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The Final Border: Peter Fenwick at TEDxBerlin

Aug 2023 29

Crossing borders physically, emotionally, culturally, artistically — all these aspects were widely explored on the 23rd of November by an array of international, truly inspirational speakers that received standing ovations from an electrified audience.


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    After my mother died, I went for reiki at the hospice where she had died. The hospice was wonderful, caring for all our family.
    The reiki was one of the most spiritual experience I have ever had. I saw my mother, walking along a path, surrounding natural light, blue sky and clouds. She was laughing, healthy, surrounded by many members of my family. It was so reassuring.

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    My father died unexpectedly. 3 nights before he said to me "Take time to stop and smell the roses. Don't be like me." Sorry Dad, I am very much like you. See you on the other side.

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    Consciousness is not created on the brain. I've had 3 NDE's . The brain accesses thoughts. Consciousness is Universal. Too very different things .

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    How could atheists deny these truths, facts, and events? It is very sad!

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    What happens if it is a violent death?

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    My grandfather died from Alzheimer's. His slow death officially started in 2015 while I was working as a chaplain intern, continued through my ministry internship the next year and the counseling internship the following year, and died after I chose not to go see who was left from the disease. Once he stopped asking why I didn't come, he became a better version of himself: kind, thoughtful, and lacking nothing in childlike wonder but with the qualities my mom and her brother loved most from growing up with him as their father. In the end, my grandfather found peace for his PTSD, lost his despair in losing his genius IQ and thus his identity, and found his new identity before death. Watching this video now has me wondering if I might be ready to finish my training in chaplaincy now.

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    And you wake up to a new way of BEING FULLY AWARE, BURSTING with ENERGY and FEELINGS of Peace Joy and LOVE

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    My mother was dying and my brother and sister were traveling across three states to get to the hospital. My sister got to the hospital and then my brother arrived. My mom had been sleeping all day, but then she sat up and said, “Good, you’re all here.” Then she smiled, laid her head back on the pillow, and died.

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    You've Made me Cry!
    THANK YOU so much for THIS beautiful talk! :*

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    Are there barbers in the afterlife?

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    Thinking my father is waiting for me makes me wanT to live forever! I was grateful to be free from certain people. You make it so peachy. This is everyone’s imagination and dreaming. I am sure there are others who scream I don’t want to go stay away from me. This is anecdotal No real proof of this or a god. Truth. We just don’t know. Until we’re dead and no one has come back including Jesus to tell us anything different. That was a nice talk. I guess it is comforting to believe something good instead of not knowing. But truth is. We just don’t know and I’m fine with that rather than believe in a fantasy. To each his own. Be well love long and happy. With love ❤️

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    My dog showed n talked to my sister living overseas to send me a message when she was crossing over. To this day her sibling behaves as though she sees.

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    I Love You, Mitchell. Dad

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    Our mom was home cared by us. She was 95, with mixed dementia….and the last week of her life, went from feeling anxious, to becoming almost non verbal. At that point, she kept staring at the ceiling…We took some photos, and my sister climbed gently on the side of the bed. Mom was still speaking a slight bit, so my sister told her, these ceiling visitors were her family members who had gone before. But they had come to stay with her and comfort her. (And bring her Home)…She became visibly calmer… passed in peace, love surrounding, not long after. It took some time for my sister and I to recover physically from the exhaustion of those last weeks with mom. Though we would not have missed it, we still needed time to grieve the loss, and to just rest and, recuperate. About a week after mom died, I was at home, in bed, in the early pre dawn hours. I suddenly was filled with what I can only describe as a 'glow', though my body did not look any different – the feeling was simply extraordinary. I was occupied – is the only word..by this full bodied sense of peace. It was communicated to me that I was dearly loved, and that I would be all right in my own life. Without words, I knew that mom had stepped inside of me.. to briefly, lovingly communicate this to my heart and spirit.

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    God i can't tell you of how tired i am of life….

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    Looking forwards to dying, and seeing the light. Hope my dad and grandma are there to welcome me.

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    Humans, our science, is fundamentally built apon not knowing things. We study phenomena, measure, experiment, and learn more about them.
    When humans are able to detect the soul, we'll have made a start.

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    My father waited for me. Came out of a coma, when I arrived from another country. We had some time then passed later that day.

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    Around the time my father died I had a deep feeling of peace in my own garden after a period of weeks of what I can only describe as post natal agitation and weariness. It was a very sweet feeling
    I didn't find out about his death for a number of hours.
    Probably a coincidence says my modern side.

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    I don't know where this man has been,everyone I know wants to talk about life and so-called death that follows.

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    I was completely devastated when my grandmother passed away..standing at her coffin crying uncontrollably I heard her saying to me.." Nan…don't cry anymore..I'm here with Grandpa.. now no more crying…I felt such a calm feeling come over me..I actually felt her talking to me within my soul..this was in 1985❤

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    I only know I've been dead for billions of years before I was born and I knew nothing about it then. I've been unconscious several times and I knew nothing about those times either. I don't suppose I'll know anything my death. Goodbye folks.

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    What if your loved one died suddenly and wasn’t prepared to go, or prepare their minds needed to be in heaven? My brother just passed away 2 weeks ago. I’m sure he wasn’t aware this would happen to him, there was no indication he was ready. He died heart breakingly by a sudden hemoragic stroke, fell off the bed and then struck his head and had another serious bleed and brain swelling. It puts a lump in my throat everytime I think of it. Where is he now? I’m heartbroken and terrified. 😓

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    If there's no end or beginning it never existed

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    The I ne big error in this talk is at the beginning when be said that consciousness was created by the mind. It is the other way around. Mind is created by consciousness. Were it not so we would cease to exist whence we fall asleep.

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    My grandma has never been loopy or like the crazy old lady. Very down to earth woman and right before she fell asleep for the last time she said that my grandpa had come to get her that he told her” it’s time to go home and stop talking about being old”

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    such a great presentation and so simple to understand. thank you

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    Scroll through the comments and you will be deeply blessed….almost all are from people taking this opportunity to report a shared near death experience.

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    when i died someone came and saved me by lifting me up, but (s)he said dont open your eyes. after a convesation i returnend in my body again.

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    Days before my Dad died he was talking outloud to his deceased mother!!!!

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    Jesus said 'I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No-one can come to God the Father unless they come through me'. So simple…and all are welcome.

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