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After my Near Death Experience, I found joy and fulfillment in finding my calling and helping others

Mar 2024 27

Malcolm Nair believes through adversity is where his wisdom came from and he believes by sharing what Guided Intelligence is all about will help more people live to their fullest potential without having life feel like a glimpse only after death displays, your could have, should have, or would have as he had to witness

As a near-death experiencer being on life-support from a fatal car crash he has quantified and overcome turmoil, suffering, fractures, ligament damage, nerve damage over 75% throughout his body, being diagnosed with brain damage, short-term memory loss to numbness throughout the right side of his entire body, hemorrhaging in the brain, past sexual and trauma survivor, Junior drop-out, homelessness, abandonment, jail, over 20 years of life-work balance, to becoming an honour student in college, to top in his consulting/Professional industry within Canada.

He has spent countless years studying the top in the personal growth industry and by reverse engineering countless courses, therapy, gurus, and methodologies of today to compress what past coaches took 60 years of study to compress into 10 years. Malcolm Nair has been able to develop into a few weeks’ experience for people.
As an enlightenment coach, he uses beneficial principles of hypnotherapy methods, psychotherapy, NLP (rewiring techniques of the mind, CBT, and neuroscience methods that work in alignment with spirituality to serve people and to specifically transform his own life

Malcolm Nair has been invited to share and speak on Podcasts, has been featured in magazines, to being invited on one of the leading Hollywood circles in Hollywood, to coaching Actors and actresses, to leading business coaches and really has made an impact on people’s lives in business growth, success and in health.

He has been able to defy all odds against him and prove what he talks about by walking the walk first. He has been able to use his methods for his own family and have his son be coached by top Hollywood actors and be featured in the film industry as early as 4 years old, and also utilizes these techniques within a family dynamic and shift the realization from negative to positive and exponentially advance the family life balance for others as well.

Malcolm Nair is able to clearly send and receive messages to source in real-time and he can show people how to use the same ability we all have by having an understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection with guidance, coaching, motivation, inspiration and familiarity stories to relate with people so they too can realize their own journey and have their own wake-up calls of enlightenment

He is able to fine-tune the line between where the root cause stems from and where we dismiss the missing link by addressing past traumas( inner-child), PTSD, depression, having no agency in life, anger management, by combining Guided Meditation Visualizations, Guided Intelligence mirror talk exercises with releasing blockages techniques and really breaking down into baby steps how to use and leverage the Law of Attraction with manifestation techniques all in sequence to give people absolutely all the tools and resources to walk away with

“I believe by giving away what I know can set people free much faster so that people don’t have to waste another 20 years of life as I had to, just to die to then compromise, make oaths and sacrifices to change. We can change now with Guided Intelligence”

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