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I've Had A Near-Death Experience, Here's What I Saw | Penny Wittbrodt's NDE

May 2024 26

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Here is Penny Wittbrodt’s () and how she got out of the void. God showed her a future event with her grandson, taught her the power of thoughts, and why forgiveness is so important.

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    Book Your Free Distant Healing Session with Jamie here:

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    True wealth lies in the humblest souls, and in the simplest gestures made from the heart. Thanks you Sergei and Penny.
    Grazie ❤

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    All healing is self healing ❤

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    Thank you Penny, good to hear this story again, so healing.

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    Maya the illusion of this world. We are all one being and that one being lives through us right alongside of us. Our higher self is God.

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    what was the message from God ?

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    Wow I wonder if my son who passed had the same struggle before he went into the light 😢

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    This is one of the best NDEs I have ever listened to.

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    I truly appreciated your story, Penny. The part where you did CPR on a woman for 47 minutes blew me away because in my last death, I also had CPR for 47 minutes, but three male paramedics did it between them.

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    I balled like a baby through this, it was so beautiful thank you❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣❣

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    I love Penny's story, one of the first NDEs that got me hooked. Thank you both for the sharing.

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    Beautiful message.
    Thank you, sister

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    If this isn't real,then what's the point? Why should I carry on being miserable if its not real,ive had enough and want out of all this bull crap,it nothing but painful and frustrating

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    I love Penny! I’ve see her in another channel. She had one of the most beautiful NDE I’ve ever seen ❤

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    I have heard Penny's nde before & I when I saw it again I had to watch again, truly one of the most beautiful & comforting nde's Ive heard, to know that Jesus is there, that he really loves us & cares for us brings me absaloute happiness, Thankyou so so much ❤

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    Sweetheart that’s Your story, your journey, no one else’s🙏❤️

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    A Wonderful testimony. Thank you.

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    Only God heals people. People can not heal anybody 😮😅

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    I love Penny's story and appreciate you bringing her on, but as an ex-preachers daughter I always wondered: if God is omniscient (all-knowing), etc., then why did he create Satan when God knew beforehand how it would turn out? I believe in God, but I don't believe in Satan (not like we're taught in the Bible) . I believe "Satan " is just any opposition here on earth, but I believe God "our creator " loves us all unconditionally. Besides that . I can't wait to read your book Penny.❤❤❤

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    Fascinating, thank you!

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    Beautiful and so interesting the part about the DNA ….💕

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    IF energy can not be created or destroyed then have we always existed?

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    What I can't understand with every NDE is how come it takes many years before their stories are told. 🤷‍♂️

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    She gives me so much hope with her story.

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    Oh no! wow, she went through alot.

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    What a beautiful complexion she has!

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    What a beautiful NDE story! I needed to hear this, thank you, I feel beyond blessed for having heard this account. Penny, if you're reading this, do you have the message that God gave you, "to share with the world" anywhere that we can read it? Blessings and thank you so much!💕

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    This is one of my favorite NDE stories. ❤

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    wow, that was a rather brusque ending!

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    This was powerful I hope it's real 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

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    I can definitely relate 🥲

