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Ice Climber Freezes to Death : Shown the Purpose of Life (Near-Death Experience)

Mar 2023 29

*Peter Panagore* shares his Near-Death Experience, occurring while ice climbing in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on the Icefields Parkway. Peter and his friend went on a day ice climbing expedition in the mountains and were trapped unexpectedly overnight. Peter froze to death and experienced the Divine Light on the Other Side. He was then sent back into his body and was able to descend the mountain to tell his story.

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    Wow… just wow! This blew me away. One of the best told NDE's that I have ever heard. I am profoundly impacted by his story/experience. Beautiful.

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    🥲 beautiful

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    Well, shit.
    That just confirmed a few too many things for me.

    The point to, or purpose of this life is, the journey. It is the experience itself, both good and bad. We cannot know one without the other. This human form gives us the opportunity to have human sensations and emotions. Every single thing we experience has, at its core, emotion. We come here to feel, and to not take full advantage of the possibilities will leave us unfulfilled. We must journey with love and light as our guides. Face your trials and tribulations from the point of view that love is cyclical. The love you pour into the world will come back to you. Be the light that you seek and see the light in others.

    I think this is maybe the third video from this channel that I’ve watched. It is an excellent finished product. I also think this type of content is something that people really need right now. A literal light at the end of an inevitable tunnel. Plus all the more reason to be the best version of ourself and enjoy the remainder of our human journey. Subbing now. Cheers.

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    Never have I heard such an explanation of a NDE. He excelled beyond belief.

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    Interesting how you die a death one in which your body is able to come back to life on its own 🤔

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    So beautiful, this aligns with every religion there is imo. We are all light and love and that’s all that matters regardless of race, gender, nationality, religion; doesn’t matter. Love is love and hatred is hatred.
    I’ll never hate anybody and treat every single person equally.

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    With some of my own circumstances I relate to this! What I have found is Jesus is the light of this world! 🥰🙏🏼🌈✨ thank you for sharing!

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    2023 and I am watching this .. to be upfront, I kidna believe in the life after death but having watched some videos like this kinda opened my eyes and now I am beginning to dive into this .. Never have I had something like a near-death experience but I do believe that where we will go after death is super beautiful and peaceful but it depends on how we lived on earth .. I'd be taken aback if someone told me that the shooter in Nashville will see a beautiful place in front of his eyes !! Nah ..

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    Wonderful experience !!! We came from God, He created us for a reasen. Jesus is our Savior !!

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KXflXbvZn8 it's probably all manipulation, do not be tricked

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    Thank you so much for sharing your NDE, it was truly a blessing to hear it and walk through those moments with you as you tell it. I was blessed by it and will always remember what you shared. Continue to live out your "PURPOSE". Be Bless!🙏

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    What an insightful story ! The profound wisdoms that your NDE are amazing ! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️ 💕 👍🙌

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    Nature is Beautiful and a power not to Trifle with

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    Beautiful. I hope all humans find themselves within and learn to love themselves and others’ regardless of the circumstances and pain in life. Trust in the process of life. ❤️

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    dive deep within. the answers are there❤

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    This is one of the most moving NDE stories…❤️

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    "Pick me pick the light"
    "I want autonomy, creativity"

    Oddly familiar to Satan who believed himself to be greater than God, his creator. Whom was cast out of heaven as a result…

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    They all take steroids. No other way to get to that level period

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    I think your statement of a ‘hell of my own making’ is a helpful linking of the concept of hell with the life review experience. Thanks for linking those two experiences.

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    I'm much more interested in something that has nothing to do with his NDE , I'd like to know whatever happened to his sister and if she ever contacted her family to let them know that she is alright . Must be really hard for parents when a child just dissappears. 😢

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    What a great storyteller!!

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    He speaks pretty words but I didn't hear him speak of God and Jesus. I guess his journey is not over after all. Maybe one day he will understand completely.

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    Such passion with determination!
    I would have chosen the light – all of the light! What a blissful state of existence!
    You would still be you- because we are a soul- but a soul that experiences through thoughts and perceptions the essence of light more then darkness.
    Thank you so much for sharing❤️✝️

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    A masterpiece of explanation. This is why I miss our home.

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