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    What is his death date why ain't nobody posting it?

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    Psalms 90-10-12
    The days of our years are threescore years and ten; And if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, Yet is their strength labour and sorrow; For it is soon cut off, and we fly away. Who knoweth the power of thine anger? Even according to thy fear, so is thy wrath. So teach us to number our days, That we may apply our hearts unto wisdom

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    I didn't even know he passed away. I have some of his books 📖 📕 📘 📗 📓 📚 .

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    I think his wife was a honey trap and did it

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    Wooow…. Laman Brewster is literally my cousins I just saw last weekend. I ordered a bunch of Afrikas books and just found out he was deceased. I’ve been searching for the reason for his death and found your video 😂 👍 thanks

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    The Cov-19 conspiracy continues. Your points are well taken.

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    The great ancestor past to the higher realm at 74- 7-4 =11 his next life will be a numerology number of 11 he will be a great man in his next life. Death is not to be concerning if you know what death really is. No man should really want to live long on this plane he died when he needed to a day after the equinox. The ancestor preached about the quality of life not the longevity of it

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    I think a deeper conversation is in order about his death at age 74, being who he was and what he promoted. While I wouldn't go as far as to call it a conspiracy, I think it is unfortunate that his cause of death is being withheld. He was an icon and many people followed his teachings. Granted, he was human; sometimes we tend to look at these figures as if they are immortal. However, we also don't anticipate them dying at or before the life expectancy in this country when they supposedly lived a "clean" lifestyle.

    This isn't to imply that he was or even believed he was perfect at what he promoted or that even if he did, he wouldn't be subject to things that extend beyond diet (e,g. chemicals in the environment) that could have contributed to his condition. I don't think there was anything nefarious about his death. I know I'm late to the conversation but I've wondered about why there hadn't been more conversation within the community about his death.

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    So serious! Yes the brother was clearly brought down by Our enemy

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    Death starts in the mind.
    People live to be in their hundreds eating meat drinking and smoking.

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    Definitely too young. Yes I feel, he was attacked spiritually, by secret societies. May he rest in power & in peace.

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    I was thinking the same thing Google search and came across this video.

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    I think he committed suicide… when u die on your own terms what else could it be and if his work was completed what else was there to do🤷🏽‍♀️

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    No one actually spoke of any conspiracy theories. But I will say this, he Died just in time before the so-called virus.

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    He did not go out on his own terms? I have never heard of so many holistic doctors die and disappear but a pretty fake face that's most likely against the system will say yeah he died on his own or, this happened or that happened. They do not want anyone to be alive to talk about it.

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    65 is the age for all people should be checking out. 74 years old and beyond is a blessing.

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    I dont believe He died Naturally Either bro

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    I agree with you 💯 brother!

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    Remember he got into natural holistic health after suffering a trauma and healing himself from it, only he knows if he prolonged something this long, only he knows what he was up against, also for a long time all the european naturopaths all looked up to him but did not admit at all. Just thinking you may be right all the way or partial.

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    80 is not old he was herbalist he was not like these westerners that age biologically faster with low vitality

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    Yes exactly does not make any sense you have people who lived beyond 120

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    No amount of diet regiment, refraining from vices like "bad foods", smoking, drinking, or refraining from drugs, will prevent you from death. 
    You will go when you're meant to go and supposed to go. you can be the healthiest person and die prematurely, but NOT do anything healthy, yet die at 120 years of age…this world has no fairness, justice, sympathy or balance. None.

    I think there might be something to his demise. you're right, he was far too physically and Spiritually Conscious to be gone this young. this makes 0% sense whatsoever!
    He could put together an actual blueprint of how The Body works, Mind works, and Spirit works, and how they ALL come t intertwine — yet he couldn't master his own demise? this is why i don't believe it was "natural causation" and it was done to him. i'm sorry.

    Also, the way his wife made the announcement of his death in a short video was very strange. maybe it's just me…i just don't know. it just really felt OFF and strange to me when i watched it.

    R.I.P. Dr. Llaila O. Afrika.

