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Medina native shares story of near-death experience with Jim Donovan

Apr 2023 16
Medina native shares story of near-death experience with Jim Donovan

Dale Chormanski was on his way home from a Bruce Springsteen concert when he went into cardiac arrest. For a period, he was clinically dead, until his daughter helped saved him. Dale spoke with Jim Donovan about his regarding his experience.


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    I can recall as a child laying on my bed, I remember being petrified after a girl said that I would go to hell. I remember being up by the ceiling and I could see the bottom of my bed, but I was too afraid to look at myself. Then immediately I was in a Tunnel of white bright light travelling at a phenomenal speed heading towards something, the walls of the Tunnel were illuminating light. I thought to myself 'what's at the end of this Tunnel' And instantly in my mind I heard ‘GOD’ Then I was terrified, twice I shouted 'I want to go back' Immediately I was back on my bed as if nothing had happened. Then to my stupidity at 18 years everything went down hill. A short account of my full testimony. I used to be involved with crime, paganism and the occult years ago. I saw demons manifest in a room with a witness present. They were black see-through shadows with hooded heads and they swayed from side to side as if they had no rest. Identical to the film ‘Ghost with Patrick Swayze. I called on the Lord God and they disappeared. I heard the audible voice of Jesus Christ in a thundering voice which told me to “Fear no evil’ from another separate encounter. One incident one growled the word ‘Yes’ After I asked a question, and a young boy looked over and heard it. Days later I saw an open vision from the Lord, and this got me to church. I left my evil life behind and started to warn people everywhere that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save everyone from eternal torment and give them eternal life. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved…. So glad I know the truth, this is just a small fraction of my whole testimony. Please accept Jesus Christ as your saviour. He died and rose from the dead, to pay the penalty for our Sin and for us to escape Hell. We will all be held accountable at the judgment, either saved or condemned… I Thank God I know the truth. The Occult is real, hell is real, Satan and his demons are real, The Kingdom of Heaven is real, Jesus Christ is Lord, and demons are subject to His name. Seek Jesus and His Kingdom. My Full testiomony is on Ticktock

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    After reading the comments I didn’t even watch

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    Host might stick with the decaf…lol

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    They all should be giving ALL THE GLORY TO GOD 🙏🙏🙏 his daughter was not the savior in this situation. She was a tool sent from our Heavenly Father and Lord of all Lords Jesus! Praise You God! 🙏❤️❤️ Thank you for helping this gentleman! We love you!

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    The host hasn't slept for years

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    Would have loved to hear more about NDE.

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    The host pretty much ruins and hijacks the entire interview. We didn’t hear any of the actual NDE. Maybe he’ll learn to listen ..🙏🏼

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    God, what a TOOL the host is: he crassly interrupted the guest when he was at the most interesting part of his account… and then made only worthless smalltalk, afterwards.

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