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Scientology Copy Cat MONSTER Did THIS To My Son!

Mar 2024 18

Rani Singh is a reporter and former actress who found that both her sons – in their 30s – had left her for a like life coaching (aka a very British ) known as the Lighthouse International or Lighthouse Global. A that takes us inside the life coaching that takes over lives is being released at the same time as this episode to shed light on the , which has been ruining the lives of countless individuals who signed up. Rani’s sons have now disowned her, refused to call her mum, and are in the thrall of the head of Lighthouse International. Her sons, under orders from and along with leader, coerced Rani into raising a massive mortgage loan against her unencumbered asset that was her only security and lend him money he promised he would make sure was fully returned to her, along with interest. We talk about the similarities between the cult and Tom Cruise’s , and ask her sons one thing: come home to speak to your mum.

As seen in the BBC TV and radio documentary: A Very British Cult, and in Kira’s channel about the “life coaching” cult and its insane leader. Lighthouse promises life coaching to help people realise their dreams. But an 18-month investigation by the BBC found it takes over people’s lives, separates people from their loved ones and harasses its critics.

Life coaching is a booming UK industry. There are an estimated 80,000 to 100,000 people working in the field.

Unlike many therapists or counsellors most coaches generally say they focus more on clients’ futures. In theory at least, they try to help people work out what they really want and how to get there.

Visit the Family Survival Trust:

0:00 How the cult took Rani’s kids
7:40 The most sinister part
8:15 What Lighthouse International DO
12:00 How the sons controlled Rani’s finances
15:40 The assurances Paul Waugh gave her
17:40 The Love Bombing
19:25 NXIVM & Keith Raniere Narcissist Similarities
24:00 Rani’s son contacted Andrew
25:00 Squirrels / Fair Game
29:30 Using shunning against Rani
33:00 What the sect DID to Rani! (Awful!)
38:00 Guilted for giving birth to them!
40:00 Why the leader keeps her sons
42:30 Law On Coercive Control
45:55 Is Reconciliation Possible?

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Filmed at PRL Studio:

Rani would like to thank:

1 Dr Janja Lalich
2 Dr Alex Stein Family Survival Trust
3 Joy Cranham Family Survival Trust
4 Christian Szurko Dialogcentre UK
5 Mike Garde Dialog Ireland
6 Joe Szimhart
7 Gillie Jenkinson
8 Kasey Cult Vault
9 Emma Davey, trauma therapist


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    Have you heard of this sect? Let me know your thoughts – and make sure to hit like, and share it – we need this one in particular to get out there.

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    Thank you both for this enlightening conversation. My heart breaks for you and your boys.🌼💓🇦🇺 46:58

  3. #3

    What would have happened if they had been told to get out? I would have been beside myself . 🌼💓🇦🇺 38:26

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    The interviewer could improve by focusing less on his own views and experiences. Im not interested in his views on marriage in the greek and jewish community. Not relevant. He should focus on the guest and their views, that is the point of an interview

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    I saw the BBC documentary and it is quite scary how people can be sucked in to complying, through their insecurities and be subjected to harassment, manipulation and intimidation if they start asking too many questions. I feel for Rani. I hope her son's reach a moment in their lives when they feel ready to leave this group and reconnect with her. What's terrifying is, this could happen to anyone!

  6. #6

    I’m 30 minutes in. Is the father involved with his sons? Do the sons have real jobs?

  7. #7

    Thanks for giving this lady the platform to speak about this very frightening cult.

    Lighthouse have put out a video of Rani’s sons being peddled the idea that she is toxic and abusive (although they hardly speak in the video, which is telling): https://youtu.be/kEqvOOxtMS4?feature=shared

  8. #8

    narcissists alienate like this. parental alienation by another parent is just as bad and common. theyve persuaded people to have unrealistic expectations

  9. #9

    this poor woman

  10. #10

    Any feedback/followup on this 'motivational – entrepreneural org – ponzi scheme?? The south african connection expanded?

  11. #11

    Andrew. Ask Rani if she wants to be my mom.. I love her ❤

  12. #12

    400 grand!!! 😭 Oh Rani, so sorry this happened to you. It’s so wrong and totally devastating.

    The leader is definitely a narcissist. It’s ALL facade, gaslighting, guilt tripping, love bombing, triangulation, objectification, humiliation and devaluation. AND generally speaking they’re incredibly boring because they don’t have a personality.

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    My mum brought me up on her own and it’s made the two of us incredibly close. Obviously there are things I could pick up on and say, “I think you got it wrong there”, but I cannot imagine ever betraying her like these people in these “groups” have done their parents. It’s awful how they’ve been preyed upon, but there has to be some personal responsibility taking. Rani’s sons have done unforgivable things, but being such a kind woman, it’s clear she can put that aside and she just wants them back. None of us are immortal and time is precious: don’t spend it simping over some horrible bastard and his pyramid scheme.

  14. #14

    Sons should be ashamed

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    To Ranis sons: you can beleive something to be true and correct fully and still be mistaken, even if it was true that you guys can become millionaires because of this group is it even worth it because the group doesn't really care about you guys and would turn their back on you and you will lose everyone, surely you'd rather have family? Also if you wanted to be rich and have your own business you would have achieved it by now if you didn't get involved in the group, it's not too late though you can still do that now but you really should give up the group and go back to your mother she has done so much for you and you guys would be nothing without her

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    Anytime a so called church asks you for mid to large sums of $$, run, run. Poor woman. I hope she can recover from this horrible experience. The world is full of manipulators…. We need to be very, very careful, very alert.

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    What a wonderful and heartbreaking vlog Andrew. And a very erudite guest!

  18. #18

    This seems more like this guy is running a giant con vs a cult. The more I hear, the more disgusted I am. I can’t imagine what Rani is going through. She’s literally lost everything. So sad.

  19. #19

    Waugh also has the most unpleasant, rageful voice I’ve ever heard.

  20. #20

    I have just finished listening to the podcast. I’m horrified that someone as obviously deranged and narcissistic as Paul Waugh is allowed to continue his predatory behaviour on young people. I’m so sorry for anyone whose children are caught up in this hideous cult.

  21. #21

    Pure gaslighting and cohersive control this man in charge is evil

  22. #22

    I really feel for this lovely lady. I'm praying her sons wake up 🙏

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    I was in a cult with an Indian Guru he used all these tactics and he sexually abused young girls and hsd sex with most of female devotees . He's still at it over 30 years later.. He is pure evil

  24. #24

    God knows your heart and your desire! Just focus on God he will bring them to you! Don't give up on God who gave you your children as a gift! He will deliver! God wants you to be our teacher so that we know about the cult world and we stay out of it! Believe and Be Patient! God loves you more than you think even without any religion! I am sending you love, prayer, and peace, my sister❤️

  25. #25

    I’m sad just by the title.

  26. #26

    praying for this families reconciliation

  27. #27

    Not surprised when you said Waugh is South African…..came across his sort a lot living in South Africa. Bombastic. Hateful

  28. #28

    Thank you for speaking your truth, R. 🙏and to you, Andrew, thank you, thank you for your channel. I just found it and with it the existence of the Family Survival Trust. I have been looking for a charity like this in the UK for months and had not found any. Your experience and your authentic, sweet and kind presence felt like a soothing balm. All best wishes!

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