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Jackie Phamotse Talks Ginimbi Death, Cults, Snakes | FULL VIDEO

Apr 2024 03

Talks Death, ,

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    Jackie is telling the truth. Ex-sangoma’s like Portia Mohau verify her story. Its time for us to wake up to the darkness that is around us and to protect ourselves!

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    Thank you Jesus ❤🙏

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    Thank you sister for your warning our young children God bless you

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    I can say all living nation ,have got their own kinder rituals, white people, Chinese, Blackman, it all depend on individuals to follow those rituals, butall of them a evil, people should also listen to Allan watts, he spokes a lot about these weird things in life

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    A great play on the occult (juju), something that many people are terrified of. The reason why many people have such an irrational disconnect between cause and effect.

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    What the use of gaining the whole world and losing your own soul?

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    You are surely are helping alot of us hear never have fear you are God's servant keep on doing God's will we love you and appreciate you

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    I wonder if Jackie herself is not involved in these dark occult activities😎?

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    Why do these sacrifices increase? Question is open to the general public.

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    How does she know all this? But very informative

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    Wooow! I just saw this video now. This is a very important info. I saw videos where some pple were insulting Jackie but didn't knew why .Now I know that it's bcs some pple doesn't wanna hear the truth.They sabawel things and choose to believe slay queens who tell them is easy to afford fancy lives online. People hate the truth and want to be encouraged with lies. Dubai stories are coming out now but people were saying it's lies. I hope young girls can stop loving money but respect their health and bodies. We watched videos ,when these ladies fight ,they tell us what they are doing.. I blame social media,people want to be famous.

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    I have no doubt abt it,but it seems u have been through dis

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    Thanks you and God bless and protect you.

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    So there is no more true pure love..😭😥🙆

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    Social media is inflating unnecessary pressures in life. I pray for protection and wisdom over our people. 😭😥

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    May God protect this women

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    Thanks for calling me young my Queen👸 I was starting to feel like an old hagg lol

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    MIHLALI lips are swollen

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    WoooW maybe late to view this but this is a real eye opener, explains a lot and why kids of our age are dying prematurely 😔😶😶😶😶

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    Yha eyyy man are in trouble with woman

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    Shuuu…this is deep. May God protect his children.

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    Who is that celeb that posted the snake?

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    Jackie you did a very good job. And breaking it down! I learned alot here today. I used to think this stuff was fake at a time. Thank you very much!!

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    I have been following Jackie ,
    But again I fail to understand why is she quiet about Shona Ferguson. Did he not join cult too.

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    Show me ONE Sangoma still practising their craft and destined to enter HEAVEN?



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    its not cleansing its binding.
    what is it that satan can cleanse your from?

    A person get cleansed to appear clean in from of the lord JESUS CHRIST.

    Sangomas cant cleanse from anything their healing powers are "ancestors spirits AKA DEMONS" They tell you you are being cleansed yet in actual truth you are rendered as filthy as you can get and placed in serious bondage for satan to own you…can any servant of SATAN get you clean….?

    All sangomas and shamans are serving satan wether they know it or are oblivious to it due to ignorance… THE TRUTH IS THE TRUTH AND IT SHALL SET ANYONE FREE.

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    trying to put the blame on the young people going to the sangomas and not the sangomas themselves as well that`s hypocricy let me tell something if you are sangoma or have sangoma friend there is a place prepared for them in the hell fire so instead of asking them whats wrong with young people dont be hypocrite and tell them in their face that they are going to hell if they dont give up their craft at least be truthful dont be a hypocrite…

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    you have sangoma friends who understand spirituality? They dont understand spirituality if they did they wouldnt sangomas and you wouldnt be asociated with them

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    Rich people dont marry poor people most people are poor because of the choices they make in life and i would never marry or go out with anyone that onlys sees my money or that isnt on my level independence is attractive

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    As a 14-year-old church girl, I really needed to hear this. My parents told me a million times that the world out there is cruel. Ous' Jackie did a good thing by going deep into detail. I don't regret watching this video at all. I guess the reason why I was not scared hearing this was because of what my parents and my pastor's warned me about.

    Sometimes I really wish some girls out there knew the painful, ugly truth about this sinful world we live in. That's why I always advice my friends to stick to God always.

    Thank you @RedLive News for sharing this.

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    I had to regret everything including wat I dnt know 😭That was heavy Jackie

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    This is education!

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