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May 2023 19
Is Religion Effecting Africans? On the Diaspora Kasa Talk Show, we discuss the differing ideas and viewpoints surrounding social life, spirituality, and the issues that are deeply concerning to the African community. This episode of Diaspora Kasa, we share our ideas and opinions on religion, and how we feel it is affecting the daily lives of African people, both at home and abroad. If you have any topics you feel need to be shared with the community, please don't be afraid to leave a comment down below source

How to monetize your life: ukuthwasa should not be associated with poverty!

May 2023 18
A growing number of initiated sangomas/amagqirha, often express how they have lost everything, cannot find work, struggling to make ends meet, since they accepted their calling. Many go into initiation hoping that whatever ailments they had would be resolved. Sometimes this expectation is never met, leaving those who had high hopes feeling helpless and despondent. There are many ways to resolve this issue. In this video, I explore how we can use what we were taught at initiation school to our financial benefit. I discuss how getting formal employment is not the only option to monetizing your life and thus......

The social media beauty cult | DW Documentary

May 2023 18
Social media are influencing the way women feel about their own bodies. Young women in particular are constantly being confronted with pictures of beautiful female bodies online - images which have almost always been digitally enhanced. This documentary take a long and alarming look at young women whose everyday lives are dictated by the search for bodily perfection. The more users click their way through Instagram, Facebook and so on, the greater their dissatisfaction with their own appearance becomes. Hardly anyone can escape the pull of this illusory world, where beauty, fitness and lifestyle count for everything. The consequences an......