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Spiritual & medical benefits of alligator pepper

Apr 2024 11

The spice alligator pepper is no strange name to West Africans. If you have visited the Western part of Africa and tried out some of the local cuisines, then you must have heard about the spice as well. Now, have you ever wondered why this spice is so expensive and used in very small portions? If your answer is affirmative, continue reading to find out more details about the spice and what it brings to the table, literally

This piece will cover the following aspects of the mentioned pepper:

What are the benefits of alligator pepper?
#is alligator pepper good for a pregnant woman?
#Uses of alligator pepper in curing fibroid.
#spiritual benefit


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    Very informative

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    So for fertility do you just chew the seeds? And how many do you chew? And how often?
    My mother has rheumatoid arthritis can she take it? And can she take it?

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    How can use it for fibroid

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    Good morning my dear I wanted to use it for HIV thanks you

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