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Episode 09 S10 | Spirituality vs Sex/ Spirits and Energies

May 2024 13

This time we are joined by Babalwa Antu, Mkhulu Phunyukabemphethe and gogo matiade to discuss Spirituality vs Sex/ Spirits and Energies. You don’t want to miss this one. Hosted by chef Phathanani Mbatha The sole purpose of this show is to give back!! It is powered by Mothupa Foundation. Host: Phathanani Solutions Visuals: Black Studios Sound: Angu Audio Solutions ➡️Twitter: ➡️Instagram: ➡️Facebook: ➡️Tik Tok: ***************************************************************************** DON’T FORGET TO SUSCRIBE COMMENT SHARE ************************************************************ #munchiesandthoughts #


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    Abstain nje until marriage ensure by all means that you sleep with only 1 partner in a life time to prevent life destruction nje for your generations to come SEX is dangerous if used negatively much of ppl problems r also caused by fornication.

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    We need these Queens back for a part 2 because this conversation was incredibly deep and enlightening.

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    They must come back the topic is not finished ❤

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    Chef Queen Modjaji married other females and the uncles would help her create children by sleeping with the wives. I think surrogacy is not a new concept like uGogo Babalwa says, uyahlatselwa umntwana afakwe esbayeni so they can have isisekelo samadloziekhaya. We do adopt a child spiritually. Angithi there's also something called ilongwe?

    Yoh Chef please invite mkhulu Manjoro she is rich with knowledge and axoxe kabanzi with how to ukuvaka umntwana/umuntu emsamo. The real definition of ukushada or ukubika ingane. Cause also if ingane is a gift that came with amadlozi meeting, amadlozi shuthi ayayazi lengane? I would really like to meet gogo Babalwa in person.

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    😂😂😂😂Chef Phathanani on the introduction… I love it i love it I love it 😂😂😂o kae U Shob' e li khulu 😂😂😂

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    Noooo ways, I commented on a different show requesting that you get a teacher to speak on chakras😂.
    Ausi Babalwa is a knowledge powerhouse. She needs a solo interview. Her aura and energy my goodness❤

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    I'd love to get the book, is there a WhatsApp number or email I can use to get the book?😊

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    Lovely Show. Syabonga

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    Beautiful Topic and Guests. We need them back.

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    I love the show could you please bring Dr mirror (ngaka ya seipone) from the free state,Thaba nchu

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    Ngicela babuye futhi omama , iqhubeke le topic please.

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    wow Izimbokodo Inzalabantu wow please please bring them back

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    Mkhulu Chef, please bring in Gogo Mahlabezulu and Mkhulu Banele Mabaso to talk about Umndawe, amaxala omsamo, imikhokha edalwa izenzo zabantu abadala, umbango wedlozi, isicitho sedlozi. Akwande.

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    Hello I need help,from isithwalo done by my late aunt now Dat thing is still in our lives most of my family members are dead because of it and it is still killing us how do we remove,we are working but we don't know we're the money is going our relationships are not lasting its a lot but life is difficult even if we are working please help

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    Thank you Chef 💖What a refreshing take on this topic. I love that you brought females from different generational groups to talk on this in 3D coz usually it is just men going on and on and lecturing about women's bodies from their own 1D perspective enforcing on how things should be done as they were 200 years ago

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    I'm blown away 🔥 beautiful panel .🙏….Aunt Babalwa for president ❤ Thank u chef🥂

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    Surrogacy started with Annunakies when they took some of their essence and mixed it with homo erectus to make homo sapiens which later evolved to human beings and it also touches the topic of origins. In ancient Kemet Auset whom is also known as Isis which the name Genesis is derived from is also a surrogate mother and the generation after that the generation of Adamu the first human being is the generation of Genesis (Isis)
    Nimhas's womb an Annukie who is Enkie's wife was the surrogate mother https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud36wnaaw78

