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The Toxic World of Self Help: Hustle Culture, Toxic Positivity, Addiction, and Fake Gurus.

Mar 2024 25

The toxic world of : a world surrounded by , , fake gurus, and .

It’s the side of ‘self-development’ that is often overlooked by those on the outside, and even those who are avid consumers of the .

In this video we take a dive into the dark side of self-help, and the traps that may lie in wait for those who enter this world.

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Prologue – 00:00
Part 1: Where it Begins – 02:13
Part 2: – 04:26
Part 3: The Sinister Business of Selling Hope – 07:39
Part 4: – 10:41
Part 5: – 13:30
Conclusion – 16:36


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    I want to preface this by saying that I don’t think the entirety of the self-help industry is bad – and as some of you have rightly pointed out, not all the fault should be given to the industry itself, consumers of the industry need to take accountability for their actions as well.

    Self-help has benefited me greatly, but only when I approached it from a place of not using self-help as a “quick fix” for motivation and happiness –this video was intended to look at various traps that people can fall into if they use this industry in the wrong way, which I had been doing previously.

    I realise now that there must be a BALANCE – both your consumption and action must have a symbiotic relationship, and a combination of both can make self-help something that could prove to be genuinely useful.

    So with that in mind, see this video as a look into the aspects of self-help that have been taken and misused by both the producers and the consumers of the industry, but not a hit piece on the self-help industry as a whole.
    Hope this clarifies things!

    Edit #1: Also, when I say “my first year in college” in this video I am referring to sixth form (US equivalent of grades 11/12) – we sometimes call this “college” in the UK.

    Edit #2: I was harsh when including clips of Gary Vaynerchuk in this video! – Although I didn't mention him by name specifically, I did imply that he was somehow a negative influence of the "self-help" community. Gary V is actually very outspoken against certain aspects of the self-help industry that I've referenced to in this video, and he is a legitimate entrepreneur who profits mostly from his media company, not from self-help. By no stretch of the imagination should he be pegged in the same category as "guru's" like Grant Cardone – this was definitely a mistake on my part.

    Edit #3: I recommended Echarte Tolle's "The Power of Now" book at the end of this video. I want to emphasise that whilst I enjoy this book for its philosophy on mindfulness, and bringing awareness to your thoughts, I do belive that are many elements of the book that are "woo-woo" and pseudoscience. Bare that in mind if you ever purchase his book.

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    This video is needed. Thank you a lot of saying those true things !

  3. #3

    High Confidence Low competence is tempting

  4. #4

    Self healing bullshit too, sometimes there are traumas that are best kept hidden not brought back every week to “heal”

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    Wow, what a thought-provoking video! I totally agree that the self-help world can sometimes be filled with toxic positivity and fake gurus who are just out for your money. However, I believe that with the right guidance and mindset, we can navigate through this toxicity and find genuine help and motivation. It's crucial to be discerning and do your research before following any self-proclaimed guru. What are your thoughts on how we can protect ourselves from falling into the trap of toxic self-help culture?

  7. #7

    Don't promote this business. The best self-help comes from your true friends and relatives and avoid harmful substances as well.

  8. #8

    Read the book, how not to give a fuck… that book is the real self help haha

  9. #9

    The problem we have is because Most people always taught that " you only need a good job to become rich " . These billionaires are operating on a whole other playbook that many don't even know exists.

  10. #10

    Its a bit much yeah, i like that the advice is out there dont get me wrong but these 2 days iv got to diffrent 100% certain to work economics tips the first one says how working less makes you more sucessfull and another one with 100% certain to work if you work extremly hard, i mean i try to improve but this information age makes it sort of worse at times, and also another thing with some of these self help things is its often meant for most people in a general sense so that means it dosent know you like you do, how you grew up, what values you have, if you care alot about what others think or not etc etc, all these little details that makes a person unique is sort of missed and that misses alot of the point in being you, but at the same time i think its good that or at least i have learned alot from diffrent people, not staying only in my own bubble but always learning and trying to learn from my mistakes

  11. #11

    your videos are intelligently made and in my opinion necessary to the world around us and the lies that hold it (;

  12. #12

    Half way through and this is really stupid so far. There's nothing wrong with self help material. Sounds like this guy just couldn't implement and make it stick.

  13. #13

    "Nothing works, unless you do."

    And no, I'm not just talking reading books, but actually applying your knowledge. 😂

  14. #14

    I've been completely attached to delusion 😅

  15. #15

    It would be really helpful if you guys could share your experience (or the experience of your love ones) in overcoming the selfhelp addiction. My mom is into this and I'm finding a way to help her out. Thank you!

  16. #16

    The best thing about watching these videos is all of the ads that come up are people pushing scams or weird cults. 😂

  17. #17

    It's not the self help book you bought that is the problem.

    The main thing to focus on is how you control yourself and how you listen to your mind after reading the self help book.

  18. #18

    Six years ago, I started losing my creativity because this thing. Now I've realized that motivation is a lie and I've actually achieved nothing. But my mind is so overdosed that I cannot think on my own. Like I no longer know what I want and what am I passionate about.

  19. #19

    Theres a lot of stuff that could be disputed in this but also a lot to agree with

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    Love the video and all the information and work that went into it fantastic work.

    However, this particular subject we are on might deter people from now helping them find the necessary information that are in self help books like Dale Carnegie's, Maxwell Maltz, Brian Tracy, David Deida, Napoleon Hill, Jordan Peterson, Jim Rohn, Manly P. Hall, Martin Meadows, Alan Watts.
    These individuals and more have been extremely helpful in helping me understand. Helping me get away from ignorance, excessive spending, consuming and last my addiction from narcotics an alcoholism.

  22. #22

    The power behind self help books is Satan. It's that simple.

  23. #23

    Seek the Lord or perish.

  24. #24

    Great video with lots of truth. Thank you!❤❤❤

  25. #25

    3 years and I guess this is so far the one video that I had watched with full concentration and without skipping a moment. You earned a sub here!

  26. #26

    You produce very valuable videos 📷

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