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Clinically DEAD Man Shown the Purpose of Life During Near Death Experience! (NDE) | Rob Gentile

Sep 2023 28

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At the age of 56, Rob A. Gentile had a massive heart attack followed by a profound near-death experience. On his journey to a heart transplant, he was close to death again and entered the Ethereal a second time. He found himself inside a shapeless, formless vacuum of unending and infinite vastness. He was everywhere at once, scattered across a timeless expanse and connected to the of the -all of it without words.

He saw and simultaneously became part of a gigantic interactive web of twinkling lights covering the Earth and stretching into infinity. Curiously, some parts of the web were brighter, some dim, and some completely dark. He later came to that this web represents a network that binds us all and is built upon quarks-the smallest elements of matter, and which are made of light.

While in the Ethereal, he understood that each quark of light symbolized a . He realized that if he hurt himself, he hurt everything connected to him, but if he loved, the light would spread. Rob also saw his daughter with special needs, perfect, whole, and radiant.

The most important message he received was of unity, oneness, and our real identity.

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    I saw you on Anthony chene rob I love your story and I love to listen to these before going to sleep!

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    I just finished the audiobook now ..thank you for sharing with the world ..I wish you and your family all the best in the world …keep spreading your light

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    Dr. Patel was my Doctor at the VA Hopital for several years in DesMoines, IA. I wonder if they are the same women.

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    Our Heavenly father is so loving to us. A phrase I love in the Holy Bible which by the way is absolutely true. Is when Jesus asked the father holy spirit. Father share with them the same love, unity that we shared before the Universes were lite up. 💥💞👑👑

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    Great interview, thank you! When will be the second part?

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    Thank u for ur CHANNEL and interviews!!!

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    Wow! This NDE testimony hits close to home for me.Why? Because days before my Dad died he was talking outloud to his deceased mother!!!!!

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    Awesome interview!! Loved it!!

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