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    😂 I need another round because 1 it's not enough. Please add a Gogo Dabuluvalo for 2nd round. I had to watch again because I was like "This beautiful fight" really left me with so much knowledge. Gogo wa ma 2000 carry herself so well 😊..as I wait for 2nd round

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    Amazing wisdom Thokozani, please bring them back Chef🙌

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    ❤The education that I have received from this episode I wish there will be second episode 😊can it be the same "BIG THREE"❤The connection that they have its very unbreakable ❤We do need the big three to educate us about this kind of things that we are not aware of ""It's inspiring to see an Young Woman who is brave and too educate about spiritual life ""the lady with white blouse ❤eish Yoh 😊Gogo Matiade ❤Keep up with an Good work ♡♡We love you❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Great show…Chef cela usibizela Nkululeko Hlongwane Mlondo

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    Bring them back plz. Allow them to teach about water spirits, mndiki, umnguni etc. I would really like to hear their understanding.

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    Chef sanibonani e studio ! you know I'm enjoying this episode but I'm asking myself what happens ?to 2 people spiritually that have been in a maybe 5yr relationship if one partner cheats

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    Chef keep up the good work bring the ladies again ❤❤

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    Hi chef am a fan of the show can you please make the show longer, i believe that and know that the podcasting space has unlimited time, so please as a fan make the show longer. 🙏🙏🙏

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    heyi chef, you speaking to me directly and not through the corners😂😂😂.

    this topic need females vele and wow I love the panel… call females to talk about wombs and eggs because they have it

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    ❤wonderful we love this

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    Amazing energy and lots of knowledge 🙏🏾 Please bring these 3 beautiful Queens back on the panel Chef. ❤

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    Please bring them back and add Mkhulu Shobelikhulu. This was beautiful ❤❤❤

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    Wow!!!!so what a lovely topic.it was very insightful.PLEASE BRING THEM BACK,especially sisi Babalwa

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    Encore Chef P Encore this panel needs part 2until1000

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    This topic is hot 🔥 we need Ep2 please!!

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    Please invite the same panel again Chef. Learned so much from the Queens

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    Keep them coming chef! 🥳🥳

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    Please bring back the lady in green I'm sorry I didn't get her name 🫣 she's brilliant omw a breath of fresh air she has a wealth of knowledge I'm awe 😮

    Chef Well Done we love you and your show is amazing brilliant Host 👏🏾 ❤️

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    uMkhulu Chef uyibambe kwi-Auto Service 😂😂😂😂😂

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    Thokozani 👏👏 ah it's epic. Like Munchies and Thoughts will just make you realise that go thwasa gago fele then it gives you homework about life always. Continue….❤ Camagu

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    Wow Chef! Bring them back please.

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    Mr chef you are doing a good job , so many people are learning from this, your channel is very powerful, and I fully salute your greater granny for the gift the gave you to be a teacher who’s able to bring other teachers to teach . Spiritually Teaching is one of the best things that God and my ancestors gave me . One day I will sit on that table with you .God bless you and your Team .

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    Thank you Chef. I have learned a lot today👏🏾 today’s guests were amazing. I vote they come back and go deep❤️🙏

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    Actually Gogo, it's not melanin, it's an element called Carbon. Black people are "Carbonated" which forms "Melanin". Another thing, Isis in Egypt or Kemet, gave birth to Horus through Surrogacy using sperm from Osiris who had died. Isis brought Osiris back together but was missing the penis, and Isis made one from gold and Impregnated herself. So Surrogacy is an ancient practice in Ancient Africa.

    Phathanani can you please have a topic on disability and spirituality or becoming disabled and idlozi. I think this is important because we have had stories where people have been healed through spiritual practices, not necessarily through ukutwasa only but through ukulungisa umsamu as one example, or even ukutwasa as well. I feel that disabled healers are not recognised enough, and they are never given a chance t express themself as Ogobela as well….

    But beautiful show my brother!!!

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