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Totems in African Spirituality

Mar 2023 13
In this teaching, Gogo Khanyakude unpacks the history of totemism in African spirituality. The extended version of this episode is also available for members, and includes the following topics: - How To Find Your Totems - Rainmaking in African History - Malopo Spiritual Practise (Defining & Unpacking) - Malopo Languages (Can anyone be initiated the Malopo way?) - Defining the Bantu Spirituality - Ukufemba vs. Mediumship. What is the difference? Become an AfroSavvy Member: source

How to balance your Chakras.

Jan 2023 04
In this episode of #GMTV we discuss: How to balance your #Chakras. Get in touch with me: Text or WhatsApp "Thokoza Gogo" +27798642894 email: lesedisangoma@gmail.com Donate to the channel. follow me on social media : Facebook: Instagram: twitter: source

Ancestral cloths. Masela a badimo.

Dec 2022 25
On #EzaseNdumbeni today, i discuss ancestral cloths and all their different meanings and for whom are they worn. Please leave your comments below and share with us which of these signs you are currently experiencing. Ancestral cloths are very significant and hold great meaning to those who wear and keep them. the animal prints we find ourselves wearing and drawn to may be a direct link to your ancestors, totems and surnames. They can also bring healing especially for the ancestors that occupies your body seeking it. They cpme is differents desings and colours each special and specific to culture,......

Ancestors, Practicing African Spirituality & Christianity, History of surnames | Vusumzi Ngxande

Dec 2022 12
This week I Bumped into Vusumuzi Ngxande. uVusi is the founder to the Journey of Kwantu. His website, blog and podcast explore questions around African Beliefs, its history and its function in society. In this deep and insightful podcast episode, we chat around: • African Spirituality and Christianity • What is, or Who is idlozi? And can other races have idlozi? • We speak on how colonization stripped us of our African spirituality & how our parents and grand parents had to practice in secret. • We speak on surnames, the history and the contention around it. And as always......

What is Ukuphahla/Ukunqula (2021) Part 1

Nov 2022 05
Siphethe ukuphahla/ukunqula. What is ukunqula/phahla?... Ukunqula/Ukuphahla What is ukuphahla?: Ukunqula is to have a commune with our departed. Siphahla kuba sibulela, sicela, sichaza/report, we remind, khalaza, Siphahla phi? Siyi tshilo into ethi abantu abadala abangekhoyo, abekho physically, but bakhona spiritually. Because of that, ukuphahla does not necessarily have to be done in fixed or designated place. Siphahla anywhere and everywhere. Umntu uyaphahla while driving down the national road, umntu uyaphahla apho aphangela khona, umntu uyaphahla while in a cruising altitude in an international flight. Having said that, kwinkolo yethu we have shrines, as places apho siphahla khona. The difference between......