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Candle colours explained

May 2023 08
On #EzaseNdumbeni today, i discuss different coloured candles, the how and when to use each one. #EzaseNdumbeni series is released weekly on a Monday. To get in touch with me see below: SMS: 079 864 2894 for bookings or inquiries. (Most preffered medium) Email: lesedisangoma@gmail.com Website: www.gogomoyospeaks.co.za source

An introduction to Candles (1/4)

May 2023 03
#GMTV #GogoMoyo #Spirituality #Candles What is Gogo Moyo TV? It's a channel specifically for you! You and all the topics and questions that you've ever had about spirituality, here we unpack it all. Episode 5 (1/4) the first of a 4 part series on candles. Winners of the lunch with Gogo Moyo competition will be announced on the 29th of February 2020. Sign up to my mailing list and a stand chance to win lunch with me: Get in touch with me: Text or WhatsApp "Thokoza Gogo" +27798642894 source

Cleansing spaces

Apr 2023 21
I've seen questions on how to cleanse spaces that we live in and in this episode I do my best to answer them. Before you click; just know that you cannot use iMphepho to cleanse your space. But you can use saltwater, Seawater and iNtelezi. Here I share how to do this. UMakhosi Nomabutho is an initiated Sangoma practicing in Johannesburg. Available for in person and online consultation as well as dream interpretation. Facilitating conversations between clients and their ancestors to find solutions to issues affecting their lives. For personal consultations book via: source

What Candles to Use to Connect With Spirits Guides and Ancestors – Voodoo Priest Man

Apr 2023 03
In this video I go into what candles to use to connect with spirits, guides and ancestors and also on how to cleanse them from negativity and what to use to protect your home from fire. * Click Below To Subscribe for more Videos * *Facebook Like Page*: *Email*: voodoopriestman@gmail.com *For readings* : Follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/voodoopriestman source

Mental Health Issues

Mar 2023 31
On #EzaseNdumbeni today, i discuss the challenges of dealing with mental health and how we can learn to overcome this looming social ill. #EzaseNdumbeni series is released fortnightly on a Friday. To get in touch with me see below: SMS: 079 864 2894 for bookings or inquiries. (Most preferred medium) Email: lesedisangoma@gmail.com Skype: lesedisangoma (For international Clients) Twitter and Facebook Page: GogoMoyoSpeaks Instagram: GogoMoyoSpeaks source

Totems in African Spirituality

Mar 2023 13
In this teaching, Gogo Khanyakude unpacks the history of totemism in African spirituality. The extended version of this episode is also available for members, and includes the following topics: - How To Find Your Totems - Rainmaking in African History - Malopo Spiritual Practise (Defining & Unpacking) - Malopo Languages (Can anyone be initiated the Malopo way?) - Defining the Bantu Spirituality - Ukufemba vs. Mediumship. What is the difference? Become an AfroSavvy Member: source

How to Connect with Spirits: Ancestor Altar Spirit Guides

Feb 2023 23
Here is How to build an Altar for your very own Ancestors and Spirit Guides👼🏽🧞‍♀️This is how you can begin to build a relationship and get to know them! Your Ancestors will Guide you, give you clarity and show you how to Awaken and become “Player 1” in this Crazy Life 😉🙏🏽Make your Sacred “Game Piece” today! Go on, Get Creative 🤩💜✨ ✨MamaGoddess Intuitive Soul Healing💜✨ To Check out my Business page: Https://www.facebook.com/1mamaGoddess1 Book A Reading: Instagram: 1mamaGoddess1 #altar #ancestors #angels #spiritguides #spirits #candles #readings #intuitive #tarot #oracle #Gods #Goddess #psychic #empath #crystals #magic #herbs #oils #blackgirlmagic #guidance #clarity #love......