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The Krugersdorp Killers | Satanic Cult? | Tshego Paledi

Mar 2024 27

This video is not intended to disrespect or offend anyone. It is all information that I have gathered online and compiled into one video.

A group called Electus per Deus (Chosen by God) murdered 11 people, including Valentine’s wife Mikeila, in four years. Their murder spree which took place in and around Krugersdorp between 2012 and 2016. The media duped them as the Krugersdorp Killers.

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    Green card?? In south Africa??

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    your videos addictive🥲

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    Imagine going to jail as a woman and stay with Cicelia in 1cell😢😢

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    I am happy to have found your channel 😊🌹

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    Krugersdorp sounds maaad

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    Yoh this case is all so confusing but scary! (Not the daughter having braids chileee)

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    Cecilia is a schizo with dual personality, the level of imagination is beyond understanding.

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    Very well presented young lady 👍

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    Thanks for bringing the light to the story😯 I also want to pass my condolences to the families who lost their loved ones through this cruelty. How do they kill and kill for so long. We need to pray for these acts happening under our noses. May the Lord Mighty comfort the hearts of those who lost their loved ones through this cruelty 🙏🙏🙏

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    We don’t have a ‘green card’ in South Africa, only in America. Also, as an Actuary, I don’t think Zak Valentine earned R70 000 per annum. Maybe per month?! Check these 2 points again. Otherwise, great documentary.

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    Real satanists dont kill they absolutely dont kill

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    Tshego o montle gore

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    This video was recommended after I watched the devilsdorp trailer. Yikes

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    Have you done a vlog on Gert Van Rooyen and Joey Haarhof?

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    Love your synopsis, well researched, good additional info, esp the childhoods. Ommisions: Cecilia is married to a policeman! ZAks salary wasR70 000 pm (not p/a) when he joined the cult. A journalist covering this story fell in love with Le Roux and started visiting him in prison.

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    Here because of devilsdorp on showmax, please react to the documentary. Big fan girl 🌻

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    you were ahead of time. just finished watching devildorp.

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    I know this is like a year ago but I have some more info for you dm me on insta if you wanna know chezellejones only if your interested!

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    There's a docu-series about this case on Showmax called Devilsdorp. A few seconds in i was like "No man, I know this case. Tshego covered it."

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    ahhhh i didnt know about this and i was living in krugersdorp and still do!!!

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    ANC unbanned satanism. No goodness will come to rsa

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    i think Ceciela is suffering from some mental issues. Schizophrenia maybe? i watched gang true crime shows and most of these killers suffer from some mental disorder + abusive childhoods.

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    Hey girl.. I just saw a Trailer of a Shomax original documentary called "Devilsdorp". I think you inspired them!!!!

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    Childhood 🚩 Background/Upbringing 🚩 Parenting 🚩

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    R70 000 per annum as an actuarial scientist/ analyst… Surely you meant Per month?

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    I’ve been watching American YouTuber murder/crime stories. I have to say that SouthAfrica is next level 😱.

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    A satanist worked at a daycare? That’s scary

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    You should include more about how law enforcement was involved, love the video, very interesting but it sounds more of like a list than a case.

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    Actuaries earn R70 000 per annum? Yoh hai, ushiswe yi course bese ulambe, Mina ngeke

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    Imagine funding your daughters killer😳

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    This to me sounds like a auditory, visual,grandiose effective schizophrenia. If not bipolar effective disorder.

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    Moral of the story don’t go to church
    You don’t know what’s going on

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    Pray harder guys.. Lomhlaba utricky

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    Hey fellow South African from the UK. Love your channel.

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    Am such a fan of true crime videos and am really glad I found a channel based in South Africa…#blessed❤️😩

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    very well done documentary

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    I love true crime stories yooh

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    Ssss ssss ssss ssss ssss ssss

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    wow i can''t believe that this happened in south africa

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    I always wanted crime stories of South Africa,glad to have come across your content…new subbie🤗❤

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    Nice chanell. Keep it up.

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