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Sundays Are For Spirituality Within Christianity, Gogo Dineo Breaks Down Her African Spirituality

May 2023 17

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00:00 – 5:00 Childhood Trauma responses

I left the church because of some of the things that were happening in the church & I went out to seek God & I would pray & say God please use a where can I worship & praise you in a way that’s going to honour you & that’s going honour my being here on planet earth & I move from Christianity, I tried Rastafarianism & I left at the time because they said women cannot be priests & you know I tried other things but I never committed & I think that’s when I made a decision to become a spiritualist. Then I went into pan african is it meant to black consciousness very deeply where I had the time it was I wouldn’t buy anything I would buy material & make my own clothes I started dreads in the 90s when they were not Popular when we didn’t have any products to make natural hair so I’ve been through a journey right & I went & I remember when I was in deeply in panAfricanism I met my dear friend we’ve been friends since I was 22, so I’m 42 this year I’m friends with him for 20 years. His name is Anton Richmond & I met him & at the time I was like Africa for Africans Europe for Europeans, & I tested him so much to see if he was one of the white people, the white supremacists that we were studying & reading about in the classes & he wasn’t & I was really conflicted of how do I want to paint everyone with the same paint brush but I have this friend & we are still friends right now even now we have these difficult conversations around race & so forth & I remember that there was a point where I was very suicidal because I was going through deep depression & don’t ask me nothing was happening I was married to uMkhulu. No yeah because I had my life was OK. It was not as great as it is now, but it was OK but I always felt empty & like my life was so meaningless & a dear friend of mine, Who’s late now introduced me to a councilor Who is a revenant & I was resistant because I thought she was going to tell me to go back to church and I’ve backslider, those of us who come from charismatic Christianism know what the term backsliders means, you know I was like, but I went to her and she taught me spirituality within Christianity because she was never come to church. No she really counseled me. She actually helped me understand that my sangoma calling was God’s gift, hope you guys are listening to my story so fast forward to the tribe members then I was on a quest and in a journey of understanding the African God & african spirituality came to me when I became a Sangoma and when I left when I graduated I thought African Spirituality was all about ubungoma until later on because then I started being stuck endumbeni & I was like why is it that some people imithi iyasebenza & some people imithi ayisebenzi why is it some people see through their treatments & some people do not? This is what lead me to become a helolife teacher, then I went on a course & I studied metaphysics into relationship coaching as well, & then I did my work with Joy & my work with Joy was a catalyst & I started to understand that irrespective of how powerful interventions are which I knew
when I did the TedTalk right because at the time when I broke up with him Mkhulu & don’t go yet. I want you to pay attention to this, even though we know things but because of the programs, the templates that are running, we’re running on an auto program when there is a situation we respond from what we know we don’t respond sometimes from a place of truth we don’t respond for my place of honesty & integrity we respond from our traumas, & when I separated with Mkhulu, because there was inferdility, there was a lot going on in our marriage & I responded from my trauma response & this is where I started to evoke a certain ancestral spirit which we will call Miss M that I break up loMkhulu & that I leave the relationship, yet Mrs. M was my shadow was my shadow because I do not know. I didn’t know I know now I don’t know how to create my own boundaries I didn’t know how to speak up when I’m uncomfortable because my trauma response is people pleasing or, I would want to fight I was a fighter, so in the pain & the hurt of the marriage, I actually became a fighter & Mrs G was a fighter because she would speak of everything that I wasn’t able to speak. Why am I teaching you this guys? I am saying please note there is a thin line between ancestors of light & the ancestor false light, & the ancestors of false light are actually aggravated or Aktivated by our own shadows by our old traumas so I healed shield situations & field experiences will come through in the fall. I would say Mrs. M was part of my personality because I’ll tell you that since me & the people that she was suggesting that I date, she disappeared she never came back she served me because she’s the one who propelled me to take on the journey of my mother still no because I initiated


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