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Clinically DEAD Girl Given Ability to See Angelic Realms (NDE) Near Death Experience | Susan Walter

Sep 2023 27

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is an Intuitive Visionary Artist and Angelic Warrior. After experiences as a child Susan was given the ability to see into the Angelic Realms allowing her see the angels in their pure light form. She uses this ability to draw your Angels Portrait and relay messages and insights from your angels.

Susan is also the Artist/Author of the Solfeggio Mandala Activation Guides & Meditation Decks assisting us to realign with our original blueprint. She also creates art with a conscious heart from her visions during meditation. This is her way of connecting with the divine and to assist humanity to do the same and recognize the divine within ourselves and each other.

Please enjoy my conversation with .

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    Love this interview…thanks ❤

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    I am Catholic and although
    I cringed when I hear you say you are recovering Catholic, lol I can’t stop listening to your podcast. I just can’t stop.
    .. why can’t I stop ?? It’s all I think about . And now I see things more than ever! Praise God ! And , Jesus is way way more important than what they explained ..
    it makes sense now .
    Honestly, I am in complete awe of my perception MOVING to GOD!!
    Again .. praise God for showing me …

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    Gratitude ✨🙏🏽✨
    BEAUTIFUL, Thank you both❣️

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    Wonderful interview ❤😇

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    Excellent podcast Alex. Thank you for your contributions.

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    23:20 “paint me like one of your French girls “ -the angel

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    I understand what she means with faster and lower vibes slow we he sludge its hard work just moving our bodies even and when we are higher vibe we feel faster lighter even in our bodies thank you both great interview with another great soul as always Alex

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    When/why do some people have multiple NDE's? Slow learners?

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    Awesome Awesome

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    How do you get your face skin so wrinkle free and healthy?

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    Why didnt we see her work?
    Pictures etc

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    Thank you for your work. I’m called to move forward with mine. Here we go! 💖

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    See what's going on, Alex? People who are really struggling to live, are spending hours praying and asking somebody from upstairs to contact them. To guide them. To assist them. Yet, she had them next to her all the time. But she ignored them. Didn't listen to them. That's what being into a physical body, and listening to our brain does to us. We get stubborn and egoistic. Maybe that's why most prayers are not being answered? (08/16/23)🙄

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    Interesting session
    So how can we convince someone to forgive

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    Lorna Byrne sees angels too but did from birth

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    Love your show and watch it daily….maybe I watch it a bit too much ❤

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    I love your podcast. I love hearing different experiences. It's awesome. Thank you!

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    Oh my goodness this is so good and her experience came through a near-death experience however my experience come through my dreams I did see my father when he passed away go into another dimension which is just one of my dream that I've had all very spiritual based.

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    Her hair is so pretty

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    My thumbs ups are for the people who come forward and share their stories.. God bless all of you ive watch almost all of these same stories on different channels months n months ago

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    If your interested in Angels you need to look up Lorna Byrne and read her books her first book is Angels in my hair ❤

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    What did the world look like through the animals eyes? That’s the question I wanted to hear the answer to.

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    You don't come back as a rabbit or a cat, dog. Yet they all are apart of our lives but in a different soul forms. You can not come back as an animal, their souls are different. I know, because I am a sensitive, empath. Human souls are different than human souls. All souls live, if we have animal souls our guides have given us. Angles do live and play a role in our life's, we have many guidance souls. Our family is present, we have many guides. Many are family, even when they have died before you meet them. I love this channel but you should use an open mind, as well.

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    Thank you Susan. Greatly appreciated. Likewise, Alex. Your output is a true blessing to so many.

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    Find Brooke goldner smoothies. Live changing. Life giving.

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    Great to listen to this sharing as your guest has hit upon many of my own life lessons! Amazing!!! Thank you!❤

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    Did she ever say what it felt like to be these animals? I didnt hear it..

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    I love all your interviews and I love your channel.😊

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    I come from a family where my mother channelled spirits and helped so many people, my father used to assist my mother and never charged anyone. I used to make fun of the sessions and was able to imitate my mom and now I don't meditate and am not interested in that type of gift. I decided to help without expecting.

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    I recommend doing some research on Mother Teresa before referencing her as a higher spirit. (I'm being very genuine about saying that.) I can't say for sure, I've picked up from this and that that she glorified suffering, as in others suffering.

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    Forgiveness 😮 as soon as she mentioned that word I recognized this is my podcast to watch. Thanks Alex🌠

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    I'm one, feel beings around but. I don't talk to them, I'm almost afraid.

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    Omg, I love this girl.

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