inner enlightenment, we’re able to do it ourselves. That’s because chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo allows us to tap directly into our enlightened state by way of this self-produced sound vibration. ‘Who or What Is God?’ If we compare the concept of God being a separate entity that is forever watching down on us, to the teachings of Nichiren, it makes more sense to me that the true omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence of what most people perceive to be God, is the fantastic state of enlightenment that exists within each of us. Some say that God is an entity that’s beyond physical matter – I think that the vast amount of information continuously being conveyed via electromagnetic waves in today’s world gives us proof of how an invisible state of God could indeed exist.

    For example, it’s now widely known that specific data relayed by way of electromagnetic waves has the potential to help bring about extraordinary and powerful effects – including an instant global awareness of something or a mass emotional reaction. It’s also common knowledge that these invisible waves can easily be used to detonate a bomb or to enable NASA to control the movements of a robot as far away as the Moon or Mars – none of which is possible without a receiver to decode the information that’s being transmitted. Without the receiver, the data would remain impotent. In a very similar way, we need to have our own ‘receiver’ switched on so that we can activate a clear and precise understanding of our own life, all other life and what everything else in existence is.

    Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo each day helps us to achieve this because it allows us to reach the core of our enlightenment and keep it switched on. That’s because Myoho-Renge-Kyo represents the identity of what scientists now refer to as the unified field of consciousnesses. To break it down – Myoho represents the Law of manifestation and latency (Nature) and consists of two alternating states. For example, the state of Myo is where everything in life that’s not obvious to us exists – including our stored memories when we’re not thinking about them – our hidden potential and inner emotions whenever they’re dormant – our desires, our fears, our wisdom, happiness, karma – and more importantly, our enlightenment.

    The other state, ho, is where everything in Life exists whenever it becomes evident to us, such as when a thought pops up from within our memory – whenever we experience or express our emotions – or whenever a good or bad cause manifests as an effect from our karma. When anything becomes apparent, it merely means that it’s come out of the state of Myo (dormancy/latency) and into a state of ho (manifestation). It’s the difference between consciousness and unconsciousness, being awake or asleep, or knowing and not knowing.

    The second law – Renge – Ren meaning cause and ge meaning effect, governs and controls the functions of Myoho – these two laws of Myoho and Renge, not only function together simultaneously but also underlies all spiritual and physical existence.

    The final and third part of the tri-combination – Kyo, is the Law that allows Myoho to integrate with Renge – or vice versa. It’s the great, invisible thread of energy that fuses and connects all Life and matter – as well as the past, present and future. It’s also sometimes termed the Universal Law of Communication – perhaps it could even be compared with the string theory that many scientists now suspect exists.

    Just as the cells in our body, our thoughts, feelings and everything else is continually fluctuating within us – all that exists in the world around us and beyond is also in a constant state of flux – constantly controlled by these three fundamental laws. In fact, more things are going back and forth between the two states of Myo and ho in a single moment than it would ever be possible to calculate or describe. And it doesn’t matter how big or small, famous or trivial anything or anyone may appear to be, everything that’s ever existed in the past, exists now or will exist in the future, exists only because of the workings of the Laws ‘Myoho-Renge-Kyo’ – the basis of the four fundamental forces, and if they didn’t function, neither we nor anything else could go on existing. That’s because all forms of existence, including the seasons, day, night, birth, death and so on, are moving forward in an ongoing flow of continuation – rhythmically reverting back and forth between the two fundamental states of Myo and ho in absolute accordance with Renge – and by way of Kyo. Even stars are dying and being reborn under the workings of what the combination ‘Myoho-Renge-Kyo’ represents. Nam, or Namu – which mean the same thing, are vibrational passwords or keys that allow us to reach deep into our life and fuse with or become one with ‘Myoho-Renge-Kyo’.

    On a more personal level, nothing ever happens by chance or coincidence, it’s the causes that we’ve made in our past, or are presently making, that determine how these laws function uniquely in each of our lives – as well as the environment from moment to moment. By facing east, in harmony with the direction that the Earth is spinning, and chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo for a minimum of, let’s say, ten minutes daily to start with, any of us can experience actual proof of its positive effects in our lives – even if it only makes us feel good on the inside, there will be a definite positive effect. That’s because we’re able to pierce through the thickest layers of our karma and activate our inherent Buddha Nature (our enlightened state). By so doing, we’re then able to bring forth the wisdom and good fortune that we need to challenge, overcome and change our adverse circumstances – turn them into positive ones – or manifest and gain even greater fulfilment in our daily lives from our accumulated good karma. This also allows us to bring forth the wisdom that can free us from the ignorance and stupidity that’s preventing us from accepting and being proud of the person that we indeed are – regardless of our race, colour, gender or sexuality. We’re also able to see and understand our circumstances and the environment far more clearly, as well as attract and connect with any needed external beneficial forces and situations. As I’ve already mentioned, everything is subject to the law of Cause and Effect – the ‘actual-proof-strength’ resulting from chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo always depends on our determination, sincerity and dedication.

    For example, the levels of difference could be compared to making a sound on a piano, creating a melody, producing a great song, and so on. Something else that’s very important to always respect and acknowledge is that the Law (or if you prefer God) is in everyone and everything.

