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Texas Student Dies in Car Accident : Discovers Life after Death (Near-Death Experience)

Aug 2023 25

** shares her Near-Death Experience, occurring during the surgery to save her life after a horrific her senior year of college. She recounts her shock at remaining lucid and conscious after leaving her body and is shown many things during her Near-Death Experience. In addition to a life review, she has a reunion with her grandfather and shares the insights she has carried with her since this fateful day that changed her life.

“Anytime you wake up and you’re connected to something greater than yourself… then you’re winning” – Tricia

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Where we explore the meaning and purpose of Near-Death Experiences in the modern age. We write about the intersection of spirituality, life-after death, comparative , philosophy, depth psychology, modern culture, and most of all how we can stay connected to the truth that Life doesn’t end when we die.

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George Noory Giaitri

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    Thanks so much for taking the time to interview me. The visuals are great! Your team does wonderful work with these stories!

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    Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge!❤ Help me Holy Spirit, Jesus, God the Father to love better in this life! ❤

  3. #3

    I just lost my grandfather last week, we were very close. Your story brought me so much peace. Thank you for sharing. ❤

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    My kids father was killed a couple weeks ago. I hope he's in heaven

  5. #5

    Thank you for sharing your story. Amazing❤

  6. #6

    This is so beautiful. ❤thanks for sharing your experience.

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    I passed away for 15 odd Minutes on 19th April 2023…i saw visions and I never felt any pain. I am glad I ain't alone…

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    I think this is just another of those scam advertisements that make people want to belive the hype and part with their dollars for something that is worthless.

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    "Love is all that matters. It's all you take with you". -light being.

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    Mine was completely different. No recognition of any operation. 45 seconds from being gone for good. My experience I was in a coma coming in ER. My experience showed my deceased husband who passed 18 years ago, was there. We were together walking, young again, going to a picnic where there was a lot of people. We were laughing then all of sudden, the ER got my heart started again, I didn't have a heartbeat or pulse. When coming back it was like I hit the mattress as if falling. This was 12 years ago and i still remember everything. How young we were when we met. I don't believe this woman

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    Thanks for this testmny that i hear now this all help me to overcome all the sandnss that i have now coź last july 24,2023 my grandson passed away.just pray for my family.god blss to god be the glory.🙏🙏🙏

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    This is my first time coming across your story. Our stories are similar, it's so refreshing to hear someone else's near death experience 🙌🏽
    God is so amazing.

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    Did you tell your dad about the candy bar and did he really get one???

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    Death and near death is not the same thing .. near death your brain pumps out DMT

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    This happened to me similar, but I wasn't dead. I fell asleep, and I felt my soul leave my body. When this happened I saw myself sleeping, but I didn't get to leave the room. I believe her. She is right you, feel no pain.

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    Thank you so much for sharing. 😊

  17. #17

    This was so special!

  18. #18

    This was the best, most comforting video I've seen yet

  19. #19

    I bet you've heard more than your share of Bob Barker references in life.

    Barkers are tough and other-worldly.

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    Im sorry but hospitals woukdnt reject you for no insurance if you are dying

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    so encouraging, thank you! for me it's all about connecting to that 'other side' love. how do we do that.. easily, readily, enjoynably.. sustainably? alone and with others? for me that had to be uncomplicated. which wound up looking like the forgiveness and freedom found in jesus and god's holy spirit. simple. easy.

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    Yeaaaahh, this all just sounds like you were high af on all the drugs they had you on, to operate on you. Lol 🤦🏼‍♀️ why do people give this false hope that there is consciousness beyond death?

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    dude shes literally an actor and played a role in the movie riddick. They seems replaced her somehow with another woman called Kristin Lehman if you google that. This is so fking staged and it does world wide. Now you know whats behind it.

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    Can you all interview Jamie Fox

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    For those who want to come close to an NDE, try doing sensory deprivation. I do this often and I can say it's close to NDE

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    life's about love … try telling that to the economists! 2. what's the point of gravity? 3. we are all connected, but, how strong should our boundaries be? 4. at the end of the day, we are separate and responsible for our actions, which necessitates an ego and a superego. integrating all you've said, together with what i've commented above, seems an almost impossible task?

  29. #29

    Interesting that she said there is fear as well as love on the other side.

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    Beautiful story.

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    If you don’t believe in Gof when you die, you will yourself in hell. To the speaker, why do you want to mislead people?

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    Thanks for sharing your testimony 🥰🥰🥰

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    Wow. Nothing about Jesus and the need for a Savior for eternal life. "He who has the Son has life. He who does not have the Son does not have life."

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    Incredible story

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    Literally God: you'll be a teacher
    Women: Ah, that's a traditional job for a women and I will not do that..
    We are lucky God has patience with us.

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