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    Near death experiences and out of of of body experiences are certainly hallucinations caused by dying brain cells firing randomly and going haywire as they start to die. It takes many hours, if not days for every brain cell deep inside the brain to completely die, completely stop firing and all brain activity deep inside the brain to completely stop. The brain feels more alive then ever it its final moments, it feels that it can think more clearly, see more clearly and hear more clearly. The brain is trying to block the physical pain that it is going through as the body is dying, it makes you think that you detach from you body and leave your body. It is going to feel that the mind is separate from the body by having a sense of looking down at the body. It can also hear conversations more clearly and hear other conversations outside of the room. It also makes you think that you go to a heavenly, hellish or spiritual realm. If you are not revived, later you have the feeling of going beyond this heavenly, hellish or spiritual realm and this sense of equanimity and acceptance. Later you also feel that you lose your personal sense of identity and become at one with the universe. Later you drift away, fade out of existence and the electrical activity deep inside your brain will gradually cease to be. After the heart has stopped, time appears to slow down because the brain is trying to survive as long as it can after being deprived of oxygen. It is a survival technique for the brain. Near death experiences and out of body experiences are going to feel more real than real life because they are very strong and powerful hallucinations. Some near death experiences and out of body experiences contradict each other and they can not all be right but they can all be wrong. What people will experience during their near death experience or out of body experience is what experiences that they had in life and these experiences are on their subconscious mind and when they have a near death experience or an out of body experience they will think have seen things that are on their subconscious mind while they are hallucinating, making them hallucinate that way. There are no spiritual particles or spiritual forces than can interact with the atoms in your body either because we would of already detected them in existing experiments. Quantum field theory says there is one field for every type of particle. There are protons, neutrons and electrons interacting with each other via the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity. That is the everyday world. Any new type of particle or force that we have not detected yet would be so weak that is would have no effect on what the atoms are doing in your body. There is no blob of spirit energy driving you around like a soccer mom driving an SUV. There is no way for the information that is you to persist after you die and there is no way for that information to be transferred from your body after you die. Particles can be in many places at once and since we are made up of particles we can be in many places at once. If you got into a box with a bomb that would instantly destroy you to ashes if exploded. Hooked up to the bomb is a particle detector, if the particle detector detects the particle spinning one way the bomb would instantly explode and would instantly destroy you to ashes and if the particle detector detects the particle spinning the other way there is just a click sound and you will survive unharmed. When the particle detector detects the particle spinning the universe splits into 2 universes. From your point of view your point of view there will always be a click sound and you will survive unharmed because the version of you can not know that it has been instantly destroyed and has ceased to exist and only the version of you who continues to exist can continue to realise it is existing. You evolve into a superposition of all of the outcomes happening, you become entangled with the environment and you branch into multiple yous. Once you branch you become 2 separate people. You evolve into multiple yous. Every time you make a decision, every time something happens to you and every time you observe something, the universe splits into all of the possible outcomes. These other versions of you came from you, they are no longer you, they are no longer identical to each other and they can no longer interact with each other because they inhabit separate worlds after the branching. Any spiritual existences are just random quantum fluctuations of certain objects by quantum mechanics allows because everything is quantum mechanical and are made up of protons, neutrons and electrons interacting with each other via the four fundamental forces of nature which are electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force, the weak nuclear force and gravity that just so happen by random chance after your loved ones have died which an infinite quantum multiverse allows or you are hallucinating thinking that you have seen signs from your lost loved ones.

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    Penny, thank you for obeying God and continuously sharing His story of what He is doing in you, through the NDE and all you do. He blesses us through your testimony and ministry. ❤️

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    No questions AFS? Penny is a Remarkable guest! Truly inspirational ❤

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    Beautiful experience and the light coming out of Penny is from God. Thank You for sharing.

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    Such a sweet Lady .. she had a wonderful experience 🙏

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    I have done so much in life to be spiritually comfortable & now I feel empty & alone in this life , like finances & the likes so why why do I want to leave this planet?!?!?

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    Hands down my favorite NDE story and narrator! I’ve heard penny’s story so many times but always learn something new … such a great narrator!

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    "Living life going through the motions…..a
    Just existing really"

    I hear that.

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    Existence is undeniable whereas Reality is questionable.

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    ❤ so beautiful ❤

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    Удивительно. И это невозможно придумать. Спасибо, что находите таких удивительных людей для нас ❤

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    This was fascinating. Penny's teling of her experience made me cry, laugh, and wonder. I wish that Penny shared the message given to her from God. Perhaps you included in your book. I thank you for sharing. I was kept at the edge of my seat. I am happy knowing that Penny is no longer suffering from the respiratory condition, God is good!

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    Very powerful. It is sacred testament, surely. Who knew the sacred could be so funny?

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    First, she said her husband showed up at the hospital, and then she said she was divorced, isolated, alone.

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    "I couldn't get enough breath…to make my next move" – been there. I laid on the garage floor for about seven hours, waiting for dawn to throw the dishes. Dawn finally came and I threw the dishes at the garage door. No one heard the clatter…except the dog, who barked, which led to my rescue. As I was dying I heard a voice, "You will never suffer this greatly again, even during the transition."

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    Why does she not say she to god?

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