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Nature Boy – Ben Zand in search of the cult leader – BBC Stories

Apr 2024 06

In the jungles of alternative communities have removed themselves from Western life attempting to create their paradise on earth. heads to meet some of these groups, and to search for a controversial cult leader called . runs a group called and has convinced thousands of people online to follow his message. He’s even convinced people to give him money, and to give up everything they own to live with him in the tropics. But, is paradise really as good as it sounds?


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    2024 update – He was charged, tried and found guilty. Crimes and sentences below:

    Count 1 – Rape – Guilty (Sentenced to life without possibility of parole)

    Count 2- False imprisonment – Guilty (Sentenced to 10 years, to run consecutively)

    Count 3 – Prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions (12 months to serve, to run concurrent with false imprisonment sentence)

    Count 4 – Prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions (Sentenced to 5 years, to run concurrent with false imprisonment sentence)

    Count 5 – Prohibition on nude or sexually explicit electronic transmissions (Sentenced to 5 years, to run concurrent with false imprisonment sentence)

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    6:19 So they were just bathing in the nude in front of several children at these waterfalls !? Smh

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    guilty of all charges

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    lol white girl tapping into ancestry she doesnt have…smh..shocking

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    We're never as strong, as we are until we have to be. Never Do as much, unless the need we see. Only give our best, when we fail at mediocrity. We Love rather than hate when we admit we're one humanity. We always give more, when compassion moves our heart with unbridled generosity. We Become more of our potential when we are made to see, that clearly our minds can believe in unfathomable possibilities, while seizing every opportunity, here in lies one's destiny. More than our scars, higher than our stars, for in our flaws are what defines our features, they're uniquely ours, as human creatures.
    We can run faster than on our slowest day. Reason better, and thinking it through all the way, regardless which direction our emotions may sway. We can find our voice when speechless, our strong words with meekness and our Courage in weakness. Always patience not quickness. Silence for peace than loudness, quietness of fear, not hopeless, for time and effort are equally unbiased. We are more than the stories we're told, we're the one's we write, each page unfold. We are the sum of our Lies and truth, fantasy, fiction, faith, and myths, no matter how uncouth. These are what shape us, our lives lived is the proof. We can be more right than wrong. More just than judge. More godlike than unlike. Reflecting Sunlight in our darkest night.
    Providing refuge. Never more alive until we die within and begin again. A Human Ark Divine in our human spark. That's who we are,
    Who and what we can be, we can become.

    Steven Gooden

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    Abusive relationship with the tree😅

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    Not only is Ben so attractive but he does great docs❤

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    Thank God this abusive mad man Nature Boy is locked up🔒 .

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    15:10 wow watch Golden Boy make sense and just get this dude gaslighting him and sht

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    Uhm “cult” is not short for “culture”

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    These people are simple minded. I feel so bad for these people who got scammed by Nature Boy who is a pedo and delusional freak.

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    Eligio "Natureboy" Bishop in jail now awaiting trial, for amyone who cares.

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    who is that woman who is talking about natureboys crazy eyes? she looks familiar.. she had or has a channel on youtube as well no? where she sings at the start of each of them. does anyone know where to find her channel? thank you.

    wait did someone just say.. they're immortal?

    lmao smh

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    White boy got a point with the ping pong table. The man calls himself nature boy but can’t utilize nature to foster sportsmanship within his group. Tf a pingpong table gonna do besides collect dust..idk anyone that bought a pingpong table and actually used it. 😂

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    Ben is gorgeous 🤩 just saying…

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    everyone in the comments hating. all they are doing is living in nature and dancing. that is how sick this society is.

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    Ben, amazing your documentary is! 👍 @19:59, the man referred something to East Africa. In an East African nation of oldest Christianity, every 30th of September, over 20million Oromos, officially, celebrate the holiday of River Worship – The Great Ireechaa. — Cult has existed in that East African area; Emperor Haile Selasse was a vivid cult whose rituals still exist in everyday life of Rastafarian community in the Caribbean region. Rastafarians avoid wearing shoes in East Africa. In this documentary, too, nakedness is a necessasity. What a similiarity!

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    I came here to see Ben naked.

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    I didn’t think I’d see fleurbrun here 😂😭

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    I hope the Predator comes out the trees and cleans up the jungle!

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    Who else is here to see Ben Naked?

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    Nature Boy is crazy as a roach!!!! BBC do a documentary on Nature Boy arrests you'll be surprised.

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    he seem like person. don't ask too many question.

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