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Who Was Nipsey Hussle?

Aug 2022 28

It was never like disappear and ride off into the sunset.. It was always. This is our area.. This is our community. You know We had to have the first original Marathon store that had to be right here on Crenshaw and Slauson.

. We’re here at The Marathon Clothing store here to speak with rapper and entrepreneur, Nipsey Hussle.. He went from hanging out on this block Good to see you. to practically owning it. Yeah, that’s right that’s right.

. Let’s, go inside and find out how he did it. Just the parking lot. This is where we first popped my trunk and was promoting my music as a rap artist.. So this corner, What’s up? Brodie was just where I became known.

It’s family., We’ve, been together since day, one so anything that he was involved in. I’m gonna always try to add value to it and vice versa.. Anything. I’m involved in. He always wants to lend a hand in and add value to it.

. You know my brother, he’s, always thought two steps ahead and always been real entrepreneurial.. One of his goals, since he was young, was to be a small business owner.. A lot of people in this area.

Remember us from across the street hustling. We had tables across the street., We had socks, we had t-shirts. Me and my business partner Fatts. He was a business partner in the label in the clothing line in everything.

The police had arrested us took all our stuff. Before the police left. They basically told us. I’m like man. What’s up? We’re black. We’re trying to get it. We’re selling t-shirts. We’re. Like look man Shut, the hell, up.

Yeah, you know we, like man, shut the fuck up.. If y ‘ All want to do something: do it like the rest of the people and lease a building and open up a business. Other than that we’re, taking your shit.

Next time, we’re gonna. Take you to jail. Talking to Fatts. It’s like damn.. I look up and across the street right where we’re at right now was a sign that said for lease., And so I look and I’m like okay, that’s, a sign from God.

Excuse, me. Nah. It’s. Cool man.. Take your time. That’s, a sign from God. That’s. What my business partner resting in peace, Steven, Donelson, Fatts. So yeah we got to get that., So we called Nip and we put a plan together and we got the shop.

. So how have you seen this neighborhood change? As you grew up A lot of people? Gone.? A lot of people died or went to jail. That’s, the biggest change. I would say. A lot of the people that I came up with.

And that’s for my generation.. They’re working off their time right. Now. Nip employs people from the area that he grew up, with. That he knows. Don Weezy. What’s up’cuz, A lot of them fresh out of prison or have felonies can’t, get jobs.

Right. Second, chances. Yeah yeah, definitely second chances and just setting the example that he sets you know. A lot of the youngsters, take pride in being able to come here and see their hard work actually make this grow.

. So we can program whatever content we want to this. Logo., Anytime, we send out a directive that say anybody with a Marathon Clothing product download an app and we got the new Nip Hussle.. It’s exclusive on the product for a week before it goes live.

. So you just point it at the wall and the content pops up.. So this is the documentary. That’s, tight., That’s all for this logo right here.. What do you guys think are some of your biggest accomplishments, The music.

? This first album finally coming out. Victory. Lap sounds like a person talking. It don’t sound like rap to me. It don’t sound like a rap album.. It don’t sound like a major label debut.. It sounds like a person talking about his life.

. My momma can listen to it and be like that’s, all true. Everything.. If I’m honest about it, somebody going through it, they might keep going.. They might really take inspiration out of what’s being said on these records and use it.

You know what I mean at their breaking point., The kids that grew up to Nip. They’ve, seen the transition from nothing and to getting this is inspirational. All the parents, the grandparents they respect it because they see it and they’re, like you know what I remember when you guys were out there.

. I remember Nip.. We got all that stuff taken, but that made us see that for lease sign. We was mad at the police at that time, but we seen him one time and I was like man, you know what We got to. Thank you man.

. You gave us the best advice. I’m thinking. He’s, gonna be happy. He was pissed off like we were laughing at him, but it was the best thing he could have told us, because it’s a blessing in disguise..

It’s, important that the kids have something like that to look up to. That they can actually touch and feel.. I could easily preach to the choir and just make music about gangbanging. You know what I’m saying, Because that’s, the nature of LA.

Bottom line., But to make music that speaks to opportunity and speaks to inspiring and speaks to tapping into your own. God bless you. value that’s. Lying inside of you and give him a true story of what I went through.

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