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Nature Boy – Ben Zand in search of the cult leader – BBC Stories

Apr 2024 06
In the jungles of Costa Rica alternative communities have removed themselves from Western life attempting to create their paradise on earth. Ben Zand heads to meet some of these groups, and to search for a controversial cult leader called Nature Boy. Nature Boy runs a group called Melanation and has convinced thousands of people online to follow his message. He’s even convinced people to give him money, and to give up everything they own to live with him in the tropics. But, is paradise really as good as it sounds? source

Scientology Copy Cat MONSTER Did THIS To My Son!

Mar 2024 18
Rani Singh is a BBC reporter and former actress who found that both her sons - in their 30s - had left her for a scientology like life coaching cult (aka a very British cult) known as the Lighthouse International or Lighthouse Global. A BBC documentary that takes us inside the life coaching cult that takes over lives is being released at the same time as this episode to shed light on the cult, which has been ruining the lives of countless individuals who signed up. Rani's sons have now disowned her, refused to call her mum, and are in......