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I Died And Mother Mary Sent Me Back | Near-Death Experience | NDE

Mar 2023 22
I Died And Mother Mary Sent Me Back | Near-Death Experience | NDE

Millions of people have had Experiences (NDEs) and even more, claim to have had Out of Body Experiences (OBEs). These are their . If you have your own you would like to share we would love to hear it.

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    To my French listeners and fluent French speakers – I am so sorry I butchered the language… 😩

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    I had an experience with mother Mary when I was very sick with the flu. She appeared to me in a dream that was very vivid. She told me that for caring for my mother I would be rewarded. She was all in white. Later when I told my mother the same evening she came to check on me she told me that during that hour she was praying for me.

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    My life has been one that I deeply hope there are Goddesses and a benevolent powerful Queen of Heaven and eternity of bossy conditional grouchy selfish men ugghh I was hoping to get some rest in the next life 😆

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    I enjoyed this story. Especially how she wanted to go back so badly but a deep voice told her to go back. I can't wait to be with God it's going to be so amazing…words can't even describe the life we will have with him.

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    I've sadly attempted suicide myself several times from 1977 till 1991.. 🥀💔😥
    I've lost many friends and some family through suicide over the years. 😭
    I'm soo glad I wasn't successful…

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    This sweet French child idealized the ‘Mother in the Sky’ much more than she desired the task of life’s work. She had 3 AMAZING things happen in her life( healed from the viper bite & 2 visits with Mary & she still was t having it!
    I totally relate to this girl. I had great
    Opportunities and was focused on heaven. Once the reality of knowing you have one task & put your head in the game , wisdom takes over. She tried to live her dream- but it wasn’t her time.

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    Very nice, a lovely story, pain and hope…

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    “Je suis ta petite maman du ciel”
    Wonderful NDE – so powerful!
    Your narration is fantastic.

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    Amazing how God can change tragedy into a work of His Divine Goodness. We are creatures with two Natures; our human nature will draw us down to this world and our Divine Nature will raise us up to His Glory,,, Free Will -choose wisely!

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    Thank you for this message… I know some people because they don't understand they fear.. But there is nothing to fear.. we are all simply 'going home'.. here to learn and share love.. Love/Light

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    I love listening to this channel but some of the comments here reinforce why the Christian attitude is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to the spiritual evolution of the soul.

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    Stories like this, particularly the knock-on effects, make a lot of sense. People often speak of those who try mystical regimes like Jean Dubuis's Experience of Eternity, and warn that it comes with distinct suicide risk mainly for the same reasons. The pressures we're under are intense and it gets even more clear when we have one or several instances where it's let off, and I can only imagine the imbalance caused by that has to be all the more intense for someone who has an NDE in childhood where their mind and coping mechanisms are still coming online and is stuck with the sense that their experience can't change the nature of the world they live in but rather they're forced to take the image of the world that's shaping them regardless. Admittedly I've had some STE's, no NDE, but to look at the world as it is (particularly its fundamental Darwinian aspects like what seems to be an inexorable sea of multipolar traps) lends a frightening paradox and it makes me wonder what kinds of necessities in the nature of Source make the creation of a world like this unavoidable. I look at world events and count my blessings in terms of how many places I don't live, but I get it – and I'm glad she was able to get the closure she needed to move on or at least rotate the context of her childhood experiences in a way that resolved some of what was propelling her toward suicidal ideation.

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    Great story !!🤍❤️

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    If you want to know the truth, read the Ten Commandments. The catholic church changed the second Commandment. No man has the right to change our Lord God's Laws. The vatican is a Serpent, and or dragon! They built a snake head church next to the Vatican! Jesus said, Call no man father, but the Father in heaven. Matthew 23:9-11. Check out the words that they sing in Latin! They are singing praise to Lucifer. Open your eyes, All you need to do is repent your sins to our Father in heaven, and ask to be Reborn in the Father, the son, and the Holy ghost, in Jesus Christ name. Amen Pray and repent daily. God bless you all.

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    This is interesting and even though I did not experience near death. However, I was able to identify and recognise how it feels to be out of body. I don’t believe in experimenting out of body astral travelling. It can only be given by grace of God, through dreams and too often, God or the Angels would take my soul on a journey to communicate and prophecies of what’s coming etc. during to my Deafness and born raised Deaf. I was blessed to have this grace of God. I have learned to be humble of the power of messages and I do not share it much with others only because they do not believe. One time, I was awaken in my dreams and I felt an intense vibrations of my soul and started to travel backwards to the future on earth and was given a newspaper which flew to me as a dove. I was in awe of prophecies when a man will marry a man and a woman will marry a woman. I saw so much power generated from that force within them to aim and destroy the nature of Man and Woman – that happened about 20 years ago. Now I verify the truth and knew I was not crazy.

