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Spiritual Uses of Alligator Pepper (alligator pepper spiritual benefits)

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is widely used in Africa as a Spiritual aid to attract wealth, prosperity, and good health. It is also used to repel bad energy, evil, disease and many more things. is used as an aid and not an alternative to religious practices, therefore it has lasted for a very long time and is even getting more popular now as diaspora Black people are re-discovering the benefits of African Spirituality.

In many parts of the world, different cultures practice very unique Spiritual rituals. This is because Spirituality existed long before . In fact, Spirituality stems from human instinct and the coping mechanisms of human behavior. So, when faced with fear and uncertainty, humans naturally turned to their Spiritual beliefs for comfort. Major discourages the psychological benefits of engaging in traditional Spirituality because it takes away from putting all your trust and giving all your praise to God. The truth is that as long as your Spiritual beliefs and practices are ethical, there is nothing wrong with them.

What is ?

Alligator Pepper, as you may have guessed, is a Pepper just like the Pepper used in seasoning. It grows on a Tree and has nothing to do with Alligators. It’s shell simply looks like an Alligator when it dries out. When you break the shell of the Alligator Pepper, you will discover tiny seeds inside. It is not known why or how Africans came to consider Alligator Pepper to be a sacred and Spiritual fruit but they do. They use it for good health, to pray, for protection on long journeys, during pregnancy and childbirth, and of course to assist with common Desires such as; attracting wealth and prosperity.

How Alligator Pepper is used in Spiritual practices.

There are several ways to use Alligator Pepper as a Spiritual aid but the simplest method is to just break the shell of the pepper and extract one seed. Hold the tiny seed between your thumb and index finger then chant a prayer to the Creator. Next, you must touch the pepper seed all over your body as you pray or chant, starting from the top of your head then areas of your face and down to your hands, belly, hips, and feet. When you complete this cycle, throw the pepper seed away and do the same ritual with a new seed. Do the same maneuver at least three times to complete the ritual then throw the rest of the Alligator Pepper away.

Do not feel ashamed or scared that you may be practicing witchcraft because just like , believing with all your heart is the key to making your prayer work. This is known as the power of positive thinking so whether it works or not; psychological positivity is always produced. Spirituality is all about generating positive energy into reality so the good thing about using Alligator Pepper is that if you use it to try to generate evil your bottom will burn you for a long time. So be careful.

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