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Are the friends you keep good for you?

Mar 2024 13

In this episode of #GMTV we discuss whether the friends you keep good for you?

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    Thokozani 👏👏👏👏👏. When it comes to friendship. I leave that task to my ancestors, they know how to handle that department very well. It doesn't eve take them a month, if you are distruction in my life or if you come with negative energy, they keep you out of my life even when you are a spiritual person, the fact that you mess with their territory, you out. Once you are out of the drawing board, I don't even bother to reach you at all. At the moment my 5 year old son is my best friend. I'm enjoy my space and peace. I'm very much comfortable with distance sister I have, I chexk them once in aa while and our conversation must be useful. Lesedi. 🕯️

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    I don't prefer to have many friends , I also don't trust easily and I have also come to learn that when days are dark friends are few,also as a person you must know that friends can turn their backs on you anytime so in terms of friendship always leave room for disappointment. Having friends is good but being able to choose friends is more important.

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    You can Never Lose your Mind if You're Honest ☘ Be True To Self You'll see the Real one's or even non of them #LetGo

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    Ditsala Ke Noka o ba Bona Fela ha Dintho di loka,Thank you Gogo for this video I pray that anyone who is glued to friends may he or she get light n wisdom from the Lord

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    Thokoza Goto, can you please talk about black candles and how to use them to remove the negative energy. I've been stabbed so many times and I went to a prophet and told me there's mamas who want me dead in my community. Please help me with black candles.

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    THE TOXIN WE KEEP. I realized very late in my life that sum ppl I thot were feiends were actually vultures and hyenas. Iv since been trimming off the dead weight bit by bit. I have a way of showing ppl if they are toxic fòr me. I m a lot better without them. My mom , who also has abadala warned me long ago about some ppl I thought were friends. Back then I took it for granted. Sadly, I found out the hard way.Almost got into trouble coz of those vultures. Idlozi li ya khanyisa and li ne qiniso.

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    oh and thanks gogo for the insightful information

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    so here is my theory and what ive discovered about friendship, for the longest time i think ive been a slave to loyalty, always been the emotional dustbin, the plug, the adviser and just a genuine human being but thats taxing as well because when you genuinely need someone to talk to they normally make it about themselves or brush it off and it sucks. so lately ive decided to take a step back and park to see if this car will move or not. to who ever that read this till the end, dont be afraid to start over on your own you will make it and probably meet your soul tribe and be who you are meant to be

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    Thokoza Gogo thank you 🥰💓

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    Your content is great for self reflection. Thank you for helping us navigate self awareness through the content. Kganya! Lesedi!

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    6 years ago I grappled with the same question " do we as people need friends, if yes, for what exactly" ? My prayer request is simple but deep " all who are good for my spirit and soul may they stay and those who aren't may they exit my life. Thokoza gogo ❤

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    Tokoza Gogo💛 thank you👏🏾👏🏾

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    Thokoza gogo👏👏👏

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    Thokoza Gogo i think as for me have a good judge of character because most of people i get to know them, we turn to associate with each other very well and some our relationship last for long term.

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    Morning Gogo, I like the Topic, My friend never wanted me that time i was jobless never visited or call , they stayed away as far as possible secondly even my relatively did the same. Now i have a job and im mantaining the same distance between us, and when i do things I do them alone with witout telling them and now I'm a bad person, they say: 1. Ngikhohlakele 2. Ngiyazitshela 3. Angimazi umuntu 4. Ngizenza ngcono coz i dont visit them. And Gogo what i did wrong. Maybe you can tell me

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    Thank you Gogo for the teachings, this is indeed a critical matter. Thokoza.

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    Good evening Gogo Moyo.
    Thank you for your Great TV.
    Well done…keep going…the TV show is inspiring.

    I am fortunate

    I know a friend I met from Grade Zero..We keep contact, we meet, socialise and bounce ideas. Especially when we are at the soace of taking the Leap Of Faith. We are both blessed by the Universe with over 5 decades of life on earth.

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    I can't believe you're talking about this today when I've actually been thinking about how my friends have grew apart from me ever since I went through initiation n my ancestors have constantly shown me that they are not good for me but because I adore them . I still don't want to let go .

    Thank you Gogo you really inspire me to grow spiritually to share with people as much information as you do because I looooove social media . Thokoza Khehla

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    First comment

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