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Man Dies; Taught 10 Things You MUST do to Get Into Heaven (NDE)

Nov 2023 28
Vincent Tolman had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) after taking a new weight loss supplement. He was dead for over 45 minutes and put into a body bag. He was taught 10 things you must know to get into Heaven and he was shown the future, which is amazing for some of us. A Near-Death Experience (NDE) occurs when someone dies, is revived, and knows there is life after death. For Vincent, his Near-Death Experience (NDE) was a life-altering experience that changed him forever. Vincent's Links: ✨ Website: 👤 Facebook: 📷 Instagram: 🐦 Twitter: 📚 Book: *This post contains affiliate links,......

Man Dies, Sees Beings & Hell! Says Don’t Freak Out Powerful Near Death Experience

Nov 2023 28
Man Dies, Sees Beings & Hell! Says Don't Freak Out Powerful Near Death Experience Thank you Karl Falken For your Near Death Experience 🤗 SUBMIT YOUR NDE BY EMAILING; ndedairy@counsellor.com Some People dismiss near death experiences (NDE) as dreams or the hallucinations of a dying brain, people generally do not have the same kinds of hallucinations. In contrast, the descriptions of near-death experiences are remarkably consistent across culture and time. Many people do think when they do had their Near death Experience, they saw past life regression, out of body experience, angels, heaven, met jesus, afterlife and testimony of jesus......

Man Goes to Hell and Sees This Famous False Prophet

Nov 2023 26
What is hell like or does it even exist? In this interview, Cody shares his NDE experience of dying and going to hell. He shares the story of his near-death experience and talks about seeing a very famous false prophet while he was there. Website ► Share Your Testimony Free Course ► Submit Your Story ► Support Us Donate ► Shop Our Merch ► Join Our Community Locals ► Discord ► Timestamps 0:00 - Trailer 1:10 - Going To Hell 30:07 - Coming Back to Life 43:25 - Last Words DISCLAIMER: Almost False is a podcast dedicated to telling the......

I Died And Saw A City Of Gold | Near Death Experience | NDE

Nov 2023 18
Have you ever had a near death experience (NDE), encountered an angel, or visited the other side ? If so please send your story of the afterlife to us via email, we would love to hear it. Subscribe here ► more near death experience stories ► Email us your own NDE to narrate ► beyondthislife22@gmail.com I Died And Saw My Great Grandmother On The Other Side | Near Death Experience | NDE ► I Died Of Heart Failure And Came Back | Near Death Experience | NDE ► I Drowned And Saw My Deceased Father In Heaven | Near Death......

Hospice Doctor Reveals SHOCKING Deathbed Vision Accounts! (End of Life) | Dr. Christopher Kerr

Nov 2023 17
Watch FREE Video Event on How to Meet & Speak to Your Deceased Loved Ones & NDEs 👉 Watch this FREE Course: The Sacred Journey of Dying 👉 All links to today's guest's books and official site - click below: 👉 --------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------- Christopher Kerr, MD, PhD, is the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer for Hospice & Palliative Care Buffalo. Alongside direct patient care, Dr. Kerr’s focus is in the areas of leadership and patient advocacy. He has overseen the integration and expansion of palliative care into hospitals and developed a large home-based program......

He Died & Saw HITLER in Hell. What Came Next Will Shock You

Nov 2023 01
For more from Randy Kay go to: Randy Kay founded Randy Kay Ministries in response to the thousands of messages he received from people struggling with brokenness and the myriad of questions that arose from sharing his after life experience in Heaven after clinically dying. Randy has authored thousands of articles for publications such as Forbes and The Wall Street Journal, and four self-help business books. His first Christian book, Dying to Meet Jesus, began through a desire to help people turn brokenness to joy. In that book, Randy briefly shared his after life experience after succumbing to pulmonary emboli......

How Near-Death Experiences Support Christianity (and challenge other worldviews)

Oct 2023 29
Do NDEs vary from culture to culture? How often do people see Jesus? Do Buddhists see Buddha and Hindus see Krishna as often as Christians see Jesus? Do they support reincarnation? The answers to these questions might surprise you. My guest today, Dr. Steve Miller, has extensively studied NDEs and concludes that they rule out materialism, New Age, Marxism deism, and uniquely favor Christianity. Find out why! READ: Is Christianity Compatible with Deathbed and Near-Death Experiences? ( WATCH: Near-Death Experiences: The Evidence ( *USE Discount Code [SMDCERTDISC] for $100 off the BIOLA APOLOGETICS CERTIFICATE program ( *See our fully online......

Dolores Cannon on Life After Death

Oct 2023 22
Dolores Cannon revealed her discoveries about life after death and the astral plane as detailed in her book "Between Death and Life" at the 2008 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference. To learn more about Dolores Cannon, her 19 metaphysical books and unique Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) visit: © OZARK MOUNTAIN PUBLISHING | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED FOLLOW US ON: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: Website: ASSOCIATED LINKS: Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy: The Metaphysical Hour: Ozark Mountain Publishing, Inc.: source

Atheist Dies; Shocked by What She Saw on the Other Side (Powerful NDE)

Oct 2023 03
Nancy Rynes, an atheist and scientist, had an NDE (Near-Death Experience) after being hit by an SUV while riding her bike, where she went to Heaven and met God and an angel. An NDE (Near-Death Experience) occurs when someone dies, is revived, and learns there is life after death. Nancy's NDE (Near-Death Experience) was a life-altering experience that changed her entire life. ✨ Nancy's Links Website: FB: IG: 📚 Awakenings From The Light: 📚 Walking in the Light: * This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something, we may earn a commission. Thanks. ✨ My......

Clinically DEAD 45 Minutes! Meets GOD, Then Wakes Up In a BODY BAG – Chilling NDE | Vincent Tolman

Sep 2023 30
Watch This FREE NDE Course: Discover The Transformative Power Of Near-Death Experiences 👉 All links to today's guest's books and official site - click below: 👉 Read Vincent's The Light After Death: My Journey to Heaven and Back 👉 --------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------- Have you ever asked yourself, "What happens after we die?" Vincent was taken by Death. He was dead for a full 45 minutes. Did he see a bright light? What does heaven look like? What Does one feel when their heart stops beating? Are you embraced by the light? Welcome to Vincent Tolman's true account......