    NB: There are frightening and disturbing sounds, and there are tranquil and relaxing sounds. It’s the emotional result of any noise or sound that can trigger off a mood or even instantly change one. When chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo each day, we are producing a sound vibration that’s the password to our true inner-self – this soon becomes apparent when you start reassessing your views on various things – such as your fears and desires etc. The best way to get the desired result when chanting is not to view things conventionally – rather than reaching out to an external source, we need to reach into our own lives and bring our needs and desires to fruition from within – including the good fortune and strength to achieve any help that we may need. Chanting Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo also reaches out externally and draws us towards, or draws towards us, what we need to make us happy from our environment. For example, it helps us to be in the right place at the right time – to make better choices and decisions and so forth. We need to think of it as a seed within us that we’re watering and bringing sunshine to for it to grow, blossom and bring forth fruit or flowers. It’s also important to understand that everything we need in life, including the answer to every question and the potential to achieve every dream, already exists within us.

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    It seems that if it is biologically possible to live on, you may be sent back? Just a reoccurring theme that I see.

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    why ever one who experience near death experience goes to heaven? no one ever experience going to hell!! something is absolutely wrong with most of these people

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    🙏➕🙏➕🙏I loved hearing your experience 💕

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    I wonder why she doesn't mention the foresight she said she was given about the death of her son, 9 years after the NDE, as she drscribes it at the end of the Netflix series, Surviving Death: Episode 1.

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    Just electrical brain waves goes off.

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    I Appreciate your story or should I say spiritual experience. You are a person of medical science and many people of any type of scientific background are usually non believers in the spiritual and or especially NDE's thanks for sharing and not being afraid to tell this story because people need to know God is real, so is Christ and so are many things in the spiritual world.

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    At a most basic level these experiences make us see reality different and see how these NDE'S create such a mystical and positive experience. Of course it is sometimes unusual to see the dignity and unselfish very ordinary people face death with. These experienced have to be experienced rather that explained and rationalized.

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    I get so tired of hearing that dried up question. Why do bad things happen to good people? None of us are "good" in Gods eyes. Theres good people by human standards which still falls very short of anything we were before the fall.

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    they never share the answers to their questions……….odd isn't it

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    woke up from a long sleep. He yawned, stretched, and at last opened his eyes completely. For two minutes, however, he lay in his bed without moving, as though he were not yet quite certain whether he were awake or still asleep, whether all that was going on around him were real and actual, or the continuation of his confused dreams.

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    What a wonderfully articulate, and authentic sharing of arguably life's most profound experience.

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    Beautiful, and i respect you and your incredible experience, i wonder, if the Jesus narrative you speak about would possibly pose a hinderance to those of a different creed? Or is it possible that God comes to us all in the form that suits us? I would be afraid to limit such an incredible journey to a possible religious belief, which could stagnate. I honestly feel this is important to stress , God is not interested in religion. Just us, as we are created, free and beautiful. Thank you again Mary <3

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    I believe every word she's saying.. the truth is something we as humans are intuitively good at recognising..god bless you doc..

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    Dr. Neal talks to some extent about the "big problems" but if you listen to Professor Howard Storm, he takes us further.

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    Why is she so fine as younger?

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    It's rare I come across NDE experiences I truly believe. And this one is a rare occasions. I have doubts mostly because everyone lilkes to claim that they had one and they love the attention they are getting by it. Anyways. I believer her. Ty for sharing.

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    Where are the answers for the big questions ……???

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    The idea of choosing or not choosing God is childish. It's not a menu. If the feelings are intensely compelling during an NDE then there is no choice. The soul will recognise when it is in the presence of an omnipotent force.

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    Funny how she says that the basic answers were answered by these beings yet she says nothing about what they shared with her🙄 why dont you tell the rest of us since were all wondering wth were doing here and thats funny cause I talked to a medium and he said that there is no such thing as gods plan…you pick your own plan and life to experience here…you pick your parents through soul ties or a soul pack you make on the otherside…this all sounds like some religious mumbo jumbo to me…religion is a false idol created by man and if you heard all this from some being you say nothing to the rest of us? Bullcrap

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    I find it hard to believe

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    Any answers as to why horrid events happen???

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    thanks so much for your extraordinary story

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    "I was given all the answers". Proceeds to not explain anything.

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    Im so upset she didnt give us the answer to why bad things happen to good people.

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    This NDE was the one that had the most impact on my spiritual journey. I came across it about three years ago and I can say that I never thought about eternity the same way. Thank you, Dr. Neal, for sharing your story and for the two amazing books.

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    So what is the answer in that big question?

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    Totally lucid Angel encounter!
    I’ve met one once in person and heard another one milliseconds before a terrible car crash “put your seatbelt on NOW!” I obeyed and lived! I still hear that voice at that moment in my minds eye.
    I love how she speaks of the love she received.
    I also enjoy how when you need an answer from Yeshua and you are in prayer, open
    a Bible and the answer will be shown to you.
    I believe!
    I pray 🙏 that you do as well or will… soon!

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    Why would anyone turn away from God for eternity??

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    What were you told ???

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    I didn't choose God he chose me. Either way 💯 for our Lord Jesus Christ. 🙏 bless you all!

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    He is such a good loving God . ♥️🙏

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