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The 5 Best Choices I Made After My Near Death Experience | Lion Spirit

Aug 2023 30

The 5 Best Choices I Made After My Near Death Experience

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    Didn't she go to Europe mainland? 😮

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    And so funny today I clicked on a video and your video came up. How amazing.

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    You were in my dream last night. You sent me a vieeo and you were happy and smiling and telling me good news. The sun was shining on your face and you were laughing and content. ❤❤❤ Hugs from the mountains.

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    Glad you got to come back

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    I'm fascinated by NDE and your sweet little talk popped up today and you're so inspiring. Thank you.❣️

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    Very helpful thank you ✨

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    A few things resonate. In the past few years of growing, I certainly lost friends that "wanted to stay in a rut" per se.

    I grew up in a critical environment, with an emotionally unavailable parent, believing I was worthless, and that only by doing what people wanted, could I hopefully be liked. I have now almost completely changed that, having realized self worth 🙂 I am now doing more and more of what I am driven to, vs what living for others, and my life continues to get better!

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    So appropriately timed for me 😂 at work this morning I was at a house with lion statues everywhere. They even had a drum of chemical in their shed labelled 'Lion', to really drive it home. Then I have this come across my feed during my break addressing the exact issue i am having about friends not committed to furthering their soul's evolution! Synchronicity is fun. I remember someone saying something along the lines of "the tragedy of modern man is that he has become incapable of sitting in a room quietly by himself". I wish that more people could understand just how nurturing and restorative solitude can be!

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    Really good tips, thank you for sharing!

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