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Penuel The Black Pen In Conversation Ntsiki Mazwai, Spirituality, Thandiswa Mazwai, Music, Brothers

Jul 2024 10
Penuel The Black Pen In Conversation Ntsiki Mazwai, Spirituality, Thandiswa Mazwai, Music, Brothers


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    Please bring Abba Ayele Amlak

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    Women like this lose me when they position themselves as more spiritually advanced than men. She loses credibility when her position is that men are basically at fault for societal ills between black men and women. These are the women that you DO NOT marry.

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    my heart skips a bit

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    I'm curious: what is the difference between boxing people into gender stereotypes and saying blanket statements like, "Men are strong. Women are spiritual"? How far can one go before this is labelled as a stereotype?

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    How I've grown to love this Lady so much❣

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    The Matriarchal question was a good question 😂😂😂.

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    A lovely and moving conversation to watch today especially. Glad to have remembered this.

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    We are definitely hungry for the next conversation 😂 lovely interview!

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    You cant be your own God . its not all about your feelings

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    Penuel looks frustrated. What's bothering you sir? Hehehe 😂

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    I hear the argument that Afrikan languages do not emphasise gender in terms of how people are addressed, but I do not think it logically then follows that we were "gender neutral". I think we perhaps need to dive a bit deeper on that conversation, because it touches on a number of other issues such as linguistics, cultural concepts, etc. Because the question I have is "what is gender neutral"? And how does this present in real life practical situations? From as far back as we can remember, there have always been initiations or rites of passage that emphasise the roles of males and females in society, you can't get away from that. All cultures have always defined these things accroding to their context and what benefits the larger society. So I think yes, we need to have more of these conversations and expand on them a bit more, based on real information, not feel-good ideas we have of our past but to simply look at the reality of what was and why it was set up the way it was. I don't think we should make such pronouncements so easily, otherwise we run the risk of self deception based on a false perception we have manufactured of ourselves.

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    1:00:51 Reminder 😊 I got if you need it a reminder

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    Penuel is such a great host/conversationalist, he is able to engage the guest enough without overshadowing what the guest has to say. The epitome of a conversion between men and women. conversation has actually shown Ntsiki's flattering side and not what the streets are always saying.

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    DOPE 🔥 I see a different Penuel during this interview.

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    Sbonge 🙌🏾

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    Is she still on Unpopular Opinion? Havent seen her on it in a while.

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    27:13 Lol I'm laughing because I also drive a Golf 7. But I do get her point though, LGBTQ community needs to be fairly represented

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    This is a beautiful interview Pen I've always seen that Ntsiki is gifted but yoh this one 🙏🏽

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    Spiritually women are older than men? Women create life?
    Nah life is not created, take a microscope you'll learn that sperms are living organism. Women women women😂. Life is natural not Man-made.

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    Bhut Pen kodwa😭❤ I have never liked someone soo much. listening and watching your shows makes me smile

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    When’s part 2 coming?

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    Loooooove uNtsiki ❤❤❤❤❤

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    That thing Ntsiki is called God he is the only creator.What wakes you up in the morning is his mercy ❤

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    ntsiki is rebellious but i like her😂

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    I hate how society has bullied Ntsiki into wearing makeup. Sad that she had to sacrifice herself just for her to be socially acceptable. If this can happen to her, what about the average me and others.

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    Penuel have BIOPOLA patient here

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    It's true what they say, never judge a person based on third party views… Before watching this interview I had a certain view on who Ntsiki is/was based on the media but now I've realised I've been fed propaganda.

    This was a nice interview and I certainly took something from it.

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    What I don't like about religion is that it is against nature, but African spirituality is all about nature. Religion teaches you to look outside yourself. I don't believe in an outside God. Only if humans realise that they are Gods themselves we would be far in life…

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    I think its the name Ntsiki, my name is Ntsiki, my cousin is Ntsiki and personality wise we are all cut copy and paste. 🤔

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    Beautiful Interview Ntsiki Mazwai is one strong inspirational woman and she inspires me a lot.I also feel she could do more for our country but her mind alone.I love her #Woman crush everyday

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    Big up !!!! Magidla siyabonga ngenkulumo obenayo emavikini aphelile no Sisi Ntshiki Mazwayi no Bhuti Vusi Thanjekwayo .Personally i did not know very well Sis Ntsiki Mazwayi i thought she is arrogant and rude person, but that interview i have learnt a good side of her she is very intelligent ,leader , role model and loving person. We really need such people in our society bravery strong women , she has ubuntu. Penuel show siyabonga, im your big fan !!!! Carry on with the great work you are doing …..we are proud Newcastle Madadeni section 4 .Phumlani Msomi

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    Ain't the age of consent 18 in south Africa? Pen said its 16….please do help here

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    Paedophilia relates to a specific disorder where there is a preference for sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children. Homosexuality, sexual interest in and attraction to members of one's own sex. The two are not the same. I love what Ntsiki says about if people are good, they will accept others as long as there is no harm done to them. Bars.

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    Penuel wakanda is not fictional!

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    Penuel is growing show by show. This new calm demeanor is making me take you more serious. 👏👏

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