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Why African Americans Are Failing in Africa| Ep. 196

Jul 2024 10
Why African Americans Are Failing in Africa| Ep. 196

Today we are discussing why African Americans and the Diaspora. This was inspired by @theafricanjumbee4057 who made an excellent video on the topic.

We Are Failing In Africa.



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    Shout out to the team on the Podcast!

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    Americans should not that they can automatically have the same dominance in Africa that they have in the states. They must learn to assimilate into the African culture the same way all immigrants must do.

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    In South Africa the Black Americans have Mark Blanton and Dr Natasha Blanton as well as Ashley of 'Ashley in Africa' as vision bearers. They are true visionaries and everything they do is well researched for the benefit of the Black Americans, South African and the entire diaspora. I truly admire them, they sugarcoat nothing.

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    In South Africa there is no White Party that is leading. It is a black party that is leading. ANC is a black party and it is at 40% of the votes and the white party called DA is at 20% of the votes. This means that the ANC is the principal leader and the DA is a minor member of the government contributing only 20% of the government's decision making by either using their 20% voting bargain to oppose or support the ANC. In a nutshell there is no white party that governs South Africa.

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    Why would black Americans help build your country when you don’t respect us💀

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    Why Africans are not like Indians in business?

    To answer this first we have to ask the question: why Islamic forces and xtian evangelists failed to wipe out our civilisation. With thousands of years of incessant attacks and onslaught we are what we are.

    Answer to this question is applicable to business.

    #Reason 1: we are centralised society and decentralised society both in one go. Caste is a strength to us. (What African take meaning of caste is wrong. It is purely colonial meaning that Africans have swallowed).

    We have ethnic groups for the sake of say caste that are knowledge seekers, administration and soldiers, business, service and consultancy.

    #Reason2: there is element of religious sanctity doing business. There are four principles in a Hindu life: dharm (righteousness and duty), arth (business and money), Kam (enjoyment and fulfilment) and last moksha ( pure consciousness ).

    Take the case of diamond business: jews were predominant in this industry. Now there is no diamond that does not have hand of Indians.

    We love Africans to grow and help each other.

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    The question needs to be why are Africans Failing in Africa, there Homeland, Africa is not Black American homeland

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    Man keep this real because they aren't getting free assistance like when foreigners come over here period

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    Reason #1 africa is there times thr size and at least 100 different languages etc. So yes Indian and others will profit faster there less moving parts while it's just so many different religions and practices ppl won't buy or support ideologies outside their beliefs.

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    Because they are entitled. Africa is NOT for the entitled and NOT for the uneducated…

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    community #powenomics vs nuclear #family mindset

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    Blacks go to western controlled banks they are given negative response, other ethnic groups out of Africa will have their application for business loans accepted.Never forget your experience and how they tried to keep you down in USA, they use the same tools in the motherland.

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    AA are and will not fail because they have not taken the time to study the history of Africans after the devils kidnapped them and took them to the Americas. AA went through horrendous treatment and so did those in Africa with tha same colonisers. We survived because we are one with this land called Earth. We need to respect each other and work together and not come back as a superior group of the same route. Get to know each others history. We all suffered under those people.

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    Africans in America usually do well …American blacks not so much they pretend tonbe victims.

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    To effect meaningful transformation in society, it is crucial until one first manages to eliminate the malign influence that currently governs them. Only when individuals are capable of sustaining themselves independently can substantial changes be achieved. Until this pivotal juncture is reached, alterations in societal structures or outcomes remain elusive.

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    The oppression against native Africans is automatically transferred to African Americans. The Africans don't understand that many African Americans and others of the diaspora know how to help. African biases against each other and among the diaspora is international. It's an African and African descendant problem. speak to that.

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    Stop focusing on losers and complaining and focus on winners and promote the people who are succeeding. Focusing on the failures instead of promoting the winners is a big issue.

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    Africans needs to learn to work amongst themselves in their own countries first, thrn othet African countries then across the Black Diaspora.

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    This episode may have made me cry….omg…I am moved. No words.. great show!! I’ll come back! 👍🏾🫶🏾

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    The world knows the sickness and the weakness of the African men: They were the first participants in the trans -Atlantic slave trade. Nothing has changed in 500 years. SHALOM.

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    Many Black women find educated European men 100 times more appealing than every black man over 40. Oh, we are over 50. We are tired of dating deceitful black men.

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    We are not doing well in Africa for the same reason Africans aren't doing well in Africa.

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    The book How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney. Shows how hard it would be for blacks in the Americas to go back. Places like Liberia and Sierra Leone white freedom societies started as a test of enslaved blacks. It did not work out good for the local Africans. As the Americans developed a culture and society with a elite class of people in West Africa. Brazil the samething happened many got back to Africa got into the slave trade.

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    This was GOLD! Thank you all.

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    Respect they say, begets respect but familiarity breeds contempt and black people are good at talking down on their fellow black, but when relating with people of other races they treat them with kindness and are careful not to offend them.

    The truth is that those who return home to start businesses actually disrespect and look down upon those at home in Africa. A friend of mine told me about a boss of his who always insults them in the office and tells them the education they got is worthless but when this guy also relocated abroad with the same degree and knowledge his diaspora boss termed worthless, he got a job without having to go back to school to further his studies or get a different degree and he's doing so well in his field.

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    It is important to note that the business white , Jewish Chinese Arabs and Indians is something they done in their home country and have a network around the world. The only black people with a network around the world are somalis. If you find a Bangladesh mining or looking for gem in Africa just know he has a network around the world that provides market for is gems. The three major weakness for African America is individualism, luck of culture of saving (consumerism) and yearning for America like comfort in Africa. The American individualistic attitude tends to get in the way of forming or creating network. Being consumer you are going to start with less money and keep eating into your principal. Chinese and Whites people leave comfort back home and come to Africa to get their hands dirty. Instead of being in Accra, Kigali Nairobi you can go to small cities that are cheaper, or rural areas

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