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He Had Life Altering Revelations During His Near Death Experience

Mar 2023 19

Near-death experience guest 662 is Jonathan Van Valin who during his had 2 life altering revelations.

Jonathan’s website

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    Where does the individual self go when it merges with the infinite? Where does the dark go when light comes in?

  2. #2

    Excellent! Jonathan has been Liberated to our natural state!

  3. #3

    Great interview! Thank you.

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    32.37 there is a word of God ‘Allah’ which is unique in its true form .. there is not male/ female or plurals for this one word. It is all encompassing one of its attributes which is ‘Al-Waasi’ ..

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    Great Muslim Sufis like Al Halag, Ibn Arabi or Rumi spend a life time to reach this status of Unity with the Divine that Jeff reached at a young age. What a blessing you have, Jeff!

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    I'm listening at the 21 minute mark and I don't think this guy had an NDE I think he just had an OBE. Maybe the NDE is yet to come.

  7. #7

    Thanks you guys !! Very profound and deeply insightful – Keep telling your truth Jonathan !! You validated my own trip and experiences – of learning to be HUMAN again – after undergoing a radical spiritual transformation in the 80´s.

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    Wonderful experience. When he says he was dissolving into wholeness, do you think he was dissolving into his higher self or into Source/God?

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    I wonder how many people will do exactly what you did and are homeless without being called a drug addiction.. your perception of your NDE is amazing. I holed up in my room and came out to work and do only the absolute necessity things in life. Today, I'm still a bit of a hermit that I need my alone time, but I'm also a generous empathetic soul in that I will help anyone who needs my help without expecting anything in return. On the other hand, if I ask for help from anyone and I'm refused, then I just will not give attention to their problems, but I'm trying to do better with feeling this way. Truthfully, selfish people shock me to the core.

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    I appreciate his story but he was so figgity and looking down so much i found that distracting.

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    I really enjoyed this interview ☺️

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    Thank u for sharing thank u jeff and mara

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    What is he going on and on about?

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    Wow! What a lovely, completely natural guy, sharing his NDE and the awakening story that followed it! Awesome! Thank you Jonathan and thank you Jeff!

  16. #16

    Why would anyone in a sane mind want to come back to this fucking nightmare

  17. #17

    Wow. I only Save the profound ones. This is on my save list. What an incredible account of his experience. He's an intelligent man. I immediately saw a kind sweet compassionate soul in him. I see that in Jeff as well. Thank you so much.

  18. #18

    he is the real deal

  19. #19

    So incredibly valuable these experiences! Great channel 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    Fascinating. I listened to this twice and will probably listen again. @26:00 approximately, where you discuss the dreamlike nature of even our bodies I think of one of my 7 year old twins who has asked me on several occasions “is this (life/reality) just a dream?” Children sense the true fluidity of reality and are ok with it. She has also sensed that water is alive. She’s said, “I love the logic of water.” She proceeded to explain how it was alive and had a consciousness. She will learn over time how to ignore her intuitive connection to the true nature of our experiences. “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

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    WOW! This is so spot on with my own experience but I’ve never heard it so well articulated! I love it! Thank you so much for sharing! 🥰

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    So many, many people are watching these interviews and are fascinated by them, myself included, but yet I meet nobody face-to-face in my daily life who is at all interested! I would be regarded as weird to even admit to being interested in these incredibly beautiful testimonies. But they are what help me to keep going!! I would go mad if I did not feel that all the chaos that we experience is based in this amazing intelligent source of goodness that will one day reveal itself to each one of us. Thank you Jeff!

  24. #24

    This is such a fantastic interview, Jeff, with one of the most genuine interviewees . Thanks for this.

  25. #25

    So… when you merge with “all that is,” do you merge with all the horrors of earthly life, like the holocaust, animal predation, murderers and atrocities, rapists and child abusers? Do you merge with plagues and starvation? Or do you just merge with all the good stuff?

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    I truly believe that, once we shed the body, we have as about as much concern as we have when we take a dump. We could’nt care less about that dump, or what happens to that end process that happens all the time when it has served it’s purpose. To put it less delicately, dying is just the ultimate last dump we take of earthly material we no longer need to exist in that ultimate higher, grander reality, where God resides. That’s why it doesn’t matter how you dispose ot it. It has nothing to do with you anymore at that point, any more so than our daily defecation has anything to do with us after it nourished us. That is why we feel nothing toward it at that final phase. We just go about our lives. It was never who we really are anyway, any more so than our boo boo is who we are. Some people seem like that’s what they are😂. But that’s a different issue.

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    This interview is one of the best I've heard..thanks Jeff.

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    I experienced a very similar NDE as Johnathan’s Near Death experience. My body collapsed to the pavement when it suffered complete kidney failure and dehydration caused by high blood pressure medication and ibuprofen for pain management of two neck surgeries I had the previous year (2021). My consciousness left my body. I was no longer the personality which was attached to the body. There was no sensory perceptions of sight, sound or emotions. My conscious awareness was in a state of absolute darkness. I was not afraid, nor did I feel any pain. With no emotions I could not “feel” peace, joy, love etc., yet I had a certain knowingness. I was peace. I was joy. I was love. I was in a state of beingness. There was no sense of time or space. I simply was. I knew that all was complete and perfect. I was experiencing this state of Am-ness. In this state I had no concept of having a body. I didn’t even what a body is. I didn’t have a personal identity, I simply exist. I have always existed. The next big epiphany I had was that there was a part of this “Self” that was bearing witness to my having been in this state of conscious limbo. That witness is the real me experiencing being a personality with a human body and this conscious awareness in a primordial state of beingness. When I popped back in my body my whole perspective changed. I still feel like I live in two worlds. I also have a tremendous desire for “God”. Not the “God” of religion. But the desire to maintain that constant connection with the Supreme Absolute. The One That Is. In that primordial state of beingness I knew that I was not alone, but was absorbed into the Absolute One.

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