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All You Need to Know about Cults and Occult Groups and How to detect one (the signs and features)

May 2023 13
In this video, 'All You Need to Know about Cults and Occult Groups and How to detect one' Apostle Gideon shows how to Identify a cult, the characteristics of cults, it's leaders and membership and how one can avoid them. He also explains the difference between cults and occultic groups. Be blessed as you watch. These are other playlists of Apostle exposing cult groups: Free EBook: Understanding the Love of God Contact Pastor Gideon's office WhatsApp: +233243545685 Facebook: You can Support the ministry here (Christ Amazing Love Family) source

Comparing the CULTS to Hebrew Israelite Sects

Apr 2023 18
Comparing the #Cults to Hebrew Israelite #Sects by Vocab Malone #comparativereligion - Time: 1:43:48 Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help keep putting this content out by giving support @ SUPER CHAT on LIVE STREAMS! ***Street Apologist*** LIVE w Vocab Malone! [Christian apologetics] FOLLOW VOCAB MALONE @vocabmalone on all social media FOLLOW STREET APOLOGIST @streetapologist on all social media source

Ebenezer Afolabi – Growing Cults in Africa

Apr 2023 09
In this webinar, Ebenezer Afolabi looks at the landscape of cults on the African continent. How are cults identified, why do they flourish, and which are the biggest cults? He suggests several ways in which the church can respond. For more information about SATS, visit www.sats.edu.za. Disclaimer: The views presented in this recording are those of the speakers and do not necessarily represent the views of SATS. source

Why Ignoring Cults is Wrong

Mar 2023 28
As a Christian, ignoring cults is not the answer. Here are 4 ways to fruitfully and compassionately engage - by cults expert Pastor Atwebembeire in Uganda "In my ministry as a pastor, I meet a number of Christians who ask me questions about cults. And usually their most pressing question is this. "How should the Church rightly or appropriately respond to cults? If I am a Christian, or even a Christian leader like a pastor, and I know of a cultic group that is operating in the neighbourhood, what should be my appropriate attitude or response?" How Should I Respond......

This Cult Leader From Kenya Is WORSHIPED As Jesus – What Happens Next Shocked Everyone..😶

Mar 2023 20
🇰🇪 A man by the name of Mwalimu Yesu from Nyanza says that he is the reincarnation of jesus and has 12 disciples in his ministry who view him as their messiah stating he has a direct line of communication with god. He says hes travelled all over africa performing miracles such as curing illnesses and bringing some back to life. Although, many believe he is a fraud or yses black magic, hundreds of ppl come to see him for blessings. What do you think? #story #facts #world #jesus #stories source

Why Do People Join (and Stay In) Cults?

Mar 2023 14
Is it just foolishness or witchcraft that makes people join cults? And what is the origin of the steel grip that cults have on their followers? "Every year, on March 17th in Uganda, Ugandan Christians have been reminded of the Kanungu cult tragedy. Here close to 1000 lives were lost. Well... in different ways, but majorly through a mass fire that saw over 500 people die. And every time this subject comes up, about people who died in the name of faith and religion, Ugandan Christians are left wondering. Why do people join cults? Why would you want to be......

How Do I Protect My Flock from Cults?

Feb 2023 23
Six practical ways today's pastors can protect their flock from falling prey to the teachings of cults, or false religious groups. ______________________________________________________________________ TOPICS COVERED: - Pastors have been called to be watchmen over the flock that God has put under their care (0.30) - Six Ways to Protect My Flock from Cults (1:00) - 1. Teach The Different Between Biblical Truth and Error (1:40) - 2. Teach How A Biblical Worldview and How To Live By It (2:00) - 3. The Non-Negotiables of The Christian Faith (3:15) - 4. Test Before You Trust (4:13) - 5. Encourage Your Flock To......