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    Post a link to that video please

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    Where did you hear them say that about the suicide

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    Hate to think that that brother died under any circumstances. He and Dr sebi are the two foremost powerful voices advocating for black heritage minded folks wellbeing through sensible health practices and disciplines. Knowing the prevalence of white interior minded black appearing folk it can be anticipated their rush to discredit the work and value and impact that these talented brothers manifested for their common heritage community. I have even noted videos authored by counterfeit blacks attempting to use the words of one of our transitioned stalwarts to undermine the significant value of our other recently transitioned brother. Only the counterfeit minded black is unable to reconcile the different perspectives of. different take no prisoners determined approaches to discover and reveal the valuable insights of healing not only black bodies but black spirit souls which are capable of restoring the original heritage culture in which real black people can stand up from off their knees and survive and thrive in the world which our greatest ancestors created with their unparalleled spiritual might and power. Personally I am so thankful that these departed brothers came our way and in the way that they did come. Boldly carrying on their life's work in the face of all forms of menace and ill will. So that those they would eventually leave behind would be left spiritually invigorated and braver to go forth to accomplish what is ahead to be done. To those who see Dr afrika's death of so-called natural causes a diminishing value of his work -too soon it's time you realize we all live half lives and die in accordance to the lifespans of those that control us. We are all murdered by the culture of our oppressor. We are a longevity people that is our strength thus our strength is denied us. The last known great cultures on the African continent existed for thousands of years before the Persian and European hoardes gained ascendency over the northeastern portion of the continent. Thousands of years cultures don't thrive with populations of individuals who live barely 60-70 years. Dr afrika you offered for the taking so many profound insights into the politic of original heritage thought and procedure.My whole hearted thanks and blessings to you. Rest in peace bright brother.

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    Something is fishy here. Sounds too much like a public service annoucement. I have never heard anyone annouce a death and say. I am sorry to tell you…xyz. Also she shows no real emotion. 74 is young for black peoole. How can she even say that …oh dr. Layka said he liced 74 black years. What does that mean? And again how could he say that . He planned his death or what? Makes no sense. Wake up sheeple. Oh. By the eau, when soneone denies sonething so emphaticalky, yiu have to wonder why. Sge says: "Oh. He wanted me to tell you he died by his choice. Nott government injection…. and yes. I am accepting donations because dr. laila was so poor.

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    My grandfather died at 80 and drink and smoked.Laila afrika died way too young.

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    1. As a Psychology graduate, this is how I psychoanalyze the mysterious death of Dr. Llaila Afrika.
    2. On 11/7/2019, Dr Afrika encouraged his followers to enroll on his "Time to Cleanse Your Organs: Seasons are Changing – Live Lecture". Dr Afrika looked very sickly and weak in that video posted on his Facebook page.
    3. It appears he did not have an illness, rather, his look was of someone whose body was filled with toxins, hence "Time to Cleanse Your Organs" lecture.
    4. How the toxic substance or vapor entered his body is something we may never know, but he seems to have been fighting it for about six (6) months.
    5. Afrika, it seems, knew he was going to die from this toxin, which explains why his wife stated: "He told me to tell you…"
    6. However, Dr Afrika still wanted to live on which is evident when you see that on Nov. 20, 2019 – Nov. 24, 2019 he was encouraging his follows to follow his Instagram page. It is obvious he wanted to expand his platform.
    7. On December 11, 2019 he posted an Online poll asking his follower if they were interested in taking an Online course to become a Certified Holistic Nutritional Counselor. Of his followers, 90% answered they were interested. Further proof that he intended to continue is work by offering classes Online.
    8. January 19, 2020 he announced his livestream was a hit and would offer it again.
    9. I ordered the Virus Care supplements from him and this time the return address was Dr. Llaila Afrika LLC. Before it was just Dr. Llaila Afrika.
    10. He added the LLC, in my opinion, because at that point he knew he wasn't going to make it, and wanted to protect the business interests of his successors and assigns.
    11. March 22, 2020 he died. Interestingly enough everyone is using the word he "transitioned" from this life. This suggests that he was probably on life support, and may have signed a "DNR" (Do Not Resuscitate) wanting to make a slow exit "On his own terms."
    12. That's my psychoanalysis of the situation. Unfortunately Black people either unwilling or unable to think critically about this sudden demise of a health guru and use emotion rather than logic to deduce the cause.

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    Slow death….skin looked toxic…body language sluggish and aggravated mannerisms were off. They said he put up a post on his twitter page on the corona virus…

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    I’ve intuited that he got into this to mediate a disease he had and he maintained that otherwise fatal disease he prolonged it 50+ years with diet

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    Loved this man, marvellous teacher. I recently watched time to cleanse your organs. Seasons are changing (teaser). Watch for yourself, he’s different. RIP❤️

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    If he died of cancer or another disease then they should let us know so that we as black community can learn from it and critique if necessarry and move on

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