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I Learned What Matters When We Will Be Judged | Near Death Experience

Apr 2023 10
I Learned What Matters When We Will Be Judged | Near Death Experience

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    Jesus is Lord, ask Him into your heart.

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    You spent way too much time on the least important parts😂

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    I like the stories that don’t spend so much time on how they died but what their experience was like after. ❤

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    $42.99 for a t-shirt ? People pay that much ? Wow 😳

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    I heard this already. So you steal testimonies from other channels.

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    In the 1980's there were 4 billion people on earth, not 7 billion. That's today's population.

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    Your voice is not suitable for narrating.

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    This video doesn’t mention what matters when we will be judged.

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    The contradictions between stories tells me someone is not being truthful. I don't think it's different for everyone.

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    That was SO beautiful! ❤ Thank you!!!

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    Sounds like a new age NDE
    wasn’t feeling it, love the ones with Jesus Christ

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    I hured of the life Review where we see are natguer but it not judgment more like a Learning part of the spirit world

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    Peter Panagore

  15. #15

    How is that possible? All is well always, but a second before he saw the wars and horrors? I don't understand it…

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    You have the most beautiful artwork at the beginning of each story!!

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    Peter Panagore’s story

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    Can't hear video.

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