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Dr Llaila Afrika Vitamin D and the great Health Disparity

Apr 2023 29
Dr. Llaila Afrika and a “Mixed-ish” episode explain the reasons why Black Americans should rightfully be skeptical about the medical industry. Vitamin D is CRUCIAL in overall health and especially immunity. African Americans are deficient in the vitamin and bear the brunt of Coronavirus fatalities. Especially those living above 37th parallel(the Vitamin D line) e.g. ST Louis ,Chicago New York MUST supplement in winter. Doctors recommend 10,000i.u to 50,000 international units daily for melanin dominant individuals. African-Americans have a population mean serum 25(OH)D level of 16 ng/mL, whereas white Americans have a level of 26 ng/mL. Africans on the continent......

Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 of 6

Apr 2023 24
Practical Spirituality and Black Majick with E.A. Koetting Part 1 E.A. Koetting has spent the last fifteen years studying, practicing, and immersing himself in the spiritual arts, not restricted to any particular paradigm, but finding answers to the greatest questions in every faith and spiritual path, from the holy to the blasphemous, from the heights of the Vedas and the teachings of the Masters to the secret rituals of Black Magick. While gaining his own insights and knowledge into the mysteries of existence, E.A. is equally obsessed with sharing what he has learned, either through his books, seminars, and workshops,......