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    Only Jesus… Mary can't save us, Only Jesus is the way to SALVATION…. Pray to God, and no other …

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    My soul is thirsty my Lord. 💔💔💔💔💔

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    When I was a child I would say “ moon 🌙, come & get me.”
    I’d say this a lot.
    I’ve always felt my life would end in suicide: it wasn’t until recently that my moon statelet made sense.
    I wondered why I would say that ; now I know.
    ~ thanks for the stories.
    It’s amazing.

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    I am Catholic,🔥The Blessed Virgin Mary is so loving and Devotion to her from my Soul to her Motherly protection is Heavenly 🌹Praise Jesus,for this Precious one’s giving in to share her Story with the World,🔥Hugging you,Through the Phone🌹I’m so very happy that we have an Near Death Encounter that gives so much love to the Mother of Jesus,The Mother of God, Thank you also dear one for giving your life away to help others,That’s Truly what LIVING in this WORLD is All About, It’s a paradox of Truth, May we all try to imitate Jesus and His Mother Marys Love Always,You’ll thank them in this world and the next for your obedience 💗with so much love 💕 Susan

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    This was awesome. I was waiting to hear a story that included the Holy Mother. Thank you for sharing.

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    I feel like I know what this story means ….That must have been a sad and very painful process🙏💜🌞

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    Catholic see their goddess
    Christians see their Christ.
    Hindhu see reincarinating consciusness
    Muslim see hooris and muhamdh
    What you understand from this is what you believe is what you see.and it not after death it is near death. If it is after death people see only one thnig that will be the truth. But no one sees after real death.

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    If you refer to the miracle image of Maria de Guadalupe which was sent to Juan Diego in 15th Century at Guadalupe, you will understand why Mother Mary called herself as The Lady of Light 🙏🏻

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    The Messiah is returning (Rapture) then Judgement (After Tribulation). Check out the Cloud of God, Jehovah… "EYE WITNESSES' REPORT WHEN THE CLOUD OF GORY CAME| WHEN THE CLOUD OF GOD CAME TO KISUMU 2019" on MOY_the Voice.
    Also this former priest asked for guidance from the Holy Ghost (John 14:16). Watch: "Catholic Priest was visited by THE WITNESSES OF REVELATION 11 & he lead 5000 to JESUS". Amen

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    Ho one other thing, I have found a book : ''La source Noire'' from Patrice Van Eersel, sorry I have found it just in french but it's amazing, step by step all the search from the the scientist, psychologue. Very complete book , where all kind of search peoples look about the NDE and conscience . Maybe you will be able to find the traduction into English. I hope it. :))

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    My first Language is french so, no problem at all we did all understand what you said. Thank You Hugs

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    Being a Christian there seems to be too much head knowledge involved in this description. Obviously this person didn’t mention the Bible or facts about salvation or Christian faith which explains the salvation for humanity. Jesus said no one can enter the kingdom of god unless he or she are born again! She says she was taken to the Christian heaven and found it boring! Really! That’s why I said there is too much analyzing and head knowledge involved in this description!
    The Lord said we must come to him in child like faith!

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    It sounded like an angel.

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    Interesting to see that she attempted suicide twice and still was given a chance to return. Truly it appears when God has something for you to accomplish, there is no getting away from it. His mercy is unending.

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    Why do we ignore Jesus mother? Anyone who ignored my mother would be asked to leave my house.

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    Mary is not our mother according to scripture.

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    I'm starting to get Mad when I here people attack the Blessed Mother. Sorry it happens so much and people are hard hearted you can't get it through to them even with every drop of proof.

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    Woman behold thy Son, Son behold thy Mother- Jesus said this on the cross. I hate when people attack others for asking her to pray for us. Not worship. You can ask anyone to pray for you. It's disrespectful too to get mad when people honor her. Total ignorance

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    I disagree. Mother Mary doesn’t have the power to send anybody back from anywhere. Christ is the only way! Period!

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    What a resplendent message Nadia passed along to terminally ill ppl, i.e., Do Not Fear Death as the Love of God Never Ever Fails!

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    That was sad but Im so happy to hear that her thinking shifted and she fulfilled her responsibility and is helping others in need. It was a difficult journey for her and a tumultuous childhood. I can relate. I do love a happy ending. Thank you for this one as always.

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    I have never had to NED, but I have spiritual experience with our Lord, and visited with the beautiful Virgin Mary!

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    Amazing story, once again. I want to know more about where this person ended up.

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    I really love mother marry and Jesus 💟🙏

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