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Veteran Dies from Covid : Sees a Golden City (Near-Death Experience)

Mar 2024 22
Randy Schiefer shares the story of his Near-Death Experience, occurring after contracting Covid-19 in 2020 and being put on a ventilator for 31 days. He survived and shares his incredible experience of the Other Side. His life was changed forever and his story is a gift to all of us about waking up to what this life is truly about. "I have such peace and calmness now in my life and it has totally changed me as a person" - Randy Schiefer *Watch All our Near-Death Experience Stories* ⇨ *Subscribe to our Newsletter* ⇨ Where we explore the meaning and......

What Really Happens After Death? #afterlife

Mar 2024 18
Have you ever wondered what happens after we die? Is there an afterlife or is it just the end of our existence? In this thought-provoking video, Real Enlightenment explores the concept of death as not an event, but a process. We are reminded that just like before we were born, after we die, we return to a state of non-existence. However, there's more to it than that. We are not separate from the universe, but rather a part of it, experiencing itself subjectively. So, when we die, we simply merge back into the universe and continue on in a new......

Does This PROVE There’s Life After Death? | Unveiled

Oct 2023 18
What happens when you die? New evidence! Join us... and find out more! Subscribe: In this video, Unveiled takes a closer look at a recent breakthrough that could finally PROVE that there is life after death! Let us know what YOU think about the afterlife... do YOU think immortality will ever be possible? What REALLY happens when you die? This is Unveiled, giving you incredible answers to extraordinary questions! Find more amazing videos for your curiosity here: 6 Scientific Breakthroughs Predicted During Your Lifetime - What If Humanity Was a Kardashev Civilization? - #Afterlife #LifeAfterDeath #Theory #SciFi #Science #Unveiled source

#2 David Bennett visited by Angel after Incredible Near Death Experience, Part 2

Sep 2023 18
David Bennett Changed by Near Death Experience (NDE). Guided to Overcome Deadly Cancer. His Advice for You. Inspired by a Visiting Angel. His amazing near death experience (NDE) took place when he drowned in rough seas. He was underwater for 15 - 20 minutes before he was saved and brought back to life. He shares an incredible experience of going to the light and being surrounded by love. He felt like he was “home”. It transformed him from a brash young man who didn’t mind stepping on toes to get what he wanted to the thoughtful, caring, and kind man......

Texas Student Dies in Car Accident : Discovers Life after Death (Near-Death Experience)

Aug 2023 25
*Tricia Barker* shares her Near-Death Experience, occurring during the surgery to save her life after a horrific car accident her senior year of college. She recounts her shock at remaining lucid and conscious after leaving her body and is shown many things during her Near-Death Experience. In addition to a life review, she has a reunion with her grandfather and shares the insights she has carried with her since this fateful day that changed her life. "Anytime you wake up and you're connected to something greater than yourself... then you're winning" - Tricia *Watch All our Near-Death Experience Stories* ⇨......

Near Death Experience – Man Goes To Hell!!!

Jun 2023 18
Have you ever wondered what happens after death? This video shares an amazing near death experience (NDE) story of a man who had a life-changing encounter with the afterlife. He journeys through the realms of Heaven and Hell and shares his incredible insights into the mysterious realms of consciousness and high strangeness. Listen to this incredible story and discover the secrets of the afterlife! Check out the full story: Check out my audiobook: Have a story you would like me to narrate? Send them to stories@daredeverell.com Buy me a coffee: Become a Patron: patreon.com/talesofhighstrangeness Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: source

Model Dies after Surgery : This is What She Saw (Near-Death Experience)

May 2023 08
*Dianne Sherman* shares her Near-Death Experience, occurring while she was in the recovery room from what was suppose to be a routine knee surgery. On the Other Side she experienced satisfaction beyond her wildest dreams and grew to understand with more clarity the true nature of reality. She recounts her experience with monks, her overwhelming feeling of home, and ultimately the reason why she could not stay. "I finally felt what it feels like to be cherished" - Dianne *SUBSCRIBE to Receive All our Latest Videos* ⇨ *Dianne's Links* Website ⇨ Facebook ⇨ *Check us out on SOCIAL MEDIA* Facebook......

I Knew I had Died : a Near-Death Experience

Apr 2023 09
A clip from our interview with *Randy Schiefer* recounting his Near-Death Experience *WATCH the Full Film here* ⇨ *SUBSCRIBE* to receive all our latest videos ⇨ #nde #otherside #transformation #neardeathexperience #heaven #death #lifeafterdeath #god #shorts source

Life After Suicide : Given a Message for Humanity (Near-Death Experience)

Mar 2023 31
*Chris Batts* shares his Near-Death Experience after jumping from a moving vehicle during a suicide attempt. On the Other Side he communicated with Source, was shown Angels, and was given a message for humanity. *SUBSCRIBE to Receive All our Latest Videos* ⇨ *Chris's Links* YouTube Channel ⇨ Book ⇨ *Check us out on SOCIAL MEDIA* Facebook ⇨ Instagram ⇨ #nde #otherside #transformation #neardeathexperience #heaven #death #lifeafterdeath #god source

Ice Climber Freezes to Death : Shown the Purpose of Life (Near-Death Experience)

Mar 2023 29
*Peter Panagore* shares his Near-Death Experience, occurring while ice climbing in the Canadian Rocky Mountains on the Icefields Parkway. Peter and his friend went on a day ice climbing expedition in the mountains and were trapped unexpectedly overnight. Peter froze to death and experienced the Divine Light on the Other Side. He was then sent back into his body and was able to descend the mountain to tell his story. *SUBSCRIBE to Receive All our Latest Videos* ⇨ *Peter’s Links* YouTube channel ⇨ Website ⇨ Book ⇨ *Check us out on SOCIAL MEDIA* Facebook ⇨ Instagram ⇨ #nde #otherside #transformation......