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The Near-Death Experiences That Changed Cat Stevens Forever

Aug 2023 30

If not for two near-death experiences, the life of folk singer Cat Stevens could have been very different than it is today. Both of these transformative brushes with death bookend what’s often regarded as the singer-songwriter’s most creative period.

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Voiceover By: Tim Bensch

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    Look at the 666 hand sign over one eye 25 seconds in. They all do this

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    SCREW THIS SCUMBAG! Stevens supported a death Fatwa against author Salmon Rushdie in 1989. Evil, radical Islamist, he is.

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    Great genius. No question. Islam? No.

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    This is NOT a near death experience. No one converts to Islam anyway after a true NDE. Being ill is not a near death experience. Sorry

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    Yep, there is that symbolism at 00:25, says everything i need to know 🤷

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    I don't know why but I never liked any of his music.

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    Cat has nine lives…

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    At first glimpse I thought this was a video about Jefferey Epstein

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    He’s one of my all time favorite artists. I listen to his music all the time.
    My Dad n Brother played “Father n Son” together until my Dad transitioned on top of the Sandia’s in New Mexico. We held his service up there n my Brother played n sang the song by himself during the service. It was very emotional.
    It’ll be 20 years in September. I’m going to New Mexico for the anniversary by myself. I’m going up to the mountains as soon as I get off the plane. ❤

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    The title is misleading. A Near Death Experience is characterised by a person actually leaving their body and finding themselves 'on the other side' so to speak. That's at variance with what is being reported here

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    I could have sworn that the video still was a picture of Jeffrey Epstein with a beard.

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