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My Near Death Experience… (Car Crash Story Time!)

Dec 2023 28


Thanks For All The support!!!! It was time to make a vid about my crash!

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  1. #1

    Thanks for all the support!!! You Guys really helped me out

  2. #2

    Let’s be real, you were racing or do race.
    Glad you survived though.

  3. #3

    How much blood did the doctor say that you lost? Did you have to recieve blood? I expected a story about crossing over and coming back. Always thank God for all blessings. From Mrs. Ace X, in Florida.

  4. #4

    Those of you looking for an NDE experience, there is none. It's the details of what he did after the car crash.

  5. #5

    You guys survuvived by the grace of God and Jesus glad you guys are okay

  6. #6

    Man this gets me bad. The way you described the moment before you hit the culvert is exactly how i felt when i lost control and hit a ditched at 60mph. Whooo.. man… 😢 i got messed up pretty bad too. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. #7

    Lost patience hearing your story. Too much details. Glad you’re ok but I’m out.

  8. #8

    How did you walk days after the accident?

  9. #9

    Were you wearing a seat belt?

  10. #10

    December 19th 2006..my Mother died

  11. #11

    Stories like yours I do enjoy
    Because I’ve got 4th stage cancer
    I’m 66 so I’m hoping I’ve got a few more years left
    Thank you so much

  12. #12

    God bless everyone he loves all amen

  13. #13

    This is just popping up on my feed. I live in Missouri… I live on a road called 32… speed limit is 55… i wonder if this is the same road? I’m very glad ur alive

  14. #14

    Dude I took an instant liking to you but man oh man he would give a police interrogater a heart attack with all the twists and turns and sideways detours in your story narrative

  15. #15

    Do you even know what a near-death experience means? It's obviously not what happened to you.Yes, you were in a terrible accident but you did not have a "near-death experience."

  16. #16

    Just breathe dude. Jesus I had to stop listening to this guy he was so annoying. I thought this was an nde story

  17. #17

    Glad yal are ok 🙏🏽💙

  18. #18

    Steve, do you feel that the car accident is why you struggle with distance? I am a scratch golfer that was in a car accident in 2017 and I never fully recovered. I can relate.

  19. #19

    Apparently you weren't wearing seatbelts?

  20. #20

    You lovely soul. God bless you from England xx❤😊

  21. #21

    I would like to watch but you are all over the place.

  22. #22

    This is not a nde..you just had a serious car wreck!! But glad your ok!!

  23. #23

    Are you on drugs?

  24. #24

    I think this is a car accident story.

  25. #25

    Glad you made it, with all respect though, this isn't an NDE. Might change your titel.

  26. #26

    oh, no seat belt. figures

  27. #27

    so many details that mean NOTHING. learn to have pity on your listeners.

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