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Man Crosses Over, Told Life’s Purpose During Near Death Experience (NDE)

Apr 2023 10

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In today’s video, David Ditchfield shares his story of crossing over and having an NDE that changed his life forever. Please check out more of David in his links below to show your support.

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    Wow, thank you so much. I used to paint a lot then I stopped. My creative side is dying to come out but I've been too busy worrying about the future. Also, I am trying to remember my mission here on earth, and, yes, being present is the only way to remember what that mission is. Thank you for reminding me of that!

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    This guy told his experience wonderfully. Grateful he shared.

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    Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thank you so much.❤

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    Dear Sir.
    Have you considered this perspective?
    Do you know about what has been discovered about all of these NDEs? The typical story is the same. It is a trap created by our overload slave masters. Done to further brainwash and otherwise mess with our souls. To keep us under their control lifetime after lifetime. Look it up. These stories are real, but have nothing to do with God. The solution is this:. Don't go toward the light! Turn around and look in the opposite direction. There you will see and know that you are finally free and can go wherever you want in this or any universe and be or do anything you choose. I appreciate you and all of the other NDE experiencers! I want you all to know this and research it yourselves. It's fascinating. Now that we know so much more about other beings in the universe, this makes more and more sense.

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    thank you for sharing. what a wonderful warm loving experience. gives us all hope!

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    Where's any part of him "being told life's purpose"?!

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    So what was life’s purpose that he was told?

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    I love listening to David and his message!

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    Hate to say it but you were probably trippin’ on Ketamine and other major pain medications to go in for surgery.

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    Sweet and kind…… Thank you!

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    Brother thank you more than i can say. My god

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    beautiful ❤

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    Wow, thank you so much for this message

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    Thank you for sharing your experience 🙏

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    Very helpful! Thank you. And God bless you!

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    I've watched so many of these videos, and this is my very favorite, the one I connect with the most. What he is doing with his art and music is called channeling. I used to do that with my writing when I was much younger. It was like receiving a download of knowledge, completely whole, and all I had to do was write it down.

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    Be in the moment and be loving

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    More new age lies! Never believe a story that doesn't line up with the word of God

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    Esther: i hope my next incarnation is as good as this one!

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    Beautiful! Thank you for sharing

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    There is definitely a consciousness out there . I’m convinced this isn’t all there it

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    So, god must lives in Brazil, interesting 🤔

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    Thank you for sharing

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    Ha ha. Yeah. Lose the coat!!! ❤

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    Love listening to this! wonderful story. So with regards to the title of this video, what is life's purpose? (I have my own ideas but always open to learn and hear others perspectives)

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    Something in me changed the moment you said " Let go of the past Let go of the future and just be in the present". I dont know why I know this heard it many times but just never could get there…I am "here" now and surrendered to God. Trusting in the Universe to have my back no matter what. Thank you. Sending Light and Love.

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    His book is brilliant btw thankyou

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    I don know why I was brought to tears this story was Beautiful.

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