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She saw hell & heaven (near-death experience) #nde #shorts

Mar 2024 05

The beginning part of her near- experience where she saw .

From episode 90: an incredible near- experience where Kathy McDaniel was placed on a ventilator for lung failure caused by a virulent flu in 1999 and fought for her life in a drug-induced coma for three weeks. During this time, she found herself in an inexplicably dangerous, foreign realm which she explains was and eventually lead to experience .

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    Watch full conversation and full story here: https://youtu.be/ZN48aaPHjEs

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    Shes talking like she went to a man made haunted house… this is hell a eternal condemnation for those tho rejected Gods love for us through Jesus Christ crucified for us

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    There is no hell. Just "heaven" a place of absolute piece, love and absolute acceptance you go

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    According to what I have found, dreams, visions, astral trips, etc. are actually placed on you, and they make you like an illusion according to your beliefs, that is why there are people who have seen a “god” and put them in a place of punishment and then this “god” appears offering salvation, so be careful what type of god you are worshiping, why worship a god who wants to condemn you? Search for the truth and perfect yourself by becoming a better person so that no being seeks to condemn you without any mercy

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    “Scared me half to death” 😂😂😂 the other half was already there waiting!

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    What’s her name? Yall deleted her video?

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    She’s definitely looks like she’ll be in 4377

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    I think she’s the one who said she thinks her catholic upbringing contributed to this…

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    If this is what she seen then she needs to change her ways and start reading the bible and praying for are lord to forgive her. Or that is where she will end up when she does really die>

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    Nope you was in Atlantic City 😂

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    It’s true. Hell is real. After my 3rd brain surgery my breathings stopped in sleep (I have a brainstem tumor – medulla oblangata) and I was drifting out of my body and was in dark space with other spirits, some evil. I felt fear, confusion, chaos and I heard moaning. Every time I woke up, I was sucked back in my body and was touching myself crying to make sure I am still alive. I found same exact experience on YouTube by lady in her 60’s. We were there for the same sin – abortion. It took for me 8 months of research and finally acceptance of Jesus to realize it was Hell were I went. Bible is true. We are spiritual beings and unfortunately most of us will end up in Hell unless accepting Jesus as our saviour. BTW, I denied Jesus right after this surgery. Religion has done some aweful things during centuries, spiritual abuse is a real thing, but Jesus is real and he is the way, the truth. We are being judged upon our ‘departure’ so better get it right with God while you can.

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    Scared me half to death while your dead go crazy

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    It is appointed for a man to die once and then face the judgement”. There’s no coming back from death and near death is a dream.

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    She probably ended in hell for her denial of hell itself to people. Misleading them to believe that if you don’t believe in it then it doesn’t exist. I am sorry she also blamed her faith for it. Not good. Hopefully she ll have another revelation that saves her.

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    There's something about this woman she doesn't convince me. Shame on you you are too old to be lying

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    I invite you to accept Islam
    There is no god but Allah and prophet Muhammad SAW is his messenger❤

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    She must've hurt Black folks for no reason in her past

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    Your story doesn't make any sense. your emotions are detached from your experience and all over the place 😑

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    People say anything to try to write books about heaven or hell to try to make money.
    All of this was in her subconscious mind. Because she had fear of hell in her from hearing it her whole life at church

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    Molly ! You In Hell Girl.

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    It seems like she was hearing her self or someone else or both screaming. then a person that saw what happened to her or a paramedic said "do you know where you are"

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    This phenomenon is pretty

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    So you were dead but the screams scared you half to death. Does that mean you were 150% dead or half way back to life?

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    If you get scared half to death while you’re dead , then you’re only at half again right ?

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    She is 100% lying.

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    "I'm thinkin thinkin thinkin thinkin thinkin thinkin….hellllll?????!" Her church group loves this story because it justified the idea of hell to them.

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    People who kill themselves they get torturing there I heard a lot about those who killed themselves god believers get lights and disbeliever get no light scary animals hurt them because they don’t have light because they afraid the light

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    I’m pretty sure she didn’t act nonchalant ab being in hell.Oh this must B Hell